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Welcome, sleuths. Pull up a chair and pour yourself a drink. We’ve got plenty to talk about…

Saturday Special LAST WRITES with… author @Paul_Leone

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The premise of LAST WRITES is simple. Our guests face their final rest, but before Death claims them they are granted a few parting earthly pleasures, the memories of which will travel with them into the great unknown. What makes these questions appealing and insightful for me is that these are not necessarily our guests favorite things, but those they most want to experience one last time before they shuffle off this mortal coil.


Welcome to a special Saturday edition of Last Writes as we bid farewell, metaphorically, to speculative fiction author Paul Leone.

I met Paul online, through twitter and patreon, and though a prolific author I had not read any of his work. When he asked for someone to look over a story he was working on, I offered my services. That tale, Demons of the Desert, which took place in Roman occupied Judea in 62 AD, blew me away. It had a very occult detective feel to it and was populated with terrific characters and diabolical entities. It barked right up my proverbial tree and I have been a fan ever since.

If you have a proclivity for urban fantasy and fantastical historical fiction, Paul Leone is your man.You can track him down in the usual places, such as twitter or facebook, or better still, take a gander at his website: http://paul-leone.com

So come, let us lay Paul Leone down for his eternal slumber, but not before we perform his Last Writes:


This one is easy for me – pizza and wings from my local delivery place. Western New York might not be up there with New York or New Haven as far as pizza goes, but we still have some nice spots. And nobody beats WNY chicken wings. I’ve been ordering from the same place since I was in high school, so I’ll go out with their food in my belly.


I’ll go with a predictable and perhaps boring answer as far as authors go – J.R.R. Tolkien. But it’s a bit of a deeper cut, in my defense – the posthumously published The Children of Húrin. It’s a lot darker and more ‘adult’ than The Lord of the Rings, and fleshes out one of the most tragic stories from The Silmarillion into a complete, engaging and thoughtful novel.


Fantasy Mission Force. It’s an obscure early Jackie Chan movie and absolutely insane from start to finish. The ‘plot’ involves WW2 Japan kidnapping a group of Allied generals (such as Abraham Lincoln) and a rag-tag group of heroes recruited to rescue them. The whole thing is ridiculous, but it becomes sublimely strange in the finale. Even after you see it, you won’t believe it.


One I’ve recently discovered, thanks to the cover by Karliene, Roxane Genot and Jan Pouska – the folk song “The House Carpenter.” It’s tells a fantastic (and chilling) story, and hopefully I end up in the fair and high hills instead of the dark and low ones.


My grandfather, who died from Parkinson’s when I was a child, and I never really got to know before he started to succumb to that cruel disease.

It was more than a pleasure to have Paul join us here in the Occult Detective Mortuary. Be sure to visit his author page on AMAZON where you are sure to find something to satiate your desire for a tale well told.

And please remember to tune in this coming Wednesday as we raise up another departed guest on our hypothetical funeral pyre so that they might express their Last Writes. See you then.

The New Season Begins! Last Writes with… @MaeviusLynn

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The premise of LAST WRITES is simple. Our guests face their final rest, but before Death claims them they are granted a few parting earthly pleasures, the memories of which will travel with them into the great unknown. What makes these questions appealing and insightful for me is that these are not necessarily our guests favorite things, but those they most want to experience one last time before they shuffle off this mortal coil.


Who better to launch the new season of LAST WRITES?

I first met Lynn on twitter during the whole Georgina Rose kerfuffle. Lynn was operating in a similar space as GR, as an occult content creator with an emphasis on Thelema. As GR’s star fell, Lynn’s transcendent goodness and impeccable content saw her star in turn rise. Truth is, she immediately struck me as someone who was both highly intelligent and passionate about magick, and she quickly became a welcome addition to that circle of online esotericists I admired and respected. That trust has never faltered.

Her youtube channel is highly recommended for those new to magick and you can follow her across her many manifestations on social media by apparatting from her linktree.

So, as we lay Lynn to rest, let us see what Last Writes she will have performed:


There is a place in Tokyo called the Aoyama Flower Market. It’s truly a magical place. I have never encountered anything else like it. In the front of the establishment is the most beautiful florist’s shop and garden center. It smells so amazing. There are so many flowers that you can smell them from the sidewalk outfront. Behind the flower and garden area there is an exceptionally beautiful and cozy restaurant. For my last meal I would like to be there with my friends and loved ones having one of their salads with lotus root and a parfait. The place is a feast for all of the senses and with the right company my heart could feast too.


This is such a hard one. I think it would be most comforting to return back to an important book of my teenage years: The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger. It was one of the first books I read where my torrent of emotions and difficulties in life felt truly seen and echoed. It still remains one of my favorite books to this day. I think returning back to a book where I saw myself at that age would be both comforting and interesting. It would allow me to reflect on how much I have grown or changed through the years. Would my near death eyes find the same meaning as the ones that read it in a state of youthful eagerness? I’m not sure. I honestly don’t know. I think the answer would say much about me and the human condition. I would like to know.


At the risk of sounding a little strange, the top three for me would be the Russian film Stalker (1979), Eraserhead by David Lynch, and My Neighbor Totoro. Stalker and Eraserhead speak to me on an existential and mystical level. Those are both incredibly important films to me. However, I think that I ultimately must choose My Neighbor Totoro because it was the most important film of my childhood. It’s an incredible film and I have so many special moments attached to it. I’ve continued to watch that film through my adult life and celebrate it. I remember as soon as I could find merchandise for it as an adult, I bought myself a little Totoro backpack. My grandfather saw me wearing it and instead of scolding me for being childish he told me that he was happy to see I still loved the things I did as a child. I think his direct quote was something like, “That’s so cool!” He was such a stoic man, so that was a special moment with him. I have a lot of special memories surrounding that film and the film itself penetrates the soul with its charm.


I would like to depart after listening to There Is a Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. I don’t have a very deep reason for choosing this other than the fact I love the Smiths. Whenever I hear this song come on I always have to dance or sing along. Departing while in a state of joy seems fitting. “existence is pure joy” – Liber AL vel Legis II:9


If there is another side, then the person I would like to see the most is still alive and I don’t want to curse them by naming them in this. That being said, I think it would be profoundly meaningful to see my grandfather again. I would like very much to tell him thank you so much for being such a positive influence on me growing up. I would also like to tell him of all of the adventures I have been on as an adult. I would like him to know that his positive mark on the world had a lasting effect on me through my life. He was truly a good man. Of course I think it would be very cool to see someone famous or historically noteworthy, but seeing a familiar face of someone I loved like my grandfather would be both meaningful and a comfort to me.

What terrific responses. It was an honour to have Lynn visit the Occult Detective Mortuary and share these morbid moments with us.

93. 93/93, Lynn. Thank you…

Please remember to tune in each Wednesday as we raise up another departed guest on our hypothetical funeral pyre so that they might express their Last Writes. See you next week.

Coming Soon: Last Writes Returns!

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Welcome, sleuths!

I would like to invite you to join us,
after a seemingly long hiatus,
to a new season of Last Writes.

We have a number of brilliant guests lined up
that include occultists, paranormal investigators,
musicians, artists, and more.

Last Writes relaunches on Imbolc,
being Woden’s Day, the first of February

with Thelemite Maevius Lynn!

See you then.

What I’m Reading in 2023

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2022 was rough. Hell, it’s been rough since 2020, but we persevere. I read less than I would have liked last year: 65 books. There was a time when reading more than a 100 was effortless. But as we grow older, our eyes tire and it seems we’ve far less time. So, I’m shifting my focus. There will be far more DNFs, for sure. Quality is the name of the game, not quantity. And I want to seek out things I’ve always meant to read, but haven’t. I’ve also started “booktubing” a bit. It’s not been a smooth start, but I’ll get there…

01. The Best of C.L. Moore
02. Northwest of Earth by C.L. Moore
03. Kolchak: The Night Stalker, edited by James Aquilone
04. The 16th International Saga Conference: Sagas and Space
05. The Ninja by Eric Van Lustbader
06. Possession: A Romance by A. S. Byatt
07. A Yule Story by Jacob Toddson
08. How to Sell a Haunted House by Grady Hendrix

The 13th Annual Occult Detective Awards

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What did I think of Conan: Blood of the Serpent?

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When the Full Moon rises, look for the 13th Annual Occult Detective Awards to rise with it

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The 13th Annual Occult Detective Awards are scheduled for January 6th at 6:09 pm EST, to coincide with the rise of the Wolf Moon.

Slim pickings this year, but we’ll be launching a new format, so stay tuned. There may just be some surprises for you.

I was a guest on Olde World Paranormal Podcast

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I had a great time chatting with Nick and Sean about these haunted hinterlands of Indiana.

I was a bit under the weather, but I still think the interview came off pretty well.

If you’ve not listened to their podcast before, Nick and Sean run a very relaxed interview session and they’ve had some stellar guests on in the past — Michelle Belanger, Heather Taddy, Shane Pittman, Dustin Pari, Reverend Long. I was thrilled to have the chance to sit down with them and appreciated their humor and dedication.

My Thoughts on Demon at the Door by Michael Arruda

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Demons come out at night.

I’d known that since I could first talk. I remember this because I watched my first horror movie when I was three. Scared the crap out of me. Most fun 90 minutes I’d ever had in my young life. But the information was clear. The night was a bad and scary place. Everything came out at night: vampires, monsters, ghosts, and especially demons.

It was not a good time to be alone, which was why when my parents suggested that at 12, I was old enough to babysit my younger brother Tim, who was 10, and my little sister Egg, who was 8, I told them it was a bad idea. Too many monsters.

So says twelve-year-old Dylan Holcomb, moments before he and his younger brother and sister disappear from their home without a trace. Special Agent Dani Cerra is assigned the case, and to her chagrin, the children’s parents also hire Sean Ryan, a former Catholic priest who now works as a paranormal investigator. Together, Cerra and Ryan follow the clues in a case which begins with the disappearance of three children from their home with no sign of forced entry or exit, continues into the lurid arena of child abduction, and ends with a journey into the supernatural world of demons, a hellish realm filled with unceasing fires and tortures.

Michael Arruda has written a novel in which the human villains are every bit as horrifying as their demonic counterparts, maybe even more so. Demon at the Door is a tale of the supernatural, a story of three children fighting for their lives against both human predators and demonic, while a flawed FBI agent and a troubled paranormal investigator put their differences behind them and leave no stone unturned in their efforts to find and save the children.

Demon at the Door is horror author and movie critic Michael Arruda’s second novel, following his science fiction adventure Time Frame.

I’d been aware of Michael Arruda’s work at Cinema Knife Fight, but I wasn’t really sure what to expect of his sophomore novel, his first foray into horror, when a pdf ARC for Demon at the Door arrived in my inbox from Macabre Ink (Crossroads Press). What I didn’t expect was to be reading a pretty decent occult detective novel.

This is just the sort of set-up I crave in a good supernatural mystery — imperiled kids (gets me every time) is a good touch to generate the sort of emotions you’re going for here, and they are compelling kids. Cerra and Ryan though, our erstwhile occult detectives, are the stars of the show. I enjoy their characterization, and this is true of all the characters populating the novel. Every one feels real and grounded. And the supernatural elements are tastefully done. Not all demons smell of brimstone. I’m glad we get some great variety in our villainy.

Arruda has some skills, to be sure. Some of the dialogue is a little rough in places, a little too “TV”, but he understands pacing and the old bait and switch, managing both like a pro. I think he shows a lot of promise and I would certainly recommend Demon at the Door. While I feel there are some growing pains evident in the prose, it’s a solid page turner and well worth the time spent with it.

Here’s to hoping for more from this world in the future.

Demon at the Door by Michael Arruda is available in pod trade paperback on Amazon for just $16.99

Everyone deserves a little dark magick under their tree.

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The perfect gift for fans of occult detective fiction, if I do say so myself, the Landon Connors: Occult Detective Omnibus collects 22 stories in more than 500 pages, including the critically acclaimed novel Descendant.

Order your copy, in glorious hardcover
or stylish trade paperback, today.

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