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The Kindle Edition Pre-Order for First Born is LIVE

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firstbornI am pleased to report the Kindle Edition of First Born is now available for Pre-Order.

I will pretend it is purely coincidental that I also completed a book trailer for First Born today and published it to youtube. The truth of the matter is more akin to my wallowing in a surreal state of synchronicity…

When dealing with subjects such as these, preternatural forces are always at play.

Anyway, check out the trailer below, but be warned —  its default playback is only 144p. You’ll want to increase that to 360p for optimum viewing.


Who’s in the mood for a collection of supernatural thrillers?

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Cover 01 First BornIt’s official.

I am thrilled to announce that the cover reveal for First Born has dropped over on the website of my publisher, Seventh Star Press.

It’s been a long time coming.

These Liber Monstrorum tales, largely focusing on occult detective Landon Connors, have been near and dear to my heart for the past dozen years or so.

Even the Cairnwood Manor books are interwoven into this surreal landscape of supernatural fiction.

First Born is a collection of occult detective stories, all connected to a larger tapestry. These short tales have been placed in chronological order and served up as a prequel to Descendant, a novel featuring many of the characters you’ll be reading about in First Born. Following Descendant will be the novel Born Again and another collection titled Afterbirth.

Intrigued? Here, have a look at First Born’s backcover synopsis:

From the arcane sorceries of “The Wicked Man in the World” to the supernatural exploits of Occult Detective Landon Connors and the harrowing investigations of Agents Wolfe and Crowe,this collection of macabre tales of the black arts treads the dangerous landscape between this world and that populated by angels and demons, gods and devils, ghosts and spirits, and the legendary creatures of our darkest imaginings.

 First Born is the beginning of the journey into the Liber Monstrorum, the Chronicles of those Occult Detectives who are the last line of defense against those preternatural forces that threaten to destroy a world that refuses to believe that such things exist…

Now, before I slink off to my library and get back to work, I thought I would leave you with this missive written by a good friend and fellow writer. I hope you’ll consider trying First Born on for size.If you’re into supernatural thrillers, then I think it will be a good fit.

by Steven L. Shrewsbury

Someone asked me why I often spell magick with a ‘k’ attached. True enough, I first read of this spelling via the writings of Aleister Crowley and his use of the number eleven (K is the eleventh letter of the alphabet). Frankly, all cool appearances and Hammer of the Gods references aside, I use it to differentiate between what many may call magic. I’m not talking about magic, like sleight of hand with cards, parlor tricks; table knocking or David Copperfield wet dreams. True Magick has meaning, holds power and can be felt.

That said, I believe magick lurks in Bob Freeman’s tales. No deceit, no tricks, no BS. The stories in this collection hold a connecting resonance and flow naturally. I’ve seen many a writer struggle to find their voice or try to use someone else’s. Bob’s voice can reach a fine crescendo, not unlike the sweep of a wand…then rise and fall with the might of a bludgeon. Some folks want to pretty up their yarns, overcome by an overwhelming desire to whip out their throbbing thesauri. Bob tells a story and entertains, as simply as if he sat down on a couch to relate it. A natural storyteller, his opening lines grab hold fast. In “A Murder of Crows” the opening paragraph ends with the line, “The White Christ rose after three days on the cross, could the servant of the rook do less?” I had to find out more.

Some writers can lose their hold on that delightful feeling that can gush in storytelling, instead vomiting prose that sucks more ass than Dracula at a donkey farm. Bob’s sense of reality and desire to comprehend mysteries of the unknown mingle to keep one’s attention. In this connection, he makes one hungry to devour more. Part of his spell comes from life experience, both in harsh times and good, which give each story a firm frame of grit.

If this is your first taste of Bob’s brew, prepare to be hooked. If you’ve read Bob before, these shorter works will only make the head nod in a desire to read more… especially the teasers that lead up to his novel, DESCENDANT. Enjoy this glimpse into his mind.

The tales here breathe, and oft times, there’s a hint of brimstone, perhaps some of that old black magick lurks in the exhale. Bob’s tales are never typical of the classic mystery, noir or horror tale, but he places a fresh polish on certain underpinnings. His narrative in “Ashes to Ashes” dealing with Crowley’s remains, made me say aloud, “Damn, wish I’d have thought of that.” Knowledgeable beyond my vaguest hoping in such lore, he’s never dull. Bob tells a story that draws one in to accept this reality.

These yarns are Bob Freeman’s. Does he remind me of anyone else? Sure, but to say that tale is a Bob Freeman story and holds a unique magick all its own, hey, what more is there to say? He succeeds in getting it across, hitting the mark, weaving his spell.

So, grab a drink, sit down and get comfy. Let’s go to places only Bob Freeman can see and take us to…they are dark places, moody, scary and downright magickal. Get ready. We’ll be there most of the evening.

Steven L. Shrewsbury
Rural Central Illinois

First Born

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Cover 01 First Born

Mark July 14th on your calendars. That’s right, at long last, I have a release date for my occult detective collection forthcoming from Seventh Star Press — First Born: Tales of the Liber Monstrorum.

For review requests or press inquiries, you can contact my publisher via ccjames (at) seventhstarpress (dot) com or email me direct through my freeman (at) occultdetective (dot) com address.

You can also sign up for the Seventh Star Press Read to Review Program

ssp 3.

Keepers of the Dead for Christmas

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cm2kotd02Just in time for your Yuletide celebrations, a print edition of Keepers of the Dead, follow-up novel to Shadows Over Somerset, is available for your reading pleasure.

This is the perfect time to settle in somewhere warm and comfortable, a tall Scotch at the ready, and loose yourself in a tale of werewolves, vampires, zombies, witches, and more…

Don’t believe me? Here’s a sneak peek of what’s waiting inside:


Chapter One

“One strong wolf cannot defeat a pack of dogs,
nor can one strong arm defeat many fists.”
Chinese Proverb

A dark wolf, large and powerful, raced through the thick blanket of December snow that covered the grounds surrounding Cairnwood Manor. In and out, over and around the old and leaning tombstones the wolf danced, taking long strides as it pursued its smaller prey. The dark wolf was on the verge of complete and utter rage as the white-coated wolf managed to stay ahead of the frothing beast.

The white wolf leapt two stones in quick succession and then bounded over an above ground vault. The dark wolf faltered in its pursuit, failing to make the leap over the larger structure. It hit the ground and rolled up, sprinting around the concrete obstacle. The white wolf had stretched its lead by some thirty feet as it leapt over a rectangular monument that stood four feet in height and was nearly that wide. The dark wolf could sense that it was gaining and flung itself headlong into the chase.

As the mottled beast became a blur of browns and blacks, it failed to see its white prey slide to a stop and turn to face it. Suddenly from behind the wide monument rose the figure of a man. Clad in fringed buckskin, the man, a Native American by birth, raised his rifle to his shoulder and took careful aim. A thunderous roar rang out as the rifle released three silver slugs in quick synchronicity. The dark wolf crumbled to the ground and slid headlong into the monument with a bone-crunching thud.

The Indian hopped the stone and removed a ceremonial knife from the sheath at his waist and slit the animal’s throat. He held the beast tightly by the scruff of its neck until the creature’s life force left it. In his grasp, what had once been a great and feral beast began to convulse and contort until what lay before him was a naked man, white, but dark skinned from years spent beneath an unrelenting sun. The crooked smile of his slit throat gleamed crimson against the stark white of the deep snow.

Did that leave you hungry for more? Head on over to amazon and order yourself a copy today.


When Howl the Wolves of Winter #CairnwoodManor

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Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the horror / fantasy fans in your life?

Well look no further…

Keepers of the Dead, Book Two in my Cairnwood Manor series, is now available in ebook format. You can download it via:


Coming Soon from Seventh Star Press — Bob Freeman’s Keepers of the Dead

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We interrupt our scheduled conclusion to the Parker Brothers Mystery Serial: Nos Galan Gaeaf for this very important announcement. It is both my honor and privilege to share with you now the cover art for my forthcoming novel from Seventh Star PressKeepers of the Dead, book two in my Cairnwood Manor series.


Once again, illustrator Enggar Adirasa has outdone himself, delivering another beautiful piece of cover art. And they look absolutely smashing side by side. Makes me eager to see his rendition of next year’s Shadow of the Wolf.

cairnwood series

So, what’s Keepers of the Dead all about? Here’s the back cover copy —


“Foolish pup,” MacGregor chided the werewolf, “you don’t get it. Laddie, if water were evil I’d be but a drop. What lurks below is an ocean.”

From the haunted halls of Cairnwood Manor to the bowels of Rosslyn Chapel, Bob Freeman hurls you into the very heart of the eternal conflict between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.

It’s fang versus claw, spell versus steel, and love versus death in an epic battle of blood and thunder.

When a sinister cabal converges to unleash the ultimate evil against an unsuspecting world, only the combined strength of the Wolves of Cairnwood Manor and the Circle of Nine Skulls offers up a glimmer of hope as werewolves, vampires, witches, immortal warriors, and an army of the undead collide in a battle of epic bloodshed.

“Bob’s imagination expertly fuses with occult wisdom to satiate anyone’s craving for a little blood, adventure, and a finale that’ll tear breath from mortal lungs.” — Rue Morgue Magazine

“Bob creates gothic atmosphere straight out of a gloomy old Hammer film, complete with towering, forgotten manors, and old family secrets.” — Louise Bohmer, author of The Black Act

“This is some really juicy stuff. Delicious language and dialog… smooth, rich and velvety.” —Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Award–nominated author of Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales

“Bob Freeman has written an electrifying horror thriller that is a throwback to the classic Castle horror movies albeit faster paced (some might say frenzied) and bloodier…” — Harriet Klausner


Keepers of the Dead will be available in November from Seventh Star Press, in print and ebook formats.

Watch for the stunning conclusion to the Parker Brothers Mystery: Nos Galan Gaeaf tomorrow, on Devil’s Night, if the old gods are willing and the dead don’t rise.

Judging a Book by its Cover

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Yesterday, the good folks at Seventh Star Press unveiled the cover for the re-release of the first book in my Cairnwood Manor trilogy, Shadows Over Somerset. The artwork is by a young man from the Philippines named Enggar Adirasa. I think you’ll agree the cover, along with the two interior illustrations is really quite brilliant. Normally, I’d want to tackle the art chores myself, but I found myself behind the proverbial Magick 8 Ball and gave the publisher the go ahead to find a replacement. And boy did they.

cairnwood cover



Needless to say, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am thrilled that Seventh Star Press approached me about rereleasing Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead. Originally published by Black Death Books (an imprint of KHP), I got the rights back when they decided to go “ebook only”. While I respect their decision, I’m just not a fan of ebooks. They have their place, but at the time, only having my work in electronic format just didn’t sit well with me.

Now, Seventh Star has helped to breathe new life into the series. I’m working with a great editor and the publishing and production team has been a welcome breath of fresh air. And, of course, along with the release of the first two installments, the third chapter in the Cairnwood Manor saga will finally see the light of day. The fact that there has been so many fans clamoring for it over the years warms my blackened heart.

Cairnwood Manor is where it all started for me. That I get to return to my Wolves and run with them again is more than I could have hoped for. Shadow of the Wolf (originally titled In Time’s Shadow) will pick up where Keepers of the Dead left off. You can expect magic and mayhem… and a walk through Cairnwood Manor’s grim past.

Stay tuned as this thrilling saga of werewolves, vampires, witches, zombies, and more rears its malefic head and captures your imagination once more.



Here’s an excerpt from the first novel to tide you over…

The wolves had gathered in a wide circle around Lilith. She turned slowly, staring each in the eyes as she did so. She paused at Sebastian. He smiled. He knew what she had planned. He also knew that it would cost her dearly. He had seen it before, years ago when he first took control of the pack. He fought to calm his mind knowing that she would need his strength to pull this off.

“I call thee to this circle of power,” she began, lifting her arms to the Heavens, “to this meeting place between the world of man and wolf, and that of the realm of the Goddess, who shall guard and protect us and preserve and contain the power which we shall raise in her name and for the sake of the House of Cairnwood everlasting.”

“I summon, stir, and call to the sacred spark of divinity that resides within this circle. Watchers of the four quarters bear witness to this rite and guard the circle from the forces of evil,” she called. Overhead the clouds began to part around the full moon. It shone down upon the circle of wolves and they began to writhe as its magic touched them.

“I invoke thee and call upon thee, oh Goddess, mother of us all. We call upon the Master of the Hunt that he might bless this rite and give aide in this time of need. I call upon the pack and invoke the sacred name of Angus MacGregor, sire of the clan and he who was first changed. I call upon the powers to feed the pack from its wellspring that it might be channeled to the aide of the clan. In the name of the ancient of ancients and the holy of holies, in the name of all that was and is and shall be…Feed me with your awesome might!”

Alex could only stare in wide wonder as those within the magic circle began to shimmer. A faint glow emanated from the gathered and then a wind swept toward them. Alex was transfixed as the wind funneled and swirled within the circle. Her ears popped and suddenly the faint glow become a radiant green and joined in with the vortex that reached toward the moon above. The emerald energy was drawn from the wolves that made up the circle and channeled into Lilith who cast it toward the moon overhead. Suddenly they all collapsed, the wolves reverting to their human forms and Lilith left smoking in the circle’s center.

Alex was shaken to her very core and knelt upon the ground with mouth agape. She had just witnessed an act of magic unbelievable and she knew in her heart of hearts that nothing for her would ever be the same again.

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