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The Cabin in the Woods Audio Drama

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Doctor Landon Connors, Occult Detective, is summoned to a remote area of the Wisconsin wilderness to investigate a grizzly mystery.

NARRATOR – Chris Hussey
ALETHEA HILL – Shannon Steele
BOO – Katarina Ausley
MATSE – Dan Boud

Theme Music by Ruud Janssen
Background Music by Musica Cthulhiana


Bob Freeman signs with Seventh Star Press

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For Immediate Release
September 10, 2013


Seventh Star Press is proud to welcome Bob Freeman to its author family, with the addition of two exciting series!  Both cross-genre in nature, the two series contain a diverse array including dark fantasy, horror, and supernatural thriller elements!

The Cairnwood Manor Trilogy, which includes the titles Shadows Over SomersetKeepers of the Dead, and In Time’s Shadow, tells the story of a clash and curse with roots in 14th century Scotland.  In a world of werewolves, witches, and vampires, a descendant of the Cairnwood clan named Michael Somers must come to terms with his family’s legacy while preparing to confront an ancient evil that awakens in the town of Somerset. Readers can expect the Seventh Star Press release of Shadows Over Somerset in early 2014.

The Landon Connors Trilogy consists of the titles First BornDescendant, and Born Again. Introducing federal agents Selina Wolfe and her undead partner Martin Crowe, the series invites readers along for the ride on their occult-savvy investigations delving into the mythical, supernatural, and horrific. Faced with adversaries of the demonic and monstrous kind, Wolfe and Crowe spearhead occult detective thrillers like no other!  Readers everywhere can look forward to the Seventh Star Press release of First Born in the first part of 2014.

Regarding joining the Seventh Star Press family with these projects, Bob commented, “I couldn’t be more excited to be working with Seventh Star Press. It’s an honour and privilege to be published alongside writers such as Michael West, Steven Shrewsbury, and Peter Welmerink, and I have been clamoring to work with Stephen Zimmer for years. I’m proud to be counted among their number and look forward to a bright and prosperous partnership.”

Bob lives in rural Indiana with his wife Kim and son Connor.  In addition to his pursuits as an author, he is a card carrying paranormal adventurer who founded Nightstalkers of Indiana in 1983.  A lifelong student of witchcraft, magic, and religion, Bob’s studies are reflected in his art, both as an author and illustrator.

He can be found online at

Seventh Star Press is a publisher of speculative fiction based in Lexington Kentucky.  For further information on the press or the forthcoming Bob Freeman titles, please visit

The Next Big Thing: BORN AGAIN

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The Next Big Thing meme has come round to me, via three outrageously awesome talents — Stephen Mark Rainey, William Meikle, and Greg Mitchell. I am obliged to answer the following 10 questions and shall endeavor to do so while absentmindedly twisting my mustache and softly cackling in a sinister manner.


So, let’s light this candle —








As an answer to my novel DESCENDANT, and via Black Sabbath’s song and album of the same name.




Horror / Occult Detective Fiction




Okay, off the top of my head:


Odette Annable as Selina Wolfe / Brian Austin Green as Martin Crowe / Cloe Moretz as Tracy Larson / Leonardo DiCaprio as Dr. Landon Connors / Olivia Wilde as Michelle Hawkes / Olivia Munn as Alethea Kiriakis / Josh Holloway as Brooks Autry / Viggo Mortensson as Ashton Connors / Josh Hutcherson as Dale Parker / Hunter Parrish as Allen Parker / Mollie C. Quinn as Sara Jones / Shelley Hennig as Cassidy Martin




Black Magicians, hellbent on awakening an ancient deity, need teenaged Tracy Larson’s unborn child to seal the deal.




Come back to on 12-12-12 for the answer.




Three and a half months.




If this were a stew the meat would come from The Adept series, the vegetables from American Gods, and it would be spiced with a pinch of Hellblazer, a smidgen of The Dresden Files, and a dash of The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew.




My Holy Guardian Angel? Or was it the Devil who made me do it?




Well, there’s black magick. That’s always a good time. There’s a mystery. Hard-boiled action. A sort-of-loopy, almost time travel bit. A little romance. Detectives running about detecting things. Lots of gunplay and explosions. And did I mention black magick?

Author Gary Val Tenuta Reviews Descendant

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DESCENDANT – By Bob Freeman
Review by Gary Val Tenuta
Author of Ash: Return Of The Beast

A captivating occult detective thriller by a master of the genre

Rated: 5 out of 5 stars

The first half of Descendant sucked me in from the get-go even though, after the first few chapters, I was not quite sure where the story was going. Still, I was captivated. This was due in large part to two things: (1) Freeman’s writing style and (2) the characters: The enigmatic Dr. Landon Connors and the FBI agents, Martin Crowe and Selina Wolfe. I recognized, immediately, that my imagination and my thirst for an adventure was now in the hands of a writer fully confident in his craft and completely in control of where ever he was about to take me. And, damn, can this guy turn a phrase. Bob Freeman is a hell of a wordsmith. One note of warning to readers, however: if you’re not at least moderately versed in esoteric lore and occult literature or even just words that were more or less common language back in the middle ages, you may find yourself puzzling over certain words and phrases peppered throughout the story. This is quite clearly Freeman’s realm, his comfort zone. He knows this stuff up one side and down the other and he doesn’t think twice about dropping terms like “eldrich power”, “widdershins”, “preternatural”, “magickal working’, “homunculus”, and so on, into the dialog or the descriptive passages. Not that it really matters. Trust me. Freeman’s writing is so good you’ll “get it” even if you don’t exactly know the meaning of a word here and there.

The primary characters, agents Wolfe and Crowe, are colorful, smart, emotionally driven, wise-cracking, resourceful, tough and just plain fun to watch. Er, I mean to read. Well, that’s just the thing. I always had the impression that I was actually seeing them, like watching a movie. Man, I love these two characters! They each have very distinct personalities that play off each other extremely well. If this was a movie, I’d have to say the casting was perfect. Wolfe and Crowe have a terrific chemistry going on.

And monsters? Your want monsters? Demons? Creepy, dangerous, hideous, shape-shifting creatures from Hell that will delight in ripping your beating heart out of your chest and then devour it like sucking down a slimy delicacy and then go looking for seconds? Then watch out. You’ve come to the right place. They’re everywhere, in the woods, in the shadows of back alleys. Hell, they could be your neighbors. Like I said, they’re everywhere. And that’s the problem. That’s what Wolfe and Crowe are all about. They’re demon hunters and they carry big guns, not to mention an assortment of magickal weaponry, bewitching spells and some pretty nifty psychic wizardry that comes in handy when the final showdown explodes across the pages of this exciting, masterfully written and highly intelligent thriller.

A Murder of Crows (Part 9 of 9)

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An excerpt from Descendant
Available now from Belfire Press


The elevator descended slowly into the bowels of the Baltimore headquarters of the FBI’s Paranormal Operations Division. Affectionately known as the Tombs, the lowest levels beneath the Monster Squad’s base of operations housed a virtual treasure trove of esoteric evidence collected since the Division was founded two centuries before. Meticulously numbered and catalogued, and many placed behind arcane wards to protect the unsuspecting world from their malevolence, the Tombs was off to limits to all but those with the highest security clearance.

When the elevator car came to a stop, a man in a dark suit exited and strode confidently through aged catacombs carrying a black satchel in his right hand. He’d been here many times before, but always there was a sense of wonder to that which lay hidden from the world far above. The man stopped before an electronic keypad and held out his left palm, touching his ring finger to his thumb.

Vincere tenebras salva veritate.

The man’s hand grew warm as sparks ignited within the console and the metal gate that barred his advance opened. He stepped inside the cool confines of the chamber, walking past floor to ceiling shelves that housed various crates and boxes of all shapes and sizes. He stopped before a small cask, wooden with iron bands around it. A glance to the tag beneath it assured him that he had come to the right place. It read:



The man smiled. Moderate? The fools, he thought. They had no idea. He placed the cask in the satchel and exited the room, returning the same way he came. He felt a cool confidence settle over him. His plans were coming to fruition at last. Stepping out of the elevator, he made his way through the maze of offices and cubicles and was about to pass through security and into the beckoning Baltimore twilight when a voice called out from behind.

“Excuse me, Assistant Director Hart?” The man turned to see Agent Juan Caballo jogging toward him.

“What can I do for you, Agent?”

“Sir, I’ve come across something in the database that doesn’t quite make sense to me, and I was hoping to get clarification, but I don’t have clearance to access the necessary files.”

“Is that so? I’m sure there must be a reason. What’s caught your attention, son?”

“I was given one of the discovery items from the case in Logan, Ohio, a type of magical diary that I was attempting to classify for inclusion in the Tombs. Inside I came upon an obscure reference to a fraternal lodge called the Order of the Black Spire. The Monster Manual says I don’t have clearance to access information about the Order.”

“Interesting. Tell me, Agent Caballo, do you like liver and onions?”


“It’s a simple enough question.”

“Well, to be honest, I didn’t think anyone liked liver and onions.”

“I can assure you, I do. And I think you will too.” Hart clapped the man on the back. “Grab your coat and this diary of yours and we’ll have supper and see if we can wrap our heads around this little problem.”

“I wouldn’t want to impose. I’m sure that if I could just get…”

“Nonsense,” Hart said, adding a warm grin, “it’s no imposition at all. In fact, I insist.”

“Yes, sir,” the agent replied, disappearing into his cubicle to retrieve the item in question.

“Yes, Agent Caballo, I do indeed insist.”

Thank you for joining me during this serialization of
A Murder of Crows

I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I did writing it.

There’s more, of course.
To continue the story you
need look no further than
available from Belfire Press —
wherever books are sold online.

Happy Hallowe’en

A Murder of Crows (Part Eight of Nine)

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An excerpt from Descendant
Available now from Belfire Press


“I got another call.”

“What’s that?” Martin Crowe was piloting the Jeep Grand Cherokee down I-71. They’d just passed Cincinnati and entered the State of Kentucky, barreling along at more than eighty miles per hour, hell-bent for Louisiana and their next assignment. Of course, this one was off the books, a special request from their Director, Michelle Hawkes.

“From the phantom number, the one supposedly out of service according to the wireless company,” Selina said — she was sprawled out in the front passenger seat, bare feet on the dash and a computer keyboard in her lap — “I’ve been doing my best to track it, even had the guys in Forensics look into it. Well, I found something… on the Internet of all places. I came across an old messageboard, long since abandoned, but thanks to the wayback machine I was able to look through some of the old postings. There were more than a dozen people getting calls from this same number. Crazy, I know, but these people were really freaking out over it and they all started to sound pretty paranoid.”

“Like you?”

“No, not like me. More like out on the fringe, conspiracy nut, kind of paranoid.” Selina folded the computer monitor into its closed position and slid around in the seat to face her partner.

“Like I said…”

“Fuck you, asshole,” Selina laughed. “I’m being serious here. Anyway, one of the girls on this messageboard followed a lead and found out where the number originated from.”

“Go on, the suspense is killing me.” Crowe maneuvered the SUV through growing traffic, sliding between an eighteen wheeler and a red Volvo, as they neared Louisville.

“You’re not going to believe me when I tell you,” Selina said, dead serious.

“You do know what I do for a living, right?”

“Alright, smart ass, here’s the rub.” Selina paused for dramatic effect. “According to ‘misstreegirl13’ the number belonged to a phone in the Hotel Ambassadeur.”

“You lost me…”

“The Hotel Ambassadeur is located on the outskirts of Arcadia, Louisiana.”

“Which is where we’re headed.” Crowe fished a cigarette out of his pocket and lit it, flashing his partner a wink and a smile. “Well, at least now we know where we’ll be staying when we get to town.”

“I’ve already made reservations.”


Return here next week for the final installment of
A Murder of Crows

Chapter Nine will be posted on October 26th

A Murder of Crows (Part Seven of Nine)

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An excerpt from Descendant
Available now from Belfire Press


Martin Crowe was smoking a cigarette and watching the National Guard set up their roadblocks around the Logan city limits. FEMA and CDC agents in their yellow environmental control suits were putting on a show for the news media that had descended on the small Ohio town. The lie was in full force. Crowe wasn’t sure of the particulars, something about a chemical spill or some such bullshit. Selina had a knack for this sort of thing, developing a story that served to cover up an event like this and keep everyone at bay. Martin’s expertise lay in other areas. He flipped the spent cigarette butt into the street and entered the Hocking County Sheriff’s Department.

The majority of the townsfolk were alive and well and they’d been evacuated and most hospitalized for observation. The possession was ended pretty much when he’d separated the scarecrow’s head from its shoulders and those under the influence of the damnable malediction seemingly had no memory of the events that took place while they were hapless vessels for the Nameless One’s resurrection. But there was one who remembered. One who was not an enfeebled victim. Walking down the long hallway toward the isolated cellblock within the Sheriff’s Department, Martin Crowe was prepared to reacquaint himself with the monster who had set all of this in motion.

“Release me, insolent swine.”

“Well, hello to you too, Mrs. Potter,” Crowe responded.

Elspeth Potter was frothing at the mouth, raging against her captivity. Her prison was not the bars of her tiny cell, but a magical circle, carefully drawn out on the cell room’s floor. It was made up of two concentric bands filled with arcane sigils that encircled a binding rune. The frail looking grandmother of Brian Potter threw herself against the eldritch entrapment with a strength and power that belied her appearance.

“These markings will not hold me forever, you pathetic cur,” she growled. Her eyes were wild and filled with a burning hatred.

“They’re not meant to,” Crowe said. He removed the Desert Eagle from the shoulder harness under his coat and chambered a round. “I’ve got to tell you, Elspeth, it came as a real shock to my partner and me when we found a couple of snowbirds huddled in their basement instead of soaking up some Florida sunshine… especially when that basement has been converted into a ritual chamber dedicated to ancient gods that are really best left undisturbed.”

“Go to hell,” she spat.

“Been there. Bought the t-shirt,” he responded. Crowe slid the cell door open and stepped inside. The image of seeing Elspeth Potter kneeling in the floor of her basement, her husband, Lyle Potter, laid out before her with his chest ripped open, his heart removed and replaced with the corpse of a black crow, was etched in his mind. Bringing her in had not been easy, but they’d done it. Now Selina was poring over the grimoire they’d found in the place and connecting the dots, while he was preparing to do what he did best.

“I’ll rip you to shreds, boy, and feed on your heart.”

“No,” Crowe said, calmly, “you won’t.” He raised the Desert Eagle and fired. The .50 Action Express punched a hole right through her face and left a splatter of blood, bone, and gray matter splayed across the rear wall of the cell. “Tell your dark god that I’m still here, alive and kicking, and that if he really wants a piece of me he needs to quit sending the junior varsity to do the job.”

Martin Crowe shouldered his weapon and left the carnage behind, stepping back out into the chilled October afternoon. Happy fucking Hallowe’en, he thought. Lighting a cigarette, he motioned for the waiting clean-up crew to get to work and sat down on the steps to wait for his partner to come pick him up so they could get the hell out of this godforsaken town.


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A Murder of Crows

Chapter Eight will be posted on October 19th

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