Summoning Circle

I thought this was an interesting meme floating around the web. When I posted it, I got some interesting responses: Tarot Cards, Comic Books, Frazetta Art, and the like, but what would “I” put in the circle that I feel best represents “me”?

So from left to right we have a guitar pick, a d20, and a Mjolnir talisman. Beyond representing my love for playing guitar, the pick symbolizes creativity and intent. The d20 acknowledges my love of the game, but also is an embodiment of the friendships forged at the table. The Mjolnir is more than a symbol of my faith for it also represents love and family and magick and wonder.

But what is the common denominator between all three items? Storytelling, for it is what attracts me to the guitar, to roleplaying games, and to Northern European spirituality. I tell stories, regardless of the medium. It’s a large part of my paranormal investigations — collecting stories and sharing them with others. It’s why I write, draw, play music… Every hobby, every passion, every fiber of everything I love is centered around stories. And if there’s a campfire involved, all the better.

2 Responses to “Summoning Circle”

  1. That was interesting (and insightful)… mine would definitely involve tea. And I’ll swap your guitar for some drum sticks. And yes some Frazetta, or perhaps some Simon Bisley (Slaine the Horned God) and yes, it all ties back to story telling.

    I never got into DnD, I would have liked to, but never met the right people irl. So I made up for that by writing short stories.

    I like this idea, I’ll think some more on this. Thanks for posting this.

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