My thoughts on Joan Rose Staffen’s The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit

I was pleased to receive Joan Rose Staffen’s The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit and, while it is not ncessarily in my wheelhouse, I was surprised to find it very insightful and an inviting testimony and instructive manual aimed at creators of all stripes, those just beginning their journey and those well into it.

I’ll share further thoughts below, after we have a look at the publisher’s copy:

Awaken your own innate creative potential by using pendulum work to clear energetic blocks.

The Creative Pendulum demonstrates how to use the pendulum to unlock your inner artist, allowing you to discover or expand your creative potential.

Dowsing with a pendulum is a quick, direct path to the sub-and super-conscious levels, to higher forces, and to the Muse herself. Thirty pendulum creativity charts are offered that help clear, center, unblock, and guide a person forward, so that anyone may more easily enter the creative space to play and work.

Staffen offers practical information and tips so that anyone can learn to dowse, but even experienced practitioners will find exciting new ways of using a pendulum.

The book includes Joan’s own story of how the pendulum helped her transition from businesswoman to author and visual artist, bringing the power of the pendulum to real life.

I tend to overlook books like The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit. I lump them into the New Age/Self-Help category and, not that I have an issue with them, they seldom fall into my area of interest.

As I read Ms, Staffen’s work, I was taken by her warm spirit. It really comes through in her narrative. It’s very personal, and you can sense her desire to share her knowledge with you, not for gain, but through a genuine inclination to help others.

Her vehicle for such is a fascinating dissection, extrapolation, and innovative use of dowsing, via pendulums, in unlocking untapped potential. Beginning with a basic approach, the author leads the reader into expanding uses of the pendulum, including advanced techniques that are really inspiring.

Everything you could ever want to know about pendulum use is all here… and more.

Appendixes introduce dozens of charts that compliment the intense make-up of the book at large. Clocking in at just shy of 300 pages, the meat of the book is comprised of various charts, practices, and a wealth of intuitive exercises that make this an ideal guide into the creative process.

And let’s not shy away from this — this book is for artists. The author presents a plausible instruction in the use of the pendulum to communicate between the lower and higher self for a myriad of situations and roadblocks that lead and enhance the creative spark.

As such, I cannot help but recommend this to those who utilize their creativity in absolutely any fashion, be they musicians, writers, poets, painters… no matter the medium… you will find useful tools here.

The Creative Pendulum: Keys to Unlock Your Innovative Spirit by Joan Rose Staffen will be available, as of the 1st of June, wherever books are sold. Here’s a helpful link to Amazon.

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