Writing In Theory & Practice: Chip the glasses and crack the plates!


No blog on Monday. No blog on Tuesday. What the hell, man? Well, let me tell ya — I’ve been a busy little occult detective. My wife, gods love her, is on bed rest, so the number of hats I’m wearing at home has increased immeasurably. One thing’s for sure, I have a new found respect for all the things she does to keep our house in order. Cooking, cleaning, Connor-wrangling… these are not easy tasks, and they’re made even more difficult when left in the hands of a lumbering hill giant (that would be me).

I have, as a result, found myself entering an almost meditative state, soul searching and world building while I move from one task to another. Story ideas are accumulating faster than that funky blue fuzz in the dryer’s lint trap.

See. Silver lining. Every cloud’s got one.

I hate to see my lady love in such a state, but hopefully we’ll get a thumbs up from the doctor soon. Fingers crossed and all that. Regardless, I imagine this will be standard operating procedure for the immediate future in Caer Freeman. It’s a lot of work, but I’m happy to do it. Family first.

Besides, I did mention story ideas, right? Hell, once she’s better, she might have to fight me to get some of these menial tasks back. I’m becoming quite the house husband, let me tell ya. And the writing will be made all the better for it…



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