The Relationship Book Tag

I ran across the Relationship Book Tag via Michael K. Vaughan who caught it from the progenitor of the virus, Gareth Howells. I’ve come down with the booktuber bug so feel obligated to take part in these from time to time. So, here we go, let’s to it:

1. What book or books have you had the longest?

I’ve had several Hardy Boys books for an easy 50 years, beginning with The House on the Cliff on my sixth birthday, way back in 1966. Also John Peterson’s The Secret Hide-Out comes to mind, which I picked up in the first grade and still hold in a place of honor on my bookshelf. And comics. Goodness, I’ve still a few of them about. Easily had them that long. I’d kept most of the books from my childhood, being a hoarder of the things, and only just now have I started selling some of them off via my wife’s and my bookstore, Attic Pages.

2. What authors have you had a close relationship with that you are still reading today?

Robert E. Howard sits firmly atop that hill, though sadly there are no new stories for him to pen. An author that I began reading as a child that is still with us and I still read to this day would be Stephen King. I began reading him in 1976 with The Stand and ‘Salem’s Lot and the last book of his I read was If It Bleeds in 2020.

3. What new author did you start a relationship with recently?

Define recently. I guess Bernard Cornwell would come closest to fitting that bill. I’ve been reading him for less than twenty years. Also, I just, as in within a couple of months, began reading Tony Hillerman, and I can see me reading more from him, though he’s dead, but you know…

4. Name a book or books that you would say influenced your formative years?

I’ll name two. One, a series of short stories I began around 11 or 12, that influenced me as a writer and as a person, would be Robert E. Howard’s Conan series. Two, and perhaps more influential in that it shaped my spiritual worldview and impacts what I do today, was Manly Palmer Hall’s Unseen Forces which I read when I was 10 years old.

5. Name a two character relationship in a book that is central to the narrative of the book?

Frank and Joe Hardy.

6. Name a book that has a great depiction of family?

The Hardy Boys come immediately to mind, and seem to be today’s theme. But I also find myself thinking of the Starks from A Game of Thrones.

7. Name a book that features a love or obsession with a different art form as part of its story?

Magick is certainly as much art as science and so I find myself thinking of Aleister Crowley’s Moonchild and Dennis Wheatley’s The Devil Rides Out, to bring things back round to occult detectives.

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