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The Occult Detective is open for business

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On Tuesday, whilst America was celebrating its Independence, I was busy launching an etsy store. That’s right, The Occult Detective is open for business.

The first item being offered is The Landon Connors: Occult Detective Tarot. Originally designed for use in Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game, I quickly developed a deep connection with the cards and felt that they had a greater purpose beyond the game itself.

I wanted to make the deck available to those who would have little to no interest in an RPG, but would understand and intuit the value of these cards as a divination tool. I think you’ll agree, they are brimming with potential.

The Allfather

In the coming weeks I’ll be adding The Occult Detective Skrá Tarot to the store.

Skrá is an old Norse word. As a noun, it meant “skin” as in parchment, but as a verb its meaning is “to write”.

The Skrá Tarot was my first attempt at a personalized deck, where the symbolism was mine and mine alone.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

Ever since I first started revealing images from this deck back in 2012, the response has been overwhelming.

For whatever reason, a lot of people have felt a real connection to these images. So, after a wee bit of soul-searching, I decided to release them. I have had to reformat them somewhat to accommodate the print shop doing the work, but I think in the end, this will make the cards even better.

As for what else I might be offering, I foresee signed books, perhaps more Tarot Decks, maybe even some readings.

I’m also offering up my services to create custom cards or full decks for those interested.

As you can see, there’s lots going on at my new storefront. Come on by and check out The Occult Detective and browse around. I’ve a feeling something might grab you…

The Queen of Pentacles

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The Queen of the Court of Pentacles
in the Occult Detective Skrá Tarot.

Its meaning relates to sensuality and
abundance, representing a mentor or
benefactor who is a patron of the arts and
supportive of creative endeavors.

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