My 3 Word Review of The Best of the Equinox Vol. 2: Dramatic Ritual by Aleister Crowley

dracMy three word review: BUY THIS BOOK.

There — that was short, sweet, and to the point, no?

Look, chances are you already own Crowley’s Equinox, right? If not, this four volume series is tailor made just for you. Weiser’s doing the heavy lifting for you, having the honorable Baba Lon assemble the very best that the Equinox has to offer. The first volume covered Enochian Magick. Volume two tackles Dramatic Ritual and nobody, and I do mean nobody does dramatic ritual like Uncle Al.

Now how about those of you who already have the Equinox steadfastly weighing your overwrought bookshelves down? Why, oh why, if you’re a devoted Crowley aficionado, would you dare to drop your hard earned coin on a second helping of these delectable treats? Because of the aforementioned Lon Milo DuQuette, whose introductions are worth their weight in gold — that’s why.

I could go on and on about the intricacies of the rituals within, about the poetic and sublime poetics, and the mind-shatteringly beautiful and rapturous words, lovingly crafted and fulfilling the title’s promise… but I won’t. Because you know it already. Why would you even hesitate?

Here there be magick.

Buy the ticket. Take the ride. Thank me later.

The Best of the Equinox Volume 2: Dramatic Ritual by Aleister Crowley is available wherever books are sold. Let you fingers do their little dance on the keyboard and order your copy today.

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