Hallowe’en’s creeping up on us

Can you smell it? I sure can. There’s bloody magic in the air. Thank the gods Hallowe’en is more than a single day of revelry — it’s become a month long celebration of all things macabre in recent years. And I love it. But the day is almost here and as great as the whole month is, there’s nothing quite like Hallowe’en Night.

Let’s face facts though. Hallowe’en is kind of my default setting. I’m not alone in this, but we’re a rare breed. But for the whole of October, well, we are legion.

People love the Hallowe’en Season so much, I’m surprised they haven’t adopted more ‘pagan’ festivals.

But, hey, for a month we’re all together, of one mind. And that mind is a dark labyrinth filled with spooky stories and graveyards, witches, ghouls, and ghosts, candy and costumes, and horror movies galore.

Tonight, being the Saturday closest to Hallowe’en, will see the most ‘action’ for the civilian crowd. Tonight’s the night the adults will squeeze into their naughty nurse costumes and Donald Trump masks. There will be plenty of wart covered witches and Frankensteins, pasty faced vampires and bedsheet haints.

I will leave them to it. My eye is on Devil’s Night when the new moon rises, and on the Night of the Last Harvest when the veil between this world and the next is at its thinnest.

Tonight, Kim, Conn, and I will curl up with a classic — Dan Curtis’ House of Dark Shadows.


Dark Shadows defined horror for me as a child in many ways. It will be fun to share it with them. Regrettably, their only contact with Dark Shadows was the Johnny Depp atrocity from a couple of years back. All that’s about to change and they’re in for a bit of a treat, I think.

As for the rest of this most glorious of holidays? What kind of trouble awaits me come Sunday and Monday evening? I’m not telling. Not yet anyway… Bwahahahahahahaha…

Be safe out there. But not too safe.

And remember, please take part in All Hallow’s Read and give a scary book for Hallowe’en…

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