All Things Must Pass

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Soon, the Cainwood Manor series (Shadows Over Somerset / Keepers of the Dead) and the Liber Monstrorum series (First Born / Descendant) will be reissued in trade paperback and hardcover editions. Their covers will be adorned with selections from the limited edition Landon Connors: Occult Detective Tarot. These releases will be followed by Born Again, a collection that will bring both series to conclusion.

The Moon — Shadows Over Somerset
Deception. Illusion. Imagination. Things around you are not what they appear to be.

High Priestess — Keepers of the Dead
Mystery. Reflection. A time for retreat. Things around you are not what they appear to be.

The Magician — First Born
Skill. Creativity. Desire. Manifestation. The need to take deliberate action is called for.

Justice — Descendant
Truth. Fairness. Law and order. A time for hard decisions to be made.

Judgement — Born Again
Awakening. Transition. Renewal. It is the bitter end, but also a dynamic new beginning.

Ghost Hunting Tales: Be Careful What You Wish For

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Just some quick, disjointed thoughts on the paranormal field, inspired by Jason Hawes and Steve Gonsalves’ live stream today promoting their return to Ghost Hunters.

One of the things many paranormal investigators have a hard time wrapping their heads around, something occultists are quite intimate with, is that spirits are “everywhere”. Spirits can be called, conjured, evoked, invoked, in all manner of ways.

What most “ghost hunters” deal with are residual “hauntings”, wherein a psychic imprint is made on a location, often due to a traumatic event. There is no intelligence behind the occurrence, no way to interact with the manifestation. Think of it as a tape loop, playing over and over again, most likely thanks to some sort of atmospheric condition that triggers the playback.

That’s certainly not to say there are not other instances wherein investigators might happen upon something else altogether. As I said, there are preternatural entities, spirits, and intelligences all around us. Sometimes we take notice of them, and they of us.

We live in the midst of invisible forces whose effects alone we perceive. We move among invisible forms whose actions we very often do not perceive at all, though we may be profoundly affected by them.” — Dion Fortune

Sometimes we are confronted with elemental spirits, poltergeist activity, “demonic or angelic” interactions, intelligent hauntings, godforms, tulpas, shadow figures, wights, or more…

That’s the danger of weekend ghost hunters out there, playing around with things they do not understand, with their electronic toys and idiot box training. Too many watch paraentertainment on the Travel Channel and think they’re experts on the paranormal.

Luckily for most, what they encounter are residual. The investigator might get a thrill, but they’re in no real danger.

An occult detective understands this. They utilize science, the occult, religion, and common sense in their investigations. Their first instinct should always be to debunk. Examine every avenue to properly categorize the situation, and deal with it appropriately.

For classification, in recent years, I’ve begun to use Streamside Software, LLC’s Periodic Table of Paranormal Elements.

As television inspires more and more people to head out into the field to investigate, professionals have to become even more diligent. Sometimes it feels like they’re bait, out there enticing various entities, making them restless. When that happens, hopefully there’s someone available to help clean up the mess.

Three for Thursday: Black Sabbath Edition

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Black Sabbath are as iconic as rock bands get. With imagery straight out of a Hammer Horror film, they credited the Boris Karloff film for the inspiration behind their moniker, and Dennis Wheatley for the song itself. Here’s my Top 3 Black Sabbath Albums. Your mileage may vary.




Ghost Hunting Tales of Indiana and Beyond: Tradition

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Not really an investigation post today, but without the subject of said post, I may never have embarked on a lifetime of investigating the paranormal, through science, faith, and magic.

I’ve talked many times about my introduction into the worlds of magic and the preternatural. That origin story explained how I had rooted around inside my great-grandmother’s belongings, after she had passed, and, along with things related to astrology, I discovered a pamphlet by Manly Palmer Hall. Unseen Forces was a huge influence on me. As I’ve told that story many times, I thought I should put a face on the woman who, inadvertently, led me down the path I’ve been on for nearly fifty years.

Pictured above, with my Great-Grandfather Jesse, who passed four years before I was born, is Eliza Jane (Williams) Arnold. This was taken in 1962. Grandma Arnold passed in 1973 at the age of 91. In ’73, I was seven. I dreamed about her often, seeing her standing in my bedroom, looking down on me.

My memories of her in life are sad ones. I have no remembrance of her ever speaking. We visited her every Sunday in the nursing home and brought her graham crackers. She would just lie there, never smiling. She sometimes squeeze your hand. My Grandma Freeman would sit and talk to her, telling her of the week’s events and the lives of characters on soap operas. I don’t recall any recognition or acknowledgement. I kissed her cheek or forehead and held her hand at the end of every visit.

I did not know her, but I wish I had. There was a wisdom etched into her withered face and hands. She was frail, trapped inside a body that would not give up the ghost. My heart ached for her.

I sometimes wonder if she is somehow cognizant of the gift she gave me, the gift of Unseen Forces. I would have loved to talk to her, to find out what she thought of Hall’s writings and philosophies. And then I remember those dreams as a child, of how she would stand over me and smile, and I think it may have been that she was communicating with me from that summerland that she had gone to.

Three For Thursday: Norse YouTube Edition

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A busy day in a busy week. How about I post my three five favorite Norse YouTube Channels? Let’s get right to it…

Dr. Jackson Crawford

Roland Warzecha

Tom Rowsell


Thor Elptirdalr

Tarot & Rune Tuesday: Fehu

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Welcome to another Tarot Rune Tuesday.

When I first imagined marking Tuesdays for divination, I knew the Tarot would be dominant. I’ve been studying the cards since I picked up my first deck in the late 1970s. For the past twenty years, however, I have been trying to branch out and embrace the runes. They are more aligned to my spirituality, but it’s been difficult. I have such an intimate connection to the Tarot, not only from more than forty years of practice, but because of my love for the artform.

Little by little, I feel the runes becoming a part of my practice. Little by little, there are becoming a part of me.

Something I’ve noticed is spotting runes in everyday life, products of nature, especially in trees. I see bindings. The connection is growing. The gods are speaking to me through them… If you’ve not yet embraced runes as a form of meditation and divination, I highly recommend adding them to your arsenal. Maybe, like for me, they’ll begin to take hold and perhaps you’ll bond with them in a similar way.

So, this morning, as I pondered a current project, I drew a single rune for guidance and revelation. I drew form my bag Fehu, a rune with special significance for me as I use it, along with Berkano, as my personal bind-rune.

Fehu is associated with wealth and luck, with prosperity. It can also relate to freedom, to dynamic energy, to fluidity, and to first impressions and sexual attraction.

In the context of my meditation, I see it as a reflection of a successful venture. That my recently completed project will be a success. That’s all I can hope for…

I will try to bring the runes more to the fore on Tuesdays, Tyr’s Day.

Raising a Horn to Robert E Howard

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This morning I posted on twitter:

On a Thursday morning, June 11, 1936, the greatest yarnspinner who ever lived, #RobertEHoward, left this world for the next, leaving behind an enduring legacy. His words & characters live on & I suspect shall do so until the last Man draws breath & joins him in the great beyond.

Howard has been gone now for 85 years. Much has been written about the man, by myself and others. That he, in such a short time, was able to create such vivid and visceral tales, that have endured and thrived is a testament not only to his mastery of the pulp yarn, but to the men and women who came after, keeping his legacy alive and in the public eye.

I discovered Howard as a young boy, through his Conan stories with the provocative Frazetta and Boris covers and Marvel’s comic book adaptation. Conan led me to Solomon Kane, Steve Harrison, Bran Mak Morn, Dark Agnes, John Kirowan, and so many others.

See, Howard created authentic, vibrant worlds and populated them with unforgettable characters who lived and breathed as surely as we do ourselves. Too often overlooked are Howard’s occult stories. He was a master of the horror genre, as surely as he was adept at historical fiction, westerns, and the genre he gave birth to — sword & sorcery.

Later this year, I plan to review the Occult Detective fiction Howard left us, in as much detail as I can muster. Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride.

But today, we raise a horn to honor the man who gave us so much in so little time.

Three For Thursday: Guitarist Edition

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So, the picture above is from 1986. I was just a few months past 20 when it was taken. More important would be the guitar hanging from Miami Vice jacketed shoulder.

A 1978 Gibson The Paul Standard with walnut body, neck, and headstock, and exposed humbuckers, this beauty rivaled the1969 Gibson Les Paul I owned in the early 90s. I just loved the sound of this thing and I miss her dearly. So, what happened? I lost her to an unfortunate accident when I’d allowed a friend to play her in 1988. She was replaced by a Lotus Strat-copy, painted in white and black pinstripes. I hated that guitar (and not just because she wasn’t The Paul).

Anyway, I guess this is all just a lead up to listing my TOP THREE Guitar Players for this Three for Thursday. The point being, I do play. Was pretty decent at one time, and can still belt out a tune if my feet are held to the fire. So let’s get to it…


From Deep Purple to Rainbow to Blackmore’s Night, Blackmore’s Classically infused style and simplistic but evocative riffs lured me in from the start. It was that synthesis of classical and blues that made him a unique voice in rock and roll, and later in his exploration of Medieval/Renaissance music.

It didn’t hurt a bit that he always surrounded himself with brilliant musicians and some of the greatest vocalists to ever take the stage. The mystical, magical symbology, particularly in early Rainbow and later Blackmore’s Night material, was a huge draw for me.

Top Three recommended albums would be Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow, Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers, and Blackmore’s Night: Shadow of the Moon

Favorite Song: Stargazer (Rainbow: Rising)

Favorite Solo: Wasted Sunsets (Deep Purple: Perfect Strangers)


Lindsey Buckingham is a tremendous songwriter, and while other guitarists might be technically more skilled, his playing always seemed so unique and perfect for whatever song he was performing, whether his own work or that of another vocalist. Approaching the electric guitar with folk and banjo sensibilities made his style different from anyone else on the radio.

My Top Three recommended albums would be Buckingham Nicks, Fleetwood Mac (1976), and Fleetwood Mac: Tusk

Favorite Song: Stephanie (Buckingham/Nicks)

Favorite Solo: So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac)


Jimmy Page. Yeah, he’s the guy. From thunderous metal to blistering blues to majestic acoustic folk, Page has been the epitome of “Guitar God” for me since I was a kid. While my list of favorite guitarists has ebbed and flowed over the decades, Page has never been threatened from his place on top of the mountain.

Page’s skills are accentuated by his considerable talents as a songwriter, composer, and producer. He was a trailblazer and a genius. He wrote the best riffs. Delivered the best solos. And when he stole from someone, he made it his own and elevated it.

Top Three recommended albums would be Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti, Lucifer Rising & Other Sound Tracks, and Led Zeppelin III.

Favorite Song — The Rain Song (Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy)

Favorite Solo — Too hard to call, but today it would either be Celebration Day (Led Zeppelin III) or The Rover (Led Zeppelin: Physical Graffiti). Ask me tomorrow and I might have a different answer.

Wyrd Wednesday: Ancestry

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A quick post today, but a weighty one. I want to bring up for discussion the idea of metagenetics.

Yes, I know. Steve McNallen and the AFA are an anathema in the greater pagan and heathen communities. I certainly have my problems with them, but the idea of metagenetics has always had the ring of truth buried in it for me.

It’s certainly adjacent to Carl Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious and objective psyche. The idea that our deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited rather than shaped by personal experience has an appeal that I cannot deny.

It feels right. The idea that were are connected to our ancestors in such a manner speaks to me on a guttural level.

Metagenetics, as presented by McNallen, holds that religious and cultural practices are encoded in our DNA and are passed down by blood. How is this any different or controversial than Jung’s collective unconsciousness?

Where McNallen and the AFA lose me is the emphasis on using the term white.

I am opposed to that descriptor as a form of identification. I am not white. I am Northern European, of Germanic descent. I am predominately Celt and Norse, not only by blood, but by mindset. I am the product of all my ancestors, from now all the way back to the beginning, but what does that mean?

If modern DNA analysis are to be believed, my genetic soup is 83% British Isles, with another 8.5% from Scandinavia, 5% from Western Europe, and the remainder comprised from a salting of Caucasus, Italy, Greece, Africa, and even some European Jew for good measure.

96.5% or more of me is of European heritage. That has to mean something more than just blood.

Take race off the table, because it’s a misnomer anyway. We’re talking culture here, not skin color.

I am the sum of those people who came before me. Their spirit is in me.

This isn’t about “white power”. The term sickens me. We are not defined by the color of our skin, but we are spiritually connected to our ancestors. If you want me to deny that, then we have a very big problem.

A quick reading for Tarot Tuesday

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Today’s reading is simple. The Star is my past, the card of inspiration. My present is the Three of Swords. representing disappointment. The future is revealed by Partners, the card of trials overcome.

Such are often the readings of creators. It’s a clear path, either to success or failure. Here, the spark of creativity gives way to frustration, but through perseverance, success lies waiting.

If you care for a reading sometime, drop me a line.

*The deck is the Skra Tarot, the first deck I drew several years back.

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