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A Murder of Crows (Part One of Nine)

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A Murder of  Crows by Bob Freeman

An excerpt from Descendant
Available now from Belfire Press


The dark figure knelt on the basement floor within a magically enflamed circle inscribed in the blood of the two corpses that lay waiting for the ritual to begin. It wouldn’t be long now. The White Christ rose after three days on the cross, could the servant of the rook do less?

Speaking in a tongue that was old when the world was new, the dark figure was lost in the labyrinthine borderlands that separated the material realm from the Everafter. The OtherSide was alive with activity, tenebrous shapes harrowing the figure, testing its conviction. They should have known better.

There, in the incessant stream of ethereal consciousness, where magic arced between the figure’s fingertips as a luminous discharge of infinite possibility, the Charge was made and Darkness was promised new life once more in the world of flesh and bone.

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A Murder of Crows

Chapter Two will be posted on September 7th

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