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OCCULTOBER is coming

Posted in Magick, Paranormal, Wyrd on September 10, 2021 by Occult Detective

Wyrd Wednesday: Aegishjalmur

Posted in Wyrd on August 4, 2021 by Occult Detective

The Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Thor Elptirdalr has some interesting thoughts on the Aegishjalmur (Helmet of Awe) and has initiated a discussion on possible alternative meanings of the symbol. Here is this, from the Galdrabók

Jón Árnason in the book Íslenzk Æfintýri (Icelandic Folk Tales) shared the following “spell” which I think is clearly that. I see the Aegishjalmur as a symbol of power, meant to tap into the hidden resources of your mind.

Make a helm of awe in lead,
press the lead sign between
the eyebrows, and

speak the formula:

Ægishjálm er ég ber
milli brúna mér!

I bear the helm of awe
between my brows!

Thus a man could meet his enemies
and be sure of victory.

Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson) connected this, and I think rightly so, to the third eye, or pineal gland. This is the gateway to higher planes of consciousness, the seat of the soul, where the pathways to the inner realms is accessed. I believe it allows us to transcend the physical realm and journey to alternate, parallel dimensions, ie the other 8 realms as described by our ancestors and the gods.

So what do you think?

Monday Magick: Atmospheric

Posted in Magick, Wyrd on August 2, 2021 by Occult Detective

Not much time today, but here’s a quick look at our Converse IOOF Cemetery, properly frog shrouded.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in boneyards lately, taking strolls amongst the dead. The images above, taken this morning on my way to the day job, scream magick to me.

Magick is as much about atmosphere as it is about anything else. This is magick stripped of science, where the heathen spirit resides.

As I’ve said on many occasions, magick and faith are interlocked for me. This is what I’ve learned through trial and error. It does not have to be true for everyone, but it is certainly true for me.

Wyrd Wednesday: Descended from Odin

Posted in Wyrd on July 28, 2021 by Occult Detective

I recently joined Descended from Odin, a new social media app for Norse Pagans. Described as a “hub for wanderers & warriors”, they claim to be free of algorithms, giving everyone an equal platform.

In the last couple of days, they have either reaffirmed or realigned their positions on inclusivity and gate-keeping, with posts from the founders decrying hate speech, peacocking, and other questionable behaviors.

In a social app that’s casting a broad net so that everyone feels welcome, these are encouraging signs. No one likes censorship (except fascists) but their is a certain amount of decorum that needs to be maintained in these sorts of environments.

So far, everyone I have interacted with has been friendly. It’s an eclectic mix of heathens, pagans, asatruar, and the like. There is a place for everyone, it seems, I love the way the app has hub rooms where you can post directly to those subjects you’re interested in, be it bushcraft, music, working out, or what have you.

I’ve felt very much at home and welcomed there. I think you will be too.

If you are interested, come find me. I’m Occult Detective, naturally.



This app is free.

A Wistfully Wyrd Wednesday

Posted in Wyrd on July 21, 2021 by Occult Detective

Let’s tackle the day with some bullets, shall we?

  • I re-released the Tarot Card editions of my Cairnwood Manor and Liber Monstrorum series this past week. You can find links to their amazon pages in the Occult Detective Store in the side menu. All four books are freshly edited (though far from perfect, I’m sure) and there are some new tales in First Born to account for two omissions. Gone are the comic book entries. One story in particular that was added, Printer’s Devil, was written specifically to accommodate the page count and it ended up being one of my favorites in the collection.

  • My pal Greg Mitchell (not to be confused with the spectral Outrider found in my Landon Connors stories) has a new book out — Night World. Volume 2 in his Hit Men series, Night World is available via amazon.

  • Invisible College, an Authentic Magick OSR RPG I was commissioned to do art and layout on for Well of Urd Press, is doing well. I retained the rights to all the work, so you’ll find a lot of familiar art in this, including things from Landon Connors and Wolfe & Crowe. It’s a solid game system. Some of the magick was altered by the author so as not to be construed as a legitimate grimoire resource, but if you’ve a hunger for this kind of gaming, it’s available via amazon and drivethrurpg.

  • Connor and I are working toward wrapping up the rulebook for the tabletop skirmisher Bordermen Games was tapped to develop and write for a legendary intellectual property. We’re hoping to finish the work by August 31, give or take. It’s consuming most of my time right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more this coming Fall.

  • This August, I’ll be posting daily as I once again take part in RPGaDay, the annual event from brainchild David Chapman (Autocratik) and Anthony Boyd (Runeslinger). Most of the posts will appear at our Bordermen Games site, but related material will drop here as well. If you’re into gaming, I suggest you follow along, or better still, take part.
  • Beginning in late September, as a part of my annual Hallowe’en celebration, I will be reviewing/discussing several of Robert E. Howard‘s occult detective tales, such as Dig Me No Grave, The Black Stone, The Haunter of the Ring, and Graveyard Rats, to name a few. I will also be revisiting #Occult30 throughout October.

  • In addition to writing reviews for Red Wheel/Weiser titles, I have recently joined the stable of reviewers for Llewellyn, so be on the lookout for my insights into some exciting new works in the paranormal and occult fields.

  • Last Writes will be returning for another season soon.


Alright, Sleuths, that’s all for today.

As always, stay Wyrd, my friends.

Love Is The Law

Posted in Magick, Wyrd on July 5, 2021 by Occult Detective

I hope all my American friends survived their celebration of Independence Day, and with all their digits.

I’m relaxing today with the family, ELO’s Greatest Hits adding to the general calm.

A lot on my mind, mostly related to magick and faith, two things intertwined for me but far less so for many.

There’s a struggle in the circles I move within, a cultural and subcultural war over identity, tribalism, politics, weighed down by virtue signaling and intolerance on all sides.

I try to stay out of the worst of it, but I see a day coming where a line will have to be drawn, not in the sand, but with salt.

I leave it for now, but remember, to love takes so little effort. We can sympathize and emphasize with one another, even when we disagree… All it takes is a kind of magick, a magick that lives inside each and every one of us.

Every man and woman is a star.

Three For Thursday: Norse YouTube Edition

Posted in Wyrd on June 17, 2021 by Occult Detective


A busy day in a busy week. How about I post my three five favorite Norse YouTube Channels? Let’s get right to it…

Dr. Jackson Crawford

Roland Warzecha

Tom Rowsell


Thor Elptirdalr

Wyrd Wednesday: Ancestry

Posted in Wyrd on June 9, 2021 by Occult Detective

A quick post today, but a weighty one. I want to bring up for discussion the idea of metagenetics.

Yes, I know. Steve McNallen and the AFA are an anathema in the greater pagan and heathen communities. I certainly have my problems with them, but the idea of metagenetics has always had the ring of truth buried in it for me.

It’s certainly adjacent to Carl Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious and objective psyche. The idea that our deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited rather than shaped by personal experience has an appeal that I cannot deny.

It feels right. The idea that were are connected to our ancestors in such a manner speaks to me on a guttural level.

Metagenetics, as presented by McNallen, holds that religious and cultural practices are encoded in our DNA and are passed down by blood. How is this any different or controversial than Jung’s collective unconsciousness?

Where McNallen and the AFA lose me is the emphasis on using the term white.

I am opposed to that descriptor as a form of identification. I am not white. I am Northern European, of Germanic descent. I am predominately Celt and Norse, not only by blood, but by mindset. I am the product of all my ancestors, from now all the way back to the beginning, but what does that mean?

If modern DNA analysis are to be believed, my genetic soup is 83% British Isles, with another 8.5% from Scandinavia, 5% from Western Europe, and the remainder comprised from a salting of Caucasus, Italy, Greece, Africa, and even some European Jew for good measure.

96.5% or more of me is of European heritage. That has to mean something more than just blood.

Take race off the table, because it’s a misnomer anyway. We’re talking culture here, not skin color.

I am the sum of those people who came before me. Their spirit is in me.

This isn’t about “white power”. The term sickens me. We are not defined by the color of our skin, but we are spiritually connected to our ancestors. If you want me to deny that, then we have a very big problem.

Wyrd Wednesday: Wyrd. Orlog. True Will.

Posted in Wyrd on May 12, 2021 by Occult Detective

I almost wrote about this on Monday, but saved it for today instead. Don’t worry. I’ll be brief. Wyrd is a difficult concept for some. I don’t know why. Wyrd is one’s personal destiny, one’s fate, in a sense. But it goes deeper than that. Why? Because to me, it is obvious. Wyrd is to the Heathen what True Will is to the Thelemite.

I believe this to be true.

The word itself is a feminine noun, born of an earlier verb which meant “to become” as I understand it.

Wyrd is a journey. But that journey is on a road leading you toward your purpose. Like all roads, however, there are divergent paths, and few ever fulfill their True Will. The universe wants you to align with your Will, with your Wyrd. But we fight it.

This is where one’s orlog comes in. Orlog is that cause and affect tug-of-war all tied up in karmic-like debt. Wyrd is your intended fate, but your orlog can get in the way to keep you from your special purpose, your True Will, because you have accumulated so much baggage along the way.

I believe this to be true.

Wyrd is us in harmony with nature, fulfilling our destined course. Orlog are the road blocks and detours along the way. When our Wyrd and our Orlog are in sync, our True Will becomes manifest.

I believe this to be true.

Wyrd Wednesday: Althingi

Posted in Wyrd on May 5, 2021 by Occult Detective


In November I backed a card game from Joshua Gillingham & Outland Entertainment called Althingi: A Viking Game of Strength & Influence. Featuring gritty art from Lada Shustova, Althingi allows each player takes on the role of a powerful Chieftain. The player’s goal is to use bribery, coercion, and intimidation to take control of the annual gathering known as the Althingi.

Sounds fun, right? Once it arrives (any week now), I’ll post a review. So, why bring this up now? Well, Outland and Joshua have a new Kickstarter set in the Althingi universe.

Althingi: The Crescent and the Northern Star
An Intersectional Anthology of Viking and Muslim Historical Fiction

While the term “intersectional” is an unfortunate choice, playing into Critical Race Theory advocacy, the anthology seems well intentioned and puts me in mind of the “interfaith” work that Indiana Horror Writers were involved in through Maurice Broaddus’ Mo*Con a few years back.

Bringing together a diverse stable of authors to tell stories of Norse/Muslim interactions has the potential to be tremendously entertaining and I truly look forward to getting my mitts on this.

The Kickstarter is currently underway. If you’re interested in historical fiction, particularly centered around the Norse, then Althingi just might be for you. Give it a look HERE.

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