My Thoughts on @LlewellynBooks’ Ozark Mountain Spell Book by Brandon Weston

As you’re probably aware, my family is largely from Arkansas. I know the Ozarks well. I’ve camped there. Investigated there. I may have been born North of the Mason-Dixon, but there is no denying my Southern roots. The small town in Indiana I lived closest to as a child was seemingly comprised of folk just like my parents, grandparents, aunts, and uncles — they were transplanted Arkansawyers.

A little over a year ago, I had the pleasure to read and review Brandon Weston’s Ozark Folk Magic: Plants, Prayers & Healing, and was thrilled to receive Weston’s follow-up, Ozark Mountain Spell Book: Folk Magic & Healing from the publisher, Llewellyn.

Speaking of which, here’s their back cover copy:

Explore Ozark Folk Magic for Love, Luck & Health

Apply traditional Ozark workings to your craft and enjoy a stronger connection to the everyday magic all around you. Brandon Weston weaves fascinating historical details and stories from his own practice alongside step-by-step instructions for authentic remedies, rituals, and spells collected from other regional witches and healers.

A companion to Ozark Folk Magic, this book compiles more than fifty recipes that utilize ingredients commonly found in the household or in nature. You will learn how to grow luck at the base of a tree, bring lovers closer together with string, and reverse a hex using a black candle. Weston also covers cleansing rituals, protection charms, dream work, divination tools, and more. With advice for modernizing these techniques, this spell book captures Ozark folk magic as both a deep and evolving tradition for practitioners to enjoy.

Well, first, this is definitely a companion to Ozark Folk Magic, in so much that you really should read it first before diving into the spell-work Weston has collected and crafted here. To go further, due to the brevity of both titles, I would have loved to see them combined into a single edition. But, that’s not the case. We are still in the possession of a solid rural grimoire, full of folk wisdom and recipes for nearly all occasions.

Ozark Mountain Spell Book is a solid entry. It’s simple and direct. You will have no issues following along and working the magic as presented. In fact, for new practitioners, I can see how this book would be a perfect start for you.

If there’s a drawback, it is that, like its predecessor, it does lean into the modern era a bit much for my personal tastes, but then, magic should evolve, I suppose.

Weston keeps it folksy, while giving things a modern spin. I imagine that will please many.

The book is well put together. Clean editing, nice production values. And it’s got the scent of the intangible about it — it’s got soul. And that’s hard to come by.

I happily recommend Ozark Mountain Spell Book, and its predecessor, Ozark Folk Magic. Weston has a calming narrative voice. You can learn a lot from these books. You’ll find them vailable wherever books are sold, and at a more than fair price considering the content. Here’s a link to Barnes & Noble for a change. Don’t worry. You can find it easily enough on Amazon. One must feed our oppressors ;)

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