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When Howl the Wolves of Winter #CairnwoodManor

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Looking for the ideal Christmas gift for the horror / fantasy fans in your life?

Well look no further…

Keepers of the Dead, Book Two in my Cairnwood Manor series, is now available in ebook format. You can download it via:


Coming Soon from Seventh Star Press — Bob Freeman’s Keepers of the Dead

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We interrupt our scheduled conclusion to the Parker Brothers Mystery Serial: Nos Galan Gaeaf for this very important announcement. It is both my honor and privilege to share with you now the cover art for my forthcoming novel from Seventh Star PressKeepers of the Dead, book two in my Cairnwood Manor series.


Once again, illustrator Enggar Adirasa has outdone himself, delivering another beautiful piece of cover art. And they look absolutely smashing side by side. Makes me eager to see his rendition of next year’s Shadow of the Wolf.

cairnwood series

So, what’s Keepers of the Dead all about? Here’s the back cover copy —


“Foolish pup,” MacGregor chided the werewolf, “you don’t get it. Laddie, if water were evil I’d be but a drop. What lurks below is an ocean.”

From the haunted halls of Cairnwood Manor to the bowels of Rosslyn Chapel, Bob Freeman hurls you into the very heart of the eternal conflict between the forces of darkness and the forces of light.

It’s fang versus claw, spell versus steel, and love versus death in an epic battle of blood and thunder.

When a sinister cabal converges to unleash the ultimate evil against an unsuspecting world, only the combined strength of the Wolves of Cairnwood Manor and the Circle of Nine Skulls offers up a glimmer of hope as werewolves, vampires, witches, immortal warriors, and an army of the undead collide in a battle of epic bloodshed.

“Bob’s imagination expertly fuses with occult wisdom to satiate anyone’s craving for a little blood, adventure, and a finale that’ll tear breath from mortal lungs.” — Rue Morgue Magazine

“Bob creates gothic atmosphere straight out of a gloomy old Hammer film, complete with towering, forgotten manors, and old family secrets.” — Louise Bohmer, author of The Black Act

“This is some really juicy stuff. Delicious language and dialog… smooth, rich and velvety.” —Fran Friel, Bram Stoker Award–nominated author of Mama’s Boy and Other Dark Tales

“Bob Freeman has written an electrifying horror thriller that is a throwback to the classic Castle horror movies albeit faster paced (some might say frenzied) and bloodier…” — Harriet Klausner


Keepers of the Dead will be available in November from Seventh Star Press, in print and ebook formats.

Watch for the stunning conclusion to the Parker Brothers Mystery: Nos Galan Gaeaf tomorrow, on Devil’s Night, if the old gods are willing and the dead don’t rise.

Keepers of the Dead

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Seventh Star Press’ editions of my Cairnwood Manor series continues. Shadows Over Somerset was gorgeous and I expect nothing less from Keepers of the Dead.

Late yesterday afternoon I made the final approvals of the erratum my editor, Scott Sandridge, so carefully uncovered, and I sent the manuscript off to Stephen Zimmer at Seventh Star. Along with it, I included some ancillary material — chapter endpages, scene transition cuts, and the title page, which I reproduce here:


Soon, I’ll be working with Shadows illustrator Enggar Adirasa on the cover art and interior scenes for Keepers and then, sometime this fall, the book will drop. The third volume in the series, Shadow of the Wolf, should be available this time next year.

In the meantime, if you haven’t had a chance to pick up Shadows Over Somerset, now would be a good time to do so.

The Shadows Over Somerset trade paperback is available on Amazon for less than $12 and the ebook is less than $4.

Dead Letters (#writingintheoryandpractice)

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On August 24, 1456, Johannes Gutenberg completed the task of printing the Holy Writ, the first major work to have been done so through the use of movable type. It revolutionized the printing industry, obviously. The guy who gets overlooked in the process all too often is the proofreader. Now there’s an unsung hero if ever there was one.

I hate it, personally. To be honest, I even hate looking over the edits someone else has done on my work. It’s a tedious, but necessary, part of the process.

Some people dig it.

They’re the ones I don’t wholly trust, but I do recognize the need for such demented types.

kotdavI bring this up because I am currently poring over edits on my second Cairnwood Manor novel, Keepers of the Dead. Scott Sandridge has done a thorough job of making Keepers a better book. My job, at this point, is pretty much just agreeing with his proof edits. So far, so good. Except for one little thing — I prefer leapt over leaped and I don’t know why… but I do.

That’s my one sticking point… and by the gods, I will defend it unto my dying breath.

Or not.

The thing about typos and proofs and all that rot is, I do so hate to admit that I’m capable of mistakes. Looking over this thing, I see I’m more than capable… I’m damn near a professional at it.

And with that, I bid you adieu as I dive back into misplaced commas, dropped words, and run-on sentences.

Old ghosts and wolves remembered

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Writing today… slow, but steady… frequent interruptions, but I’m keeping me head in the moment, which is hard for me. I do my best writing when the stars are aligned, when I control my environment, like an alchemist and hermeticist, submerged in gnosis, wielding spells of ancient crafting to create worlds of wonder beneath cthonic skies…

The wolves are hungry and wanting fed. So too the wanton spirits of the departed, but it is not the flesh they seek to rend. The incorporeal are cannibals and seek their own…

I have returned to Cairnwood for a feast of fiends and a reunion of sorts.

Old ghosts cannot die, but they can sometimes be tamed.

wolfIt’s a cold, simple truth — everything dies. You. Me. The Sun, the moon, and stars, and the very Earth itself. All of it is finite. All except the soul. Souls are resilient bastards. To kill one of those takes some real metaphysical muscle. Breaking them’s easy though. Standing here in the god damn rain, I’m watching soul’s break all around me. Funerals are like that, especially this one, because the guy getting planted, well, he was my father, and a father to a hell of a lot people huddled together here today, crying like there’ll be no tomorrow. For most of them, there won’t be.

Let me back the fuck up. My name’s Autry. Brooks Autry, and I never really knew my parents. I was orphaned pretty young and lived by the seat of my pants for as long as I can remember. The guy being readied for his dirt nap kind of took me in, showed me what’s what and set me on a path. It wasn’t easy, let me tell you. Wasn’t easy for any of us, but Dr. Connors was the kind of guy that made you see the big picture, gave you a sense of purpose. See, the Doc was the kind of guy who shot it to you straight. He knew the world for what it really was, not the bull shit most people pretended it to be. He saw the light, but he didn’t deny the darkness. In fact, it was the darkness that drew him in, gave him his reason for being. That became our reason too. The darkness. We were the ones who stared it down and kept it from swallowing the world whole.

But now, Connors is as dead as a door nail, his soul traipsing about God’s back forty, or some such. I’m not worried though. He’s been dead before and come back. I suspect he’ll be back around for another go in short enough order. I’ve just got to bring in the proper witch to see it through.

His work’s not done. Not yet. See, I know in my heart that everything dies, but I also know that there are some souls that aren’t meant for rest, and Landon Connors’ soul’s one of those. He’s got work to do and I aim to see that he gets back to it.

The last time things went south for Connors, we turned to the Seidr Sisters to set things right. That won’t cut it this time around. No, this is going to require the kind of mojo that’s a might more dirty, if you catch my meaning. And I know just the skirt to do the deed.

Way I see it, I have three days to get this done. Three days. That’s not much, but God’s own Son pulled off that trick, so I imagine Connors can too. They sort of operate under the same set of rules.

I strike a waterproof match against my belt buckle and put fire to a twisted cigarillo I traded a witch doctor for down in New Orleans a week back. It’s black smoke seeps into my lungs and makes the world melt away a little bit.

“Don’t worry, Hoss,” I say as they lower the coffin into the ground. “I’ve got your back.”

Walking away from the service, Nightstalkers’ tears masked by the pouring god damn rain, there is but one blasted name on my mind and it’s gnawing away like a dog with a bone — Autumn Sevier.

Word is she’s back in the area, sniffing around the ruins of Cairnwood Manor. Well, I’ve a mind to do some sniffing of my own. The bitch owes me, but she’s owes Connors even more. She’s got the juice. Now I’ve just got to fire her up, turn her on, and get that old black magick flowing.

Judging a Book by its Cover

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Yesterday, the good folks at Seventh Star Press unveiled the cover for the re-release of the first book in my Cairnwood Manor trilogy, Shadows Over Somerset. The artwork is by a young man from the Philippines named Enggar Adirasa. I think you’ll agree the cover, along with the two interior illustrations is really quite brilliant. Normally, I’d want to tackle the art chores myself, but I found myself behind the proverbial Magick 8 Ball and gave the publisher the go ahead to find a replacement. And boy did they.

cairnwood cover



Needless to say, I couldn’t be more pleased.

I am thrilled that Seventh Star Press approached me about rereleasing Shadows Over Somerset and Keepers of the Dead. Originally published by Black Death Books (an imprint of KHP), I got the rights back when they decided to go “ebook only”. While I respect their decision, I’m just not a fan of ebooks. They have their place, but at the time, only having my work in electronic format just didn’t sit well with me.

Now, Seventh Star has helped to breathe new life into the series. I’m working with a great editor and the publishing and production team has been a welcome breath of fresh air. And, of course, along with the release of the first two installments, the third chapter in the Cairnwood Manor saga will finally see the light of day. The fact that there has been so many fans clamoring for it over the years warms my blackened heart.

Cairnwood Manor is where it all started for me. That I get to return to my Wolves and run with them again is more than I could have hoped for. Shadow of the Wolf (originally titled In Time’s Shadow) will pick up where Keepers of the Dead left off. You can expect magic and mayhem… and a walk through Cairnwood Manor’s grim past.

Stay tuned as this thrilling saga of werewolves, vampires, witches, zombies, and more rears its malefic head and captures your imagination once more.



Here’s an excerpt from the first novel to tide you over…

The wolves had gathered in a wide circle around Lilith. She turned slowly, staring each in the eyes as she did so. She paused at Sebastian. He smiled. He knew what she had planned. He also knew that it would cost her dearly. He had seen it before, years ago when he first took control of the pack. He fought to calm his mind knowing that she would need his strength to pull this off.

“I call thee to this circle of power,” she began, lifting her arms to the Heavens, “to this meeting place between the world of man and wolf, and that of the realm of the Goddess, who shall guard and protect us and preserve and contain the power which we shall raise in her name and for the sake of the House of Cairnwood everlasting.”

“I summon, stir, and call to the sacred spark of divinity that resides within this circle. Watchers of the four quarters bear witness to this rite and guard the circle from the forces of evil,” she called. Overhead the clouds began to part around the full moon. It shone down upon the circle of wolves and they began to writhe as its magic touched them.

“I invoke thee and call upon thee, oh Goddess, mother of us all. We call upon the Master of the Hunt that he might bless this rite and give aide in this time of need. I call upon the pack and invoke the sacred name of Angus MacGregor, sire of the clan and he who was first changed. I call upon the powers to feed the pack from its wellspring that it might be channeled to the aide of the clan. In the name of the ancient of ancients and the holy of holies, in the name of all that was and is and shall be…Feed me with your awesome might!”

Alex could only stare in wide wonder as those within the magic circle began to shimmer. A faint glow emanated from the gathered and then a wind swept toward them. Alex was transfixed as the wind funneled and swirled within the circle. Her ears popped and suddenly the faint glow become a radiant green and joined in with the vortex that reached toward the moon above. The emerald energy was drawn from the wolves that made up the circle and channeled into Lilith who cast it toward the moon overhead. Suddenly they all collapsed, the wolves reverting to their human forms and Lilith left smoking in the circle’s center.

Alex was shaken to her very core and knelt upon the ground with mouth agape. She had just witnessed an act of magic unbelievable and she knew in her heart of hearts that nothing for her would ever be the same again.

Bark at the Moon

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Shadows Over Somerset

Coming Soon from Seventh Star Press

“In the first few pages alone we are given proof positive
of what terror lurks around every corner…
and it’s this tension that shines through on every page.”
–Insidious Reflections

“I recommend it to all horror fans
(even those who don’t particularly care for
vampires, werewolves, or witches).”

“With its dark, gothic atmosphere and…breakneck action,
(Shadows Over Somerset’s) got a little something
for fans of every dark persuasion.”
–Stephen Mark Rainey, author of The Lebo Coven

“Gory, baroque, hairy fun with vamps and beasties.”
–William Meikle, author of the Watchers trilogy


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