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Three for Thursday: #Norsevember #Survival

Posted in Bushcraft, Norsevember, Wyrd on November 18, 2021 by Occult Detective

I’ve always been fascinated by bushcraft, living (not just surviving but thriving) off the land. I love to build lean-tos, traditional woodland shelters, and, when I was a younger man, I did a lot of winter camping. I was never keen on lugging a tent about, preferring to utilize my natural surroundings.

So, with Norsevember upon us, I was thinking about what items would be most essential for a man (or woman) who was headed out into the bush. So whether you’re talking 1000 years ago or tomorrow, what do I view as essential gear, if I can only snatch three items?


Fire is essential so you absolutely HAVE to have some means of building one, be it through a lighter, matches, or, a ferro rod, or, better yet, all of the above. I carry a fire source with me AT ALL TIMES. Just in case.


A good hatchet is a versatile tool and just generally an all around handy thing to have in the wild. From building a shelter to chopping and splitting wood to hacking up game or brush, this is something I lean on heavily. I am always shocked when I don’t see this on an essential gear list.


So, I carry on my person AT ALL TIMES, not one, but two knives: an Old Timer three blade pocket knife and a 9 inch Old Timer Cave Bear lock blade. I don’t know about you, but I use a knife nearly every single day in some way or another.

#Norsevember You Give a Little, You Get a Little

Posted in Norsevember, Wyrd on November 17, 2021 by Occult Detective

The following is repurposed, but perhaps more timely:

“You know why things happen? Because gods make them happen. You wanna know how to make good things happen? Be good to your god. You give a little, you get a little. The simplicity of that bargain has always been appealing.” — Mr. Wednesday, American Gods

[On July 1, 2017], I posted a quote from Janet Farrar, excerpted from an interview she and Gavin Bone gave to Pagan Pages a small handful of years back. It read, simply, “…the most important teachers are yourself and the Gods.

I believe there is a balance there, between ourselves and the gods we honour. Far too often, we sway too heavily toward one or the other, and in many cases, the gods we learn from are inappropriate to our advancement as both human and spiritual beings.

I’m thinking now of these new constructs, the gods of media, commerce, conservatism, and liberalism, and what have you.

But it’s possible to be misaligned to the old gods as well, be they pagan, heathen, one of the Abrahamic faiths, or some other flavor.

How we approach the gods is important, and our minds, bodies, and spirits must be aligned.

Obviously, the majority are led to their faith by their parents, who in turn were led by their parents, and so on, but the past century has seen a change in this. More and more, people are opening up their hearts and minds to more possibilities.

I attended a Presbyterian church as a child, not by choice, but by parental edict. The God of Abraham never spoke to me, even when I was an impressionable youth. My heart always leaned toward the gods of my more ancient ancestors.

Making a connection to the gods is important to our spiritual growth, but it one that must be taken with great care. Trust your instincts and be open to change. More importantly, be honest with yourself.

There is a vast multiverse that stretches out across the heavens, brimming with incalculable realms of divine and infernal beings. Somewhere, out there, amongst their number is a voice calling to you.

All you have to do is listen… and answer.

Summoning Circle

Posted in Wyrd on November 9, 2021 by Occult Detective

I thought this was an interesting meme floating around the web. When I posted it, I got some interesting responses: Tarot Cards, Comic Books, Frazetta Art, and the like, but what would “I” put in the circle that I feel best represents “me”?

So from left to right we have a guitar pick, a d20, and a Mjolnir talisman. Beyond representing my love for playing guitar, the pick symbolizes creativity and intent. The d20 acknowledges my love of the game, but also is an embodiment of the friendships forged at the table. The Mjolnir is more than a symbol of my faith for it also represents love and family and magick and wonder.

But what is the common denominator between all three items? Storytelling, for it is what attracts me to the guitar, to roleplaying games, and to Northern European spirituality. I tell stories, regardless of the medium. It’s a large part of my paranormal investigations — collecting stories and sharing them with others. It’s why I write, draw, play music… Every hobby, every passion, every fiber of everything I love is centered around stories. And if there’s a campfire involved, all the better.

#Norsevember: Skál and Fair-weather

Posted in Norsevember, Wyrd on November 3, 2021 by Occult Detective

Once more my dragonship, Alba Gu Brath, takes to sea as another Norsevember is upon us.

Here is an excerpt from a short missive I wrote for Alex of Spells & Spaceships, Norsevember’s progenitor:

“…within those stories of Odin and Thor and Freya lay links to those sort of spirits I had come to accept, the land and water wights, and I imagined that the gods themselves did truly exist, but that they were my actual ancestors and they achieved a sort of godhood through our reverence of them, and they became aligned with elemental forces.

What I didn’t know then was that I was embracing animism.”

Hi. My name’s Bob and I’m a Norse Pagan Northern European Animist.

an·i·mism/ˈanəˌmizəm/ (noun)

  1. the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena.
  2. the belief in a supernatural power that organizes and animates the material universe.
  3. a doctrine that the vital principle of organic development is immaterial spirit
  4. attribution of conscious life to objects in and phenomena of nature or to inanimate objects
  5. belief in the existence of spirits separable from bodies

I am reminded of something the late, great Norm MacDonald said, “…we are not superior to the Universe but merely a fraction of it.”

I believe that all things, be they creatures, places, or objects, are imbued with a distinct spiritual essence.

I also believe the gods of the Northern Europeans were, at one time, living and breathing individuals whom many of us revere as our venerated ancestors and who have become the embodiment of natural and preternatural forces.

Your own mileage may vary.

So, for Norsevember this year I am going to post on my heathen spirituality every Wednesday, Odin’s Day, and I will post reviews of “Norse”-related content throughout the month.

Skál and fair-weather, my friends. Eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die.

OCCULTOBER is coming

Posted in Magick, Paranormal, Wyrd on September 10, 2021 by Occult Detective

Wyrd Wednesday: Aegishjalmur

Posted in Wyrd on August 4, 2021 by Occult Detective

The Helm of Awe
I wore before the sons of men
In defense of my treasure;
Amongst all, I alone was strong,
I thought to myself,
For I found no power a match for my own.

Thor Elptirdalr has some interesting thoughts on the Aegishjalmur (Helmet of Awe) and has initiated a discussion on possible alternative meanings of the symbol. Here is this, from the Galdrabók

Jón Árnason in the book Íslenzk Æfintýri (Icelandic Folk Tales) shared the following “spell” which I think is clearly that. I see the Aegishjalmur as a symbol of power, meant to tap into the hidden resources of your mind.

Make a helm of awe in lead,
press the lead sign between
the eyebrows, and

speak the formula:

Ægishjálm er ég ber
milli brúna mér!

I bear the helm of awe
between my brows!

Thus a man could meet his enemies
and be sure of victory.

Stephen Flowers (Edred Thorsson) connected this, and I think rightly so, to the third eye, or pineal gland. This is the gateway to higher planes of consciousness, the seat of the soul, where the pathways to the inner realms is accessed. I believe it allows us to transcend the physical realm and journey to alternate, parallel dimensions, ie the other 8 realms as described by our ancestors and the gods.

So what do you think?

Monday Magick: Atmospheric

Posted in Magick, Wyrd on August 2, 2021 by Occult Detective

Not much time today, but here’s a quick look at our Converse IOOF Cemetery, properly frog shrouded.

I’ve been spending a lot of time in boneyards lately, taking strolls amongst the dead. The images above, taken this morning on my way to the day job, scream magick to me.

Magick is as much about atmosphere as it is about anything else. This is magick stripped of science, where the heathen spirit resides.

As I’ve said on many occasions, magick and faith are interlocked for me. This is what I’ve learned through trial and error. It does not have to be true for everyone, but it is certainly true for me.

Wyrd Wednesday: Descended from Odin

Posted in Wyrd on July 28, 2021 by Occult Detective

I recently joined Descended from Odin, a new social media app for Norse Pagans. Described as a “hub for wanderers & warriors”, they claim to be free of algorithms, giving everyone an equal platform.

In the last couple of days, they have either reaffirmed or realigned their positions on inclusivity and gate-keeping, with posts from the founders decrying hate speech, peacocking, and other questionable behaviors.

In a social app that’s casting a broad net so that everyone feels welcome, these are encouraging signs. No one likes censorship (except fascists) but their is a certain amount of decorum that needs to be maintained in these sorts of environments.

So far, everyone I have interacted with has been friendly. It’s an eclectic mix of heathens, pagans, asatruar, and the like. There is a place for everyone, it seems, I love the way the app has hub rooms where you can post directly to those subjects you’re interested in, be it bushcraft, music, working out, or what have you.

I’ve felt very much at home and welcomed there. I think you will be too.

If you are interested, come find me. I’m Occult Detective, naturally.



This app is free.

A Wistfully Wyrd Wednesday

Posted in Wyrd on July 21, 2021 by Occult Detective

Let’s tackle the day with some bullets, shall we?

  • I re-released the Tarot Card editions of my Cairnwood Manor and Liber Monstrorum series this past week. You can find links to their amazon pages in the Occult Detective Store in the side menu. All four books are freshly edited (though far from perfect, I’m sure) and there are some new tales in First Born to account for two omissions. Gone are the comic book entries. One story in particular that was added, Printer’s Devil, was written specifically to accommodate the page count and it ended up being one of my favorites in the collection.

  • My pal Greg Mitchell (not to be confused with the spectral Outrider found in my Landon Connors stories) has a new book out — Night World. Volume 2 in his Hit Men series, Night World is available via amazon.

  • Invisible College, an Authentic Magick OSR RPG I was commissioned to do art and layout on for Well of Urd Press, is doing well. I retained the rights to all the work, so you’ll find a lot of familiar art in this, including things from Landon Connors and Wolfe & Crowe. It’s a solid game system. Some of the magick was altered by the author so as not to be construed as a legitimate grimoire resource, but if you’ve a hunger for this kind of gaming, it’s available via amazon and drivethrurpg.

  • Connor and I are working toward wrapping up the rulebook for the tabletop skirmisher Bordermen Games was tapped to develop and write for a legendary intellectual property. We’re hoping to finish the work by August 31, give or take. It’s consuming most of my time right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more this coming Fall.

  • This August, I’ll be posting daily as I once again take part in RPGaDay, the annual event from brainchild David Chapman (Autocratik) and Anthony Boyd (Runeslinger). Most of the posts will appear at our Bordermen Games site, but related material will drop here as well. If you’re into gaming, I suggest you follow along, or better still, take part.
  • Beginning in late September, as a part of my annual Hallowe’en celebration, I will be reviewing/discussing several of Robert E. Howard‘s occult detective tales, such as Dig Me No Grave, The Black Stone, The Haunter of the Ring, and Graveyard Rats, to name a few. I will also be revisiting #Occult30 throughout October.

  • In addition to writing reviews for Red Wheel/Weiser titles, I have recently joined the stable of reviewers for Llewellyn, so be on the lookout for my insights into some exciting new works in the paranormal and occult fields.

  • Last Writes will be returning for another season soon.


Alright, Sleuths, that’s all for today.

As always, stay Wyrd, my friends.

Love Is The Law

Posted in Magick, Wyrd on July 5, 2021 by Occult Detective

I hope all my American friends survived their celebration of Independence Day, and with all their digits.

I’m relaxing today with the family, ELO’s Greatest Hits adding to the general calm.

A lot on my mind, mostly related to magick and faith, two things intertwined for me but far less so for many.

There’s a struggle in the circles I move within, a cultural and subcultural war over identity, tribalism, politics, weighed down by virtue signaling and intolerance on all sides.

I try to stay out of the worst of it, but I see a day coming where a line will have to be drawn, not in the sand, but with salt.

I leave it for now, but remember, to love takes so little effort. We can sympathize and emphasize with one another, even when we disagree… All it takes is a kind of magick, a magick that lives inside each and every one of us.

Every man and woman is a star.

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