Top 10 Movies & TV for 2017

I just posted this on twitter:

I usually publish my Top 10 Movies of the Year right about now. Thing is, I didn’t see 10 new films I liked this year. Top props to A Dark Song, easily my favorite film of the year. Wish it had had more competition.

Well, I sat down and went over the list of films I’d seen this year and compiled a Top 10 despite my better judgement. It should really stand as a Top 5 list.

10. Logan
9. Spider-Man: Homecoming
8. Thor: Ragnarok
7. Wonder Woman
6. Guardians of the Galaxy, vol 2

5. The Limehouse Golem
4. Blade Runner 2049
3. The Love Witch
2. Bright
1. A Dark Song

a dark song

Television was a bit stronger, though I dropped quite a few shows this year. I just don’t have time for TV like I used to and have, over the past few years, jettisoned many shows that I had slipped into watching out of habit.

10. Ink Master
9. Knightfall
8. Vikings
7. American Ninja Warrior
6. American Gods
5. Lucifer
4. The Curse of Oak Island
3. Forged in Fire
2. Game of Thrones
1. Twin Peaks: The Return


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