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A Murder of Crows (Part One of Nine)

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A Murder of  Crows by Bob Freeman

An excerpt from Descendant
Available now from Belfire Press


The dark figure knelt on the basement floor within a magically enflamed circle inscribed in the blood of the two corpses that lay waiting for the ritual to begin. It wouldn’t be long now. The White Christ rose after three days on the cross, could the servant of the rook do less?

Speaking in a tongue that was old when the world was new, the dark figure was lost in the labyrinthine borderlands that separated the material realm from the Everafter. The OtherSide was alive with activity, tenebrous shapes harrowing the figure, testing its conviction. They should have known better.

There, in the incessant stream of ethereal consciousness, where magic arced between the figure’s fingertips as a luminous discharge of infinite possibility, the Charge was made and Darkness was promised new life once more in the world of flesh and bone.

Return here next week for another Wicked Wednesday installment of
A Murder of Crows

Chapter Two will be posted on September 7th

Review Week on The Occult Detective

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We’re kicking April into high gear this week. Over the course of the next few days you’ll be reading my reviews of several new releases of exciting genre fiction and some of the best in metaphysical non-fiction. But we’re going to start Review Week off on a more personal note.

Over at The Monster Librarian, Erik Smith has reviewed Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation, my occult detective novel published by Belfire Press. I can’t think of a better way to get the ball rolling…

From The Monster Librarian:

Selina Wolfe and Martin Crowe work for the FBI’s Paranormal Operations Division. Each has special abilities that make them perfect agents for taking on gargoyles, werewolves, ghosts, and anything else that goes bump in the night. A string of bizarre murders in Indiana pulls Wolfe and Crowe into a mystery involving demons, angels, and a plot that could rip asunder the veil between heaven, hell, and this little mudball we call home.

Descendant is like the bastard lovechild of The X-Files, H.P. Lovecraft, and Doctor Strange; and I mean that in the most loving way possible. “Book One” is almost a miniature anthology. Four separate adventures are tied together by an underlying subplot. It’s a nice introduction to Wolfe and Crowe, highlighting their personalities and abilities, and introducing characters that will become integral to the main story. Whether using guns or magic, these agents kick ass. This is high-octane action that still manages to be creepy as hell.

“Book Two” is the meat of the story, a mystery/horror/ mythos hybrid that delivers on every level. Twists and turns abound, and just when you think it’s over, THERE’S MORE! Freeman keeps the story moving at a good clip, with barely a chance for readers to catch their breath.

I’m a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and other authors of the classic pulps, but they can be a bit verbose. I was concerned that Bob Freeman would fall into this category, but, though his writing has a bit of that pulp flavor, his is a refreshingly modern take. His characters are fully formed with interesting back stories, and he leaves out just enough to leave the reader begging for more. The supporting cast is just as intriguing as Wolfe and Crowe. And the twists! Oh, the twists. You can (almost) never be sure who is good and who is working for the downfall of humanity. When an author can keep ME guessing, that’s good writing.

I can’t wait to find out what is next for Wolfe and Crowe and their cohorts. I highly recommend  Descendant for libraries and, well, everyone.

Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation by Bob Freeman is available as a trade paperback and ebook at

Descendant gets 7.5 Stars

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“From cover to cover, Descendant is packed full of interesting tid-bits of knowledge, all of which end up finding their way into the story. Between ancient bloodlines, unholy alliances and magical orders of great power, Freeman’s knowledge of dark magic and its history shows throughout every page.”

Read the full review over at The Sci-Fi Guys Book Review.

“Made it, Ma! Top of the world!”

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Jim McLeod, in a review of my novel, Descendant, wrote — “His Cairnwood Manor books are amongst my favourite werewolf novels, and now Descendant is up there at the top of my favourite paranormal investigation novels.” Jim went on to make the comment that  “the depth of occult knowledge that has been intertwined into the story is vast.” It’s statements like these that keep the fire lit inside. And now, Mr. McLeod has posted his Top Ten of 2010 and I’m proud to say that Descendant made the cut. That it sits alongside stories written by Tim Lebbon, William Meikle, Duane Swierczynski, and Steven Shrewsbury is a real honour.

Descendant is available in Trade Paperback, or can be downloaded to your Kindle or other ereading device.

With just a hint of sulfur…

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With all the talk about Descendant the last few days — what with positive reviews flowing in and A Murder of Crows’ nomination for a Pushcart Award — I thought I’d share an excerpt from the novel. But what part to share? That’s when it hit me — Why not let it decide? So that’s what I’ve done, allowing for random chance to be the determining factor… and now, here it is, for your reading pleasure:

“Wake up.”

The Nephilim stirred slowly.

“William,” the voice called once more. “Wake up.”

“Wh-who?” he asked, groggily.

“We don’t have time for this,” the voice said. The Nephilim felt hands upon his wrists, and then he dropped, dead weight, when he became shriven from the magical bonds that held him. “Damn, you’re heavy.” William felt himself dragged across the rough floor and propped up on the opposite side of the column he’d been chained to.

“What are you doing?” he muttered.

“Saving your ass.”

Through glassy vision, the half-breed watched as his benefactor dipped their fingers in blood and drew an arcane symbol on his bare chest. Then they placed their palm over the magick sigil and chanted softly.

“Kauila No-Quoda Je Vime. Kauila No-Quoda Je Vime. Kauila No-Quoda Je Vime!”

William Sinclair felt the healing warmth course through his body, spreading from his chest and into his extremities. Revitalized, he was amazed at how quickly he’d recovered. This was powerful sorcery invoked for his benefit.


“Don’t just sit there gawking,” the teenager said with a smile. “You’ve got to stop the Descendant before he finishes his spell.”

“But how did you…?” William reached out and touched her cheek, sniffing at the air as he did so. “Sulfur,” he growled.

“I made a deal with your father, William. It was the only way.”

“Damn him,” the Nephilim spat. “Tracy, you don’t realize what you’ve done.”

“It’s not like I had much of a choice,” she said, looking away from him. “If your great-grandson completes this working my whole world will become a living hell. Now you can stop him.”

“I’m not sure that I can, young one.”

“Well, you’re the best shot I’ve got.” She stood up and peeked around the corner at the display of magick being performed within the eldritch sphere. “And I have faith in you, William Sinclair.”

“That, child, makes one of us.”

Want to make sense of what you just read? All you have to do is order a copy of Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation — in trade paperback from Amazon, or as an Ebook available at Smashwords or from Amazon’s Kindle Store.

A New Review of Descendant

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May-December Publications has posted a review of my novel Descendant. My favorite bit from it reads, “…Mister Freeman makes no attempt to dumb down his work.  He uses eloquent words and obviously knows his occult material.  There are times he makes your head spin with some of his references.” The reviewer also referred to it as “… an extremely intelligent paranormal thriller.”

Remember, you can pick up the old school version from Amazon, or, if you’re too cool for school and need your fiction fed to you electronically, well we can scratch that itch for you over at Smashwords or, if you prefer, the Kindle Store.

I’ve been Kindled

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Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation is now available in multiple eBook formats through Smashwords. For only $4.99 you can download  Descendant onto your favorite reading device… I’ve been trying to wrap my head around this whole eBook phenomena, but I’m still tethered to tradition and can’t quite force myself to drop coins for a Kindle, Nook, or whatever. Hell, I was slow to come around to CDs and DVDs too. But if these electronic readers are your thing, and you dig a fast-paced occult thriller, then I think you’ll find Descendant to your liking.

Order HERE

A new review of Descendant

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Ursula K. Raphael has posted a review of my novel Descendant on Here’s an excerpt: The further I read into the novel, the farther I was sucked into the labyrinth of demonic activities that eventually lead to a confrontation of biblical proportions, when all the mysteries from each chapter finally came together… While this novel could be a stand-alone – no wicked cliff-hanger or blatantly open-ending – it is the first in a series, and I am looking forward to the sequel.

You can, of course, read the full review here. Ms. Raphael went on to describe Descendant as “a fictional storyline based on Freeman’s detailed knowledge of the occult, with extensive terminology and background information”. Comments like that always warm an Occult Detective’s heart, as does her statement on twitter: “Descendant by Bob Freeman triggered some serious night terrors last night.”

Descendant: A Wolfe & Crowe Investigation is available at

Bobtoberfest Begins

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What better way to begin Bobtoberfest than with my being interviewed by the illustrious Greg Mitchell over at The Coming Evil? Greg’s a great guy, a talented writer, and a kindred spirit — and he had the honor of being ceremoniously dispatched in The Cabin in the Woods, available here or within the pages of my novel Descendant. Greg and I shared a common publication in Coach’s Midnight Diner 2: The Back from the Dead Edition — he with Flowers for Shelly, me with Queen’s Gambit — and came away with a respect for each others writing. It was a real honour and privilege to sit down and discuss the genre with a writer I admire. I think you’ll find the interview insightful, primarily due to Greg’s thoughtful questions.

The Coming Evil’s Interview with Bob Freeman

As to what’s in store as Bobtoberfest continues? In the days ahead you can expect a plethora of Weiser book reviews, some spine-tingling artwork culled directly from my drawing board, and a whole host of true stories of the paranormal to rear their ugly heads — and beginning 10-10-10 — the first installment of a serialized tale written exclusively for the readers of The Occult Detective. As always when I embark on such an endeavor, this serial will be written free-style, with me typing directly onto the blog without any notes or outlines. We’ll discover where the story leads together.

So raise your flagon and toast to the first day of Bobtoberfest. ‘Tis the Witching Season and All Hallow’s Eve beckons.

Let the nightmare begin.

It’s always darkest…

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“Mala Tempora Currunt”

Bad times are fast approaching.

Find out why in Descendant, available now on

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