Tabletop Tuesday: Four Days ’til International Tabletop Day

tabletop tuesday banner

TableTopDay_logoThe countdown is on.

Saturday, March 30th is International Tabletop Day. The brainchild of the Geek & Sundry crew, it is meant to be to gaming what Free Comic Book Day is to the comic scene.

Once the sun rises to a suitable height, Connor and I will begin the festivities playing through our little Pathfinder campaign and painting pewter miniatures, something he’s very excited about. Who knows, we may even entice Kim into entering a game of Harry Potter Clue or Sorry? And, if I play my cards right, there just might be a little Elder Sign getting played as well.

Then — once the afternoon adventuring ends — I’ll be joining up with old friends and doing more of the same.

I’m thrilled that the recently reformed and reinvigorated Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club will be taking part in International Tabletop Day, albeit in a more private fashion. We’ll gather, under cover of darkness, shake even more rust off, and let the dice fly just like we did in the proverbial days of yore.

Yes, we’ll be toiling through a campaign of my own making, utilizing an amalgamation of Dungeon & Dragons, Pathfinder, & both old and new House Rules. There’ll be multiple settings setup around the room, where Dungeon Tile scenarios await, while the heavy-lifting, the Theatre of the Mind stuff, plays out at the big table.

This will be an epic event, if I do say so myself. And we’ll be tracking other events around the globe via twitter and the hashtag #tabletopday

We’re getting our game on. Are you?


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