Bullets to the Head

* You can check out this interview with me over at Festivale where I answer the Usual Questions.

* I just signed off on a Top Secret project, collaborating on a novel with an old Byrne Board friend, for a reputable small-press publisher. Very promising, with Crime Noir elements sprinkled with supernatural overtones. Should be a very interesting undertaking.

* Yesterday I delivered the Introduction for Embry Press’ The Grimoire of Eldritch Inquests which also contains a reprint of The Cabin in the Woods featuring Landon Connors and Wolfe & Crowe.

* I should have Keepers of the Dead and First Born back from uber-editor Rodney Carlstrom any day now.

* GenCon is creeping up fast. I may need to sell a kidney if you know anyone interested.

* Been marathon watching Arrow with Kim & Conn. If you’ve not been watching this then you’re really missing out.

* HWA just lost their damn mind (again). My friend Nick Kaufmann has some thoughts on it.

* The Oak Hill Dungeons & Dragons Club nostalgia tour continues as we revisit Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module G3 — Hall of the Fire Giant King tomorrow night. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

* I’ve agreed to a week long Blog Tour, promoting Shadows Over Somerset, at the end of August. Looks to be a lot of hard work, but also one helluva lot of fun too. Stay tuned for updates on where you can find me.

* I just finished revisiting The Maltese Falcon. Damn, that Hammett guy was good.

* I am now in the midst of writing three novels. I believe that is the very definition of insanity

* That’s all for now… more to come.


01 sigil magick


Shadows Over Somerset, the first chapter in the Cairnwood Manor trilogy, is available for Kindle  Nook, or in Trade Paperback.


2 Responses to “Bullets to the Head”

  1. Happy to hear about the Cabin in the Woods reprint. I could never quite get my ducks in a row to try out for that anthology, but I find it funny that I’ll still be “in” it regardless :p

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