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Day Four of the 3rd Annual Occult Detective Awards

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Four days into the Third Annual Occult Detective Awards and we’re getting down to the meat of it. As if you couldn’t tell, I read a lot. Not nearly as much as I once did, but I still managed to pore through nearly 80 books this year.

Best Novel

ENTOMBED by Brian Keene

“The dead are determined sons of bitches.” I’m not a fan of zombie fiction. Never have been. Doubt I ever will be. So how the hell did a “zombie novel” make it all the way to the top of the heap of  novels I read this year? By being one vicious, claustrophobic, psychologically draining mother fucker, that’s how. Keene does not write elegant prose, stitching together poetic words that elevate literature. He spins a yarn that punches you in your stupid face, drags you through the blood and mud and holds your head up to a mirror and makes you take a long hard look at yourself.

Best Novella

TORN by Lee Thomas

Read my review of Torn HERE

Best Short Story


Cullen Bunn’s love letter to Hallowe’en struck just the right chord with me. It’s my favorite day of the year. Bunn’s too, I imagine. There’s a definite homage to Bradbury here, something the author readily admits in a post-story note to readers, but in the end, it’s Bunn doing what Bunn does best. There’s a true sense of loss and real heart in Come Again, Halloween, but there’s also a shovelful of dread that will satisfy anyone with a thirst for such things.

Best Collection


Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire’s collection of Lovecraft-inspired fiction is quite simply — brilliant. Pugmire is in his element, with delicious prose that pays homage to Lovecraft’s literary legacy, along with that of many other literary heroes, but the heart of these works is all his own. From “Gathered Dust”, his inspiringly provocative sequel to J.V. Shea’s “The Haunter in the Graveyard”, to his spot-on delivery of H.P. Lovecraft’s Richard Upton Pickman and Robert E. Howard’s Justin Geoffrey in “Depths of Dreams and Madness”, the author’s words are pure poetry, dripping from his pen with an alluring decadence and infernal eloquence, I wholeheartedly encourage the purchase of this collection by anyone and everyone who appreciates clever, unique, and atmospheric fiction that not only honors Lovecraft, but redefines it.

Best Anthology

OCCULT DETECTIVE STORIES, VOL. ONE: A CAT OF NINE TALES edited by Tracy DeVore and Thaddeus Sexton

I had a hand in this one, tackling the art chores for Rookhaven Publishing and offering up an introduction of sorts, so there’s a part of me that thought I should pass A Cat of Nine Tales over as best anthology, but the heart wants what the heart wants. This one’s so bloody good. Four classic occult detective tales, from H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Algernon Blackwood, and Aleister Crowley, are joined with fresh takes from five superb storytellers — William Meikle, Greg Mitchell, Christine Morgan, Joshua Reynolds, and Steven Shrewsbury — in this outstanding collection that does the genre proud.

Best Audio Series

EDICT ZERO-FIS by Jack Kincaid and Slipgate Nine

With a deep and rich mythology and insanely compelling characters, Edict Zero-FIS is a crowning achievement in audio serials. The production values are brilliant, with a perfect marriage of sound effects, music, panning, and voice acting that makes this something really special. Best of all, the story itself is complex, labyrinthine science fiction that blends elements of a police procedural and psychological drama. Think Fringe meets NYPD Blue on the set of Blade Runner. If you’re not listening, you bloody well should be.

Best Audio Short


My son and I gave Click-Clack the Rattlebag a listen a few days before Hallowe’en and were both equally thrilled and chilled by Neil Gaiman’s expert narration and masterful telling. Absolutely love love loved it. What a perfect seasonal treat, honoring one of my favorite causes — All Hallow’s Read.

Best Occult Detective of 2012


(The Jake Helman Files, Vol. 4 — Tortured Spirits / October 2012, Medallion Press)

Gregory Lamberson’s Jake Helman series kicks all kinds of ass. There. I said it. Personal Demons. Desperate Souls. Cosmic Forces. Tortured Spirits. And coming next year — Storm Demon. What do you need to know about Jake Helman? He’s a hard-boiled, tough as nails private investigator who so far has battled everything from demons to Lovecraftian beasties and worse. Last year, in my review of Cosmic Forces I said “Greg Lamberson is the most cinematic author writing today and The Jake Helman Files are nothing short of the most awesome movies that have not been filmed yet.” I stand by those words.

Occult Detective Classic

SPECTRE by Robert Weverka

One of my most prized possessions. My wife snagged this for me this year after I’d been searching for it since the late 70’s. Weverka’s novelization of Gene Roddenberry’s failed tv pilot is wonderfully written, capturing the spirit of the episode but adding depth to an already rich and compelling story. Occult Detective William Sebastian, a world renowned criminologist, along with his comrade in arms, Dr. Hamilton, travels to England to confront the demon Asmodeus. It really doesn’t get any better than that. The pilot is one of my favorite tv movies, and the book is more than equal to it. Hard to find, and quite costly when you do, but worth every penny.

Desperate Souls

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Last year I reviewed Personal Demons, Greg Lamberson’s first novel in the Jake Helman Files series, and gave it an enthusiastic “hell yeah”. This year Lamberson returns with a second Helman novel titled Desperate Souls. Did the author suffer from sophomore jinx? Not on your freaking life, brother.

Desperate Souls picks up where Personal Demons left off. Almost a year later, hard boiled Jake Helman is a private eye trying to put the pieces of his life back together following his run-in with Nicholas Tower and the demon Cain.

But there’s no rest for Helman. Caught up in a drug lord’s bid to overtake New York with a hopped up zombie assassin army and whole lot of dark voodoo, Jake’s forced to overcome madness and mayhem on an epic scale as he fights to put an end to this madman’s quest and come out with his sanity intact.

Make no mistake about it, Greg Lamberson’s second outing into the world of Jake Helman is breathtaking and relentless. This is the occult detective genre done right, with finesse, charm, and non stop action from an author at the top of his game. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Lamberson’s literary approach is cinematic, bold, and an all or nothing bombastic explosion of thrills, chills, and heart pumping storytelling.

The only crime here is that we have to wait so long for the third volume in the Jake Helman Files: Cosmic Forces.

Desperate Souls will be available from Medallion Press in October. And that should make for a Happy Freaking Halloween.

The Frenzy Way

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I love Greg Lamberson. Last year I reviewed his novel Personal Demons and, quite frankly, it kicked my ass. Raw, edgy, and twisted as hell, Personal Demons was a balls-to-the-wall thrill ride, and guess what… Lamberson’s latest, The Frenzy Way is more of the same.

The Frenzy Way is a  serial killer novel with werewolves. Sounds awesome, right? Well it is, from one blood soaked page to the next. Lamberson has a real cinematic touch and his prose is often times frantic as he masterfully controls the pace of the narrative, keeping you out of sorts as you ride his roller coaster of emotions.

This novel is not for the faint of heart. It’s brutal and visceral, crafted in such a way as to ensure that you can’t put the book down as the tension is ratcheted up until you’re ready to climb out of your skin.

The Frenzy Way is chillingly seductive, leaving you breathless and hungry for more.

Greg Lamberson has proven to me that he’s got all the tools to become a major voice in horror literature. Do yourself a favor and visit Medallion Press to order your copy of The Frenzy Way, and if you haven’t picked up Personal Demons yet, for gods’ sakes, do it. You can stop by here and thank me later.

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