Tarot Tuesday: Nothing Ventured…

For today’s reading I pulled my Robin Wood Tarot, the deck I keep in my messenger bag for general purposes. I purchased it in 1991 from a little shop where a few years earlier I used to earn drinking money doing readings by appointment. My how times have changed…

I really like Robin Wood’s art, and the prismacolor pencil color really pops.

Today I thought I would do another three-card-draw, reflecting on a new business venture I’ve undertaken. Let’s see how things shake out.

The first card drawn is the 5 of Wands. The Past Position represents recent events that have transpired leading up to the present situation, relating to your question. In this case, the 5 of Wands represents disharmony, discord, and chaos. People are not on the same page are are working against one another.

The second card is the 7 of Wands. Hm, another Wand in the draw. Curious. This is the Present Position and reflects our current state of affairs as related to the question at hand. The 7 of Wands represents confronting conflict and the defense of one’s territory. Typically the card also can maintain that the defender is unsure of their position, even while defending it.

The third card drawn is from the Major Arcana — The World. Found in the Future Position, this card shows the probable outcome. It is a card about success and fulfillment, the culmination of a long journey. You really couldn’t ask for a better signifier for what’s to come.

If I were reading this for someone else, my advice would be to stay the course, believe in the work they are doing and set aside self-doubt. In the end, it’s all sunshine and rainbows.

But then, your mileage might vary.

If you’d be interested in a reading, I am willing to do so for a nominal donation via paypal. I carry out readings via email regularly, and I have been known to do so via twitter DM and Facebook Messenger apps.

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