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My thoughts on Waiting for the Man #SaveConstantine

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Season 1 / Episode 13
Waiting for the Man

written by Cameron Welsh
directed by David Boyd

“…we can all shape our destiny,
but none of us get to escape our fate.”
— John Constantine

Constantine - Season 1

So there is then — either the season or series finale of Constantine. If that’s the last we see of Con-Job on the small screen, then he left us on a bloody high note, for sure.

Not there weren’t a few hiccups along the way. This was an awfully big story to try and squeeze into forty-three minutes. As such, Vesta didn’t really hit the mark. Her reactions and motivations rang consistently false, through no fault of the young actress.

Waiting for the Man worked on several levels, however, not the least of which being that it was a terrific summation of the series’ themes, reconnecting with milestones littered in its wake. By tying all of these elements together, the show’s true identity finally took form and promised something even better for the future.

The question now is, will that future be played out on NBC as Constantine or on Syfy as Hellblazer, or will it instead be left to our fertile imaginations?

If I were to have my way, I like the Hellblazer option, so long as the budget doesn’t stray too far from what NBC was coughing up. Sure, a bigger budget would be nice, but I don’t see that happening, not with the numbers this show has generated.

Look, the cast is solid, the scripts have done nothing but improve week in and week out, and the look and feel of the series is just what this occult detective ordered.

And now, with the reveal that Manny has been the true force behind The Rising Darkness and the Brujeria are but pawns in his game, the stakes have been raised. He’s been manipulating John all along and now has his hooks deep into Zed. It would be a shame if we don’t get to find out what the Constantine brain trust has in store… Not to mention that the tv version of the Newcastle Incident is begging to be told.

So, now the waiting game begins. Back on NBC, shuffled off to Syfy, or snuffed out altogether?

Matt Ryan deserves another dozen episodes at least, especially now that he’s sporting a proper trench.

#SaveConstantine has never seemed a more apt hashtag.

Why no “Back 9” for Constantine might not be such a bad thing

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Alright, Hellblazers, I know you’re freaking out, but I’d like you to calm down for just a minute. Relax. Have a smoke. Let’s get mellow. All better? Good. Now I’m going to tell you why Constantine not getting a “Back 9” just might not be such a bad thing. In fact, in the long run, it could very well be exactly what Constantine needed.

constantine-first-season.31904For starters, while I love the show and Matt Ryan’s portrayal of John has been nothing short of brilliant, we’re five episodes in and so far the stories and performances from some of the regulars have been uneven. Ending season one after 13 episodes will give the writers time to regroup, narrow their focus, put their finger on what worked and what didn’t. This could be exactly the shot in the arm the series needs to deliver a more realized vision for where Constantine is headed.

Justice_League_Dark_Vol_1_0Also, and possibly more importantly, it has been reported that Guillermo del Toro has just delivered his John Constantine starring Justice League Dark script to Warner Brothers. If the WB executives love it, and I expect they will, having Constantine on the small screen is good business, ala Agents of Shield for ABC/Disney.

It’s a no-brainer to have Matt Ryan head up the Justice League Dark film.

This shortened first season could allow the powers-that-be to align the two visions and make for a truly magical manifestation of DC’s Occult Universe on both the big and small screen.

So, don’t panic. The stars are aligning. The spell has been cast. If anyone can pull this off, it’s everyone’s favorite nasty piece of work. John’s working his con as surely as I’m typing these words…

The magic’s already happening. We just have to believe.

Keep the faith. Spread the word. And make some magic. #Hellblazers Unite and #SaveConstantine.

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