Day 2 of the 4th Annual Occult Detective Awards: Esoterica



Today we delve into my picks for the Best Esoterica of 2013. As a lifelong collector and student of all things metaphysical, poring over books on magic, witchcraft, religion, astrology, and the like is right up my alley. Having the opportunity to review these books for publishers such as Weiser Books, Ibis Press, and New Page Books is an added bonus. So, without further ado, here are my selections for this past year —

Best Occult Release

THE BEST OF THE EQUINOX, VOL. TWO: DRAMATIC RITUAL by Aleister Crowley and Lon Milo DuQuette — Read my review HERE

Best Ancient Mysteries Release

THE NEW VIEW OVER ATLANTIS: The Essential Guide to Megalithic Science, Earth Mysteries, and Sacred Geometry by John Michell

Kudos to Hampton Publishing for bringing this classic back to life for American audiences. While much of Michell’s arguments need to be taken with more than a mere grain of salt (bring the whole shaker), there is a wealth of information and evidence throughout that makes this a must read for any student of Earth’s Mysteries.

Best Preternatural Release


Best Cryptid Release

MONSTER FILES: A Look Inside Government Secrets and Classified Documents On Bizarre Creatures and Extraordinary Animals by Nick Redfern — Read my review HERE

Best Esoteric Website/Blog

THE NORSE MYTHOLOGY BLOG —from the site itself: DR. Karl E. H. Seigfried writes The Norse Mythology Blog. The site was named “Best Religion Weblog” by international popular vote in both 2012 & 2013. A Norse mythologist and musician in Chicago, he’s Norse Religion Faculty at Carthage College (where he founded the Tolkien Society) and teaches Norse mythology classes at Loyola University & Newberry Library.

For anyone with an interest in Norse Culture, Myth, and Magic, there is no better place to visit on the web. Click the link HERE to find out for yourself.

Best Esoteric Podcast

OCCULT OF PERSONALITY — With a focus on authenticity, accuracy, and quality, Occult of Personality peers behind the veil to provide recorded interviews with serious esoteric researchers and teachers from all over the world. Established in 2006, the podcast reaches several thousand listeners each month and has been noted for the quality and depth of interviews. Check it out HERE.

Vulgo Adeptus

HAMPTON ROADS — Hampton Roads Publishing Company publishes books on a variety of subjects, including metaphysics, spirituality, and health. As a part of the Red Wheel/Weiser family, Hampton Roads is most noteworthy of late for having rescued several out of print titles from obscurity, such as The New View Over Atlantis and We Are the Children of the Stars. These, and others, are important works. Keeping them in print is vital and I appreciate their dedication toward doing so.

The Ghostbreaker Award for Excellence in the Televised Research and Investigation of the Strange and Unusual

HAUNTED HIGHWAY — “I’m Jack Osbourne and I’ve been obsessed with the paranormal since I was a kid. I’ve wanted to investigate some of America’s scariest cases. But I decided it had to be done differently. I’ve put together two teams–myself and my researcher Dana and my friends Jael and Devin. We shot everything ourselves; just us. This is what we discovered and it completely blew my mind.”

Sells itself, doesn’t it? Look, I’m not saying I buy everything I see on the screen (I’m looking at you Mr. Marble and Ms. de Pardo), but Jack and Dana really work for me. They’re very natural and enthusiastic… and ultimately come across as trustworthy. Plus they visit some interesting sites. I dig it. You might too.

And thus ends Day Two of the Occult Detective Awards. Be sure to tune in Thursday as we delve into the world of four colors.


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