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The Occult Detective Illustrated Tarot Deck

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Before the embers of Lùnastal have even grown cold, I am pleased to offer the latest addition to my growing Tarot enterprise —  The Occult Detective Illustrated Tarot Deck.


Taking a cue from my short-lived Weirder Tales online serial and even shorter-lived Occult Detective Illustrated comic magazine, I tapped into those past resources and conjured some additional art to create my latest deck experience.


The Occult Detective Illustrated Tarot is a 78 card Tarot Deck featuring characters and themes from my the supernatural fiction.

Utilizing lessons learned creating the Skrá Tarot, the Illustrated Deck is an evocative and creative divination tool.


The 22 cards of the Major Arcana follow the structure of the classic Tarot, with illustrations carefully constructed to not only represent characters and locations from my Liber Monstrorum and Cairnwood Manor book series, but to tap into the recurrent themes and archetypes inherent in the mystical journey of the reader.



The suits of the Minor Arcana are reinterpretations of their classic identifications and feature the same artwork (with slight framing differences) as found in the Skrá Deck. The Court cards, however, are more inline with the Major Arcana, with each card representing an appropriate character from my published works.


All my Tarot Decks are available for purchase through my Etsy store, TheOccultDetective.

cairnwood series

My occult detective collection, First Born: Tales of the Liber Monstrorum , and both novels in the Cairnwood Manor series — Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead — are available via Amazon and other online retail outlets in both ebook and trade paperback.


Occult Detective Illustrated

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Order now and order often.

Digital versions coming in December.

Occult Detective Illustrated #1

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Available now for a limited time only.

Occult Detective Illustrated #1
written & illustrated by Bob Freeman

Order now for only $4.18

Let the experiment begin…


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I finished the corrections on Occult Detective Illustrated #1 this morning and it’s been delivered to the printer (again). What does that mean? Well, in about a week I’ll get the print galley back and, if I like what I see, it will be made available to you, my adoring public.

I suppose the big question everyone will have is “how much will it cost?” Roughly $4.00 I suspect. A wee bit more than you’d pay for your average issue of Batman or the Avengers, but then I’m not exactly a card caring member of a major media conglomerate. Price is dictated by the size of your print run (see, size does matter) and seeing as how this is a micro-press POD outing, that’s the best cover price I can offer. Still, you’ll be getting a 32 page book (27 pages of which are story) for your money, all written and illustrated by yours truly.

The more important question, after price, is probably along the lines of “what is it?” That one’s a little bit harder to answer, but here it is, in a nutshell  —

Occult Detective Illustrated is a comic book collecting four short stories featuring Dr. Landon Connors, my occult detective who has appeared in several of my writings and the focus of a forthcoming graphic novel (Oddfellows Serenade) and a series of prose novels (in both primary and secondary roles). The stories in this collection are: Sorceries Unspoken and Other Lies Unheard Of (6 pages), Familiar Territory (4 pages), tiny monsters (8 pages), and Strange Magick (7 pages). There is no connection between the stories other than the principle character and each is meant to shed some light on the occult detective’s personality.

Most importantly… I had one helluva good time putting this book together. Finding myself with some downtime as I awaited illustrations from my Oddfellows Serenade collaborator Chris Wilson, I decided to keep the comic fires burning and try my hand at doing a solo book. After having spent the better part of 20+ years in the comic industry as a writer and editor, that’s something I’d never attempted in all that time, despite being a somewhat accomplished cover artist. Sequential storytelling is a whole other beast and I have new found respect for the artists who accept that challenge as a way to put bread on their table. It’s no easy task, but it is a rewarding one.

Occult Detective Illustrated will be available in print and digital formats. Stay tuned for details…

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