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The Occult Detective’s Last Writes with…Sara Frazetta

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Sara Frazetta is the granddaughter of the legendary Frank Frazetta and co-founder of Frazetta Girls, an online web-store which deals in official Frank Frazetta merchandise.

She is also an accomplished artist in her own right, having recently been commissioned to illustrate a Vampirella cover, following in her grandfather’s footsteps, for an exclusive, and Sold Out, Black Flag collectible titled Trial for the Soul.

Having had the pleasure to speak with her on many occasions, Sara is simply one of my favorite people. She is creative, enthusiastic, and talented…and it’s an honor to call her a friend and collaborator… and, of course, to have her join us here for the latest installment in our Last Writes series.


A NY Pizza and a NY Bagel with cream cheese, and if it’s not too much to ask, an authentic Philly cheese steak and maybe a Publix Italian sub.


A Sidney Sheldon novel.


Can it be a show? Dark on Netflix.


The Verve’s Bittersweet Symphony


Grandpa Frazetta

Painting with Fire

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I discovered Frank Frazetta as most did, through the spectacular paintings of Robert E. Howard’s sinewy barbarian Conan of Cimmeria. Frazetta was the quintessential fantasy illustrator whose images of bloodthirsty warriors and volumptous vixens graced paperback novels, album covers and comic books for half a century. He defined the genre through his larger than life creations, invoking a passionate response to his work by capturing the essence of sword and sorcery through his marriage of brutality and sensuality.

Frank Frazetta died Monday after suffering a stroke late Sunday night leaving behind a legacy that is unparalleled.

His manager, Rob Pistella, told the Associated Press, “He’s going to be remembered as the most renowned fantasy illustrator of the 20th century.”

Understated, but true.

Frank Frazetta was my hero. His art took me on epic journeys, firing my imagination with visions of scantily clad heroines and sword wielding forces of nature. His talent was undeniable. He gave birth to legends with every brushstroke. And he inspired me…

Godspeed, Frank…

A Legend Has Passed

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Frank Frazetta, legendary painter extraordinaire, has left us, passing away this afternoon from a stroke. He was 82. Frank joins his beloved wife Ellie who passed away last year.

I cannot impress upon you, dear readers, how much of an inspiration Frazetta has been to me, both as an artist and writer. His illustrations were pure fire and passion and the world is a sadder place without him.

Unfortunately, Frank’s presence in the news of late has all centered around the horrible battle between his children concerning his life’s work.

I can only hope that those days are behind us now as we come together to celebrate the life of the greatest fantasy illustrator of our generation.

Godspeed, Frank. Valhalla awaits.

Frazetta Feud has ended?

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Fantasy artist Frank Frazetta’s children have brought their bitter dispute over his estate and artwork to an end, according to a statement from the family issued Friday.

The feud came to light in December when Frazetta’s son was caught breaking into his father’s Pennysylvania home using a backhoe.

Frank Frazetta Jr., 52, said he was trying to take his father’s $20 million US collection of art to safeguard it from his siblings.

The family has asked theft charges against the younger Frazetta be dropped now that they have come to a settlement.

Frazetta Art Theft Updates

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For more on the strange goings on concerning the “attempted theft” of the paintings of Frank Frazetta click here and here

It is no secret that I greatly admire the work of Frank Frazetta and few things sadden me more than this sordid mess. Of course I side with the wishes of Frank Sr in this matter. The thought of his work — these timeless masterpieces of raw energy, lust, and passion — being sold off piecemeal to the highest bidder sickens me.

The Frazetta Museum needs to be maintained in order to preserve the legacy of this national treasure for future generations to marvel over.

I can only hope that Frank Jr’s honoring of his father’s wishes wins out over his siblings’ greed.

And as if this story couldn’t get any stranger, we have this. Really, I don’t know what to think about any of this madness. All I know is, Frank Frazetta is a brilliant artist whose work should be made available to his adoring fans. In the end, that’s all that matters, that Frank’s legacy endures for future generation to marvel at. Here’s to hoping the Frazetta Museum reopens soon.


Frank Frazetta’s son arrested for burglarizing from the Frazetta Museum

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The son of a prominent Pocono artist was arrested last night on charges of stealing approximately $20 million in paintings from the family-run art museum.

Alfonso Frank Frazetta, 52, of Marshalls Creek was arrested by state police at Swiftwater and charged with burglary, theft by unlawful taking and criminal trespass.

According to the police report, Frazetta, with the help of two men, including one operating a backhoe, broke through the museum door and took about 90 paintings on Wednesday afternoon.

He loaded the paintings in his trailer and vehicle, but was apprehended before he could flee the scene.

The museum contains paintings by Frank Frazetta Sr., 81, a well-known fantasy artist whose work has been featured in books, posters and album covers.

The elder Frazetta, who is suffering from dementia, was in Florida at the time of the alleged theft.

According to the police affidavit, Frank Jr. told the responding trooper he had Frank Sr.’s permission to enter his museum “by any means,” and move all the paintings to a storage facility. The trooper called the owner, who told the law enforcement official he had not given his son permission to either be in the museum or remove paintings from it.

The two men accompanying Frank Jr. were identified as Frank Bush, 49, and Kevin Clement, 54. Police said additional charges were pending on Bush, who operated the backhoe.

Frank Jr.’s wife, Lori Frazetta, said the incident was the result of family infighting that began after the death of Frank Sr.’s wife, Ellie, a few months ago. According to Lori, Frank Jr. and Ellie ran the family business until Ellie’s death a few months ago – when the infighting over Frank Sr.’s paintings began.

Lori Frazetta said her husband, Frank Jr., notified state troopers of his intentions to inventory the paintings, pursuant to a civil litigation among family members. She also said Frank Jr. was planning to take the paintings to a secured location when he was apprehended.

Frank Jr. was arraigned and taken to Monroe County Correctional Facility in Snydersville. His bail was set at $500,000.

Follow the continuing saga by visiting these updates.

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