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Welcome to The Library, where I log a running tally of the books I’ve read over the course of the year. I began keeping track on this website in 2010 when I read a total of 59 books. In 2011 I read 95. In 2012, the number was 78. And in 2013? 62. My goal each year is to read at least 52 books. One a week. Time now to dust off a fresh page and get to work on the 2014 collection.

01. Kraken by China Miéville (Del Rey HC, 2010)
02. To Perfect this Feast: A Performance Commentary on the Gnostic Mass (Revised 3rd Edition) by James & Nancy Wasserman (Sekmet Books, 2013)
03. Dark Echo by F.G. Cottam (Thomas Dunne, 2010)
04. The Best of H.P. Lovecraft, Introduction by Robert Bloch (Del Rey, 1982)
05. The Overlook by Michael Connelly (Vision, 2008)
06. The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe (Voice, 2009)
07. Wonderbook: The Illustrated Guide to Creating Imaginative Fiction by Jeff VanderMeer (Harry N. Abrams, 2013)
08. Medieval Mysteries by Karen Ralls, PhD (Ibis, 2014)
09. Planetary Aspects by Tracy Marks (Ibis, 2014)
10. Defensive Occultism: A Handbook to Occult Investigation and Supernatural Protection by Robert Francis P. Rubin (Central Books, 2012)
11. Death in Ecstasy by Ngaio Marsh (Penguin, 1983)
12. A History of the Vikings (Revised Edition) by Gwyn Jones (Oxford University Press, 1984)
13. lost boy lost girl by Peter Straub (Random House, 2003)
14. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss (DAW, 2008)
15. The Whitechapel Demon by Joshua Reynolds (Embry Press, 2013)
16. Children of a Living Universe by Paul von Ward (Hampton Roads, 2014)
17. The Imago Sequence and Other Stories by Laird Barron (Night Shade Books, 2009)
18. Prepper’s Long-Term Survival Guide by Jim Cobb (Ulysses, 2014)
19. A Game of Thrones by George RR Martin (Bantam, 2011 TPB)
20. The Theban Oracle by Greg Jenkins, PhD (Weiser Books, 2014)
21. The Hunt for Three by Yvette Melendez (Self-Published / Kindle, 2013)
22. A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin (Bantam, 2000)
23. The Frenzy Wolves by Gregory Lamberson (Medallion ARC, 2014)
24. Whispers from the Abyss, edited by Kat Rocha (01Publishing, 2013)
25. Brimstone by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child (Warner, 2004)
26. The Coming of Conan by Robert E. Howard (Del Rey, 2003)
27. Unconventional Flying Objects by Paul R. Hill (Hampton Roads, 2014)
28. Aleister Crowley: Magick, Rock and Roll, and the Wickedest Man in the World by Gary Lachman (Tarcher, 2014)
29. The Voodoo Doll Spellbook by Denise Alvarado (Weiser, 2014)
30. Pathfinder (vol1) Dark Waters Rising GN by Jim Zub & Andrew Huerta (Dynamite, 2013)
31. Cemetery Girl by David Bell (New American Library, 2011)
32. The Leftovers by Tom Perrotta (St.Martin’s Press, 2011)
33. Vampyres of Hollywood by Adrienne Barbeau & Michael Scott (Thomas Dunne, 2008)
34. Wolverine by Chris Claremont & Frank Miller (Marvel, 1985)
35. Beyond Belief by Helen Smith (Thomas & Mercer, 2014)
36. Grimoire of the Thorn-Blooded Witch by Raven Grimassi (Weiser Books, 2014)
37. Brother Lono by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso (DC/Vertigo, 2014)
38. Myths & Legends: King Arthur by Daniel Mersey (Osprey, 2013)
39. Hitmen: Four Tales of Magick, Monsters, and Murder by Greg Mitchell (Genre Experience, 2014)
40. Afterlife With Archie (vol 1): Escape From Riverdale by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa & Francesco Francavilla (Archie Comics, 2014)
41. The Demonologist: The Extraordinary Career of Ed and Lorraine Warren by Gerald Daniel Brittle (Graymalkin, 2013)
42. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett (1929, kindle edition)
43. Detective Stories by Robert E. Howard (kindle compilation)
44. Dark Places by Gillian Flynn (Broadway/Random House, 2009)
45. The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract by Marv Wolfman & George Perez (DC Comics, 1988)
46. Myths & Legends: Wizards: From Merlin to Faust by David McIntee & Mark Stacey (Osprey, 2014)
47. Myths & Legends: Sinbad the Sailor by Phil Masters (Osprey, 2014)
48. Galveston by Nic Pizzolatto (2010, Simon and Schuster Kindle Edition)
49. Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn (2006, Random House Kindle Edition)
50. A Stir of Echoes by Richard Matheson (1958, MacMillan Kindle Edition)
51. Hellraiser (vol 1) by Clive Barker, Christopher Monfette, & Leonardo Manco (BOOM!, 2011)
52. The Hedge Knight by George R.R. Martin (Kindle)
53. The Sworn Sword by George R.R. Martin (Kindle)
54. The Mystery Knight by George R.R. Martin (Kindle)
55. “Sticks” by Karl Edward Wagner (Google Books)
56. Case Histories by Kate Atkinson (2007, Little, Brown, & Co/Hachette Kindle Edition)
57. The Hollow Crown: The Wars of the Roses and the Rise of the Tudors by Dan Jones (2014, Faber & Faber Kindle Edition)
58. The Last of the Albatwitches by Brian Keene (Deadite Press, 2014)
59. Reflections: An Oral History of Twin Peaks by Brad Dukes (Short/Tall Press, 2014)
60. Doctor Strange: Into Shamballa by JM DeMatteis & Dan Green (Marvel, 1986)
61. The Angel & the Abyss by J.D. Gunther (Ibis, 2014)
62. The Hitler Legacy by Peter Levenda (Ibis, 2014)
63. Shadowland by Peter Straub (Coward McCann, 1980)
64. The Weiser Book of Horror and the Occult, edited by Lon Milo DuQuette (Weiser Books, 2014)
65. Revival by Stephen King (Scribner, 2014)
66. The Royal Occultist: Haunted Holidays by Josh Reynolds (Kindle, 2014)
67. The Nickronomicon by Nick Mamatas (Innsmouth Free Press Kindle, 2014)
68. The World of Ice & Fire by Martin, Garcia, & Antonsson (Bantom Kindle, 2014)
69. Season of the Witch: How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll by Peter Bebergal (Tarcher, 2014)
70. Swords and Devilry by Fritz Lieber (Ace, 1973)
71. The Ice Dragon by George RR Martin & Luis Royo (Tor, 2014)
72. Hellblazer: Original Sins by Jamie Delano, John Ridgway, & Alfredo Alcala  (DC/Vertigo, 1997)
73. Planets for Pagans: Sacred Sites, Ancient Lore, and Magical Stargazing by Renna Shesso (Weiser Books, 2014)
74. Jimmy Page by Jimmy Page (Genesis Publications, 2014)
75. Dungeons & Dragons: Player’s Handbook (Wizards of the Coast, 2014)
76. Dungeons & Dragons: Monster Manual (Wizards of the Coast, 2014)
77. Dungeons & Dragons: Dungeon Master’s Guide (Wizards of the Coast, 2014)
78. Lost Encyclopedia by Tara Bennett and Paul Terry (DK, 2010)
79. Finding Lost: The Unofficial Guide by Nikki Stafford (ECW Press, 2006)
80. The Spirit Box by JH Glaze (Mostcool Media, 2011)
81. Inferno by Dan Brown (Random House, 2013)
82. In the Court of the Yellow King, edited by Glynn Owen Barrass (Celaeno Press, 2014)
83. The World’s Most Haunted House: The True Story of The Bridgeport Poltergeist on Lindley Street by William J. Hall (New Page Books, 2014)
84. Songs for the Witch Woman by John W. Parsons and Marjorie Cameron (Fulgur, 2014)
85. The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss (DAW, 2014)
86. Swords of the North by Robert E. Howard (REH Foundation Press, 2014)


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I started keeping an online record of the books I read back in 2010. That year I only managed to tackle 59 books. In 2011, it was 95, and last year I read a mere 76. Let’s see how 2013 develops.


01. Neonomicon by Alan Moore and Jacen Burrows
02. Greyhawk: Against the Giants by Ru Emerson
03: Forgotten Realms: Darkwalker on Moonshae by Douglas Niles
04. Red Nails by Robert E. Howard, 1977 Berkley/Putnam collection edited by Karl Wagner
05. Grimoires: A History of Magic Books by Owen Davies
06. The People of the Black Circle by Robert E. Howard, 1977 Berkley/Putnam collection edited by Karl Wagner
07. Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: GameMastery Guide by Paizo Publishing
08. Red Sky by Nate Southard
09. Steampunk Magic by Gypsey Elaine Teague
10. Make Magic of Your Life by T. Thorn Coyle
11. Good Omens by Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett
12. The Best of the Equinox Volume 2: Dramatic Ritual by Aleister Crowley
13. The Devil You Know by Mike Carey
14. 46 by S.M. Thatcher
15. Monster Files by Nick Redfern
16. Horns by Joe Hill
17. UFOs ETs and Alien Abductions: A Scientist Looks at the Evidence by Don Donderi, PhD
18. Snakewand by Kenneth Grant
19. War of the Gods by Poul Anderson
20. The Qabalah Workbook for Magicians: A Guide to the Sephiroth by Anita Kraft
21. Holes for Faces by Ramsey Campbell
22. Ancient Treasures: The Discovery of Lost Hoards, Sunken Ships, Buried Vaults, and Other Long-Forgotten Artifacts by Brian Haughton
23. Aleister Crowley: Wandering the Waste by Martin Hayes & RH Stewart
24. The Last Secret of the Temple by Paul Sussman
25. The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman
26. Joyland by Stephen King
27. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss
28. Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed
29. Among the Mermaids compiled by Varla Ventura
30. Elric of Melniboné by Michael Moorcock
31. Swords Against Death by Fritz Leiber
32. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
33. We Are the Children of the Stars by Otto O. Binder & Max H. Flindt
34. Hell House by Richard Matheson
35. Death Poems by Thomas Ligotti
36. The Bloody Crown of Conan by Robert E. Howard
37. The Dark Lord: H.P. Lovecraft, Kenneth Grant, and the Typhonian Tradition in Magic by Peter Levenda
38. Love is the Law by Nick Mamatas
39. Mage’s Blood by David Hair
40. Dark Talisman by Steven M. Booth
41. Full Dark, No Stars by Stephen King
42. Things Slip Through by Kevin Lucia
43. Use Enough Gun: Legends of the Monster Hunter III, edited by Miles Boothe
44. When the Dragon Wore the Crown by Don Cerow
45. Imhotep the African: Architect of the Cosmos by Robert Bauval & Thomas Brophy PhD
46. The Witches’ Almanac: Mystic Earth (Issue 33 / Spring 2014-2015)
47. Sympathy for the Devil by Justin Gustainis
48. Play with Fire & Midnight at the Oasis by Justin Gustainis
Do It Yourself Akashic Wisdom: Access the Library of your Soul by Jacki Smith and Patty Shaw
50. Banshees Werewolves Vampires and Other Creatures of the Night by Varla Ventura
51. Invisibility: Mastering the Art of Vanishing by Steve Richards
52. Horns of Honor: Regaining the Spirit of the Pagan Horned God by Frederick Thomas Elworthy
The Best of the Equinox Volume 3: Sex Magick by Aleister Crowley
54. Devils, Death, & Dark Wonders by Randy Chandler
55. The New View Over Atlantis by John Mitchell
56. Savannah Ghosts by David H. Rousseau
57. King Khan by Harry Connolly
58. Khan of Mars by Stephen Blackmore
59. Remnants of the Gods by Erich von Daniken
60. H.P. Lovecraft in the Merrimack Valley by David Goudsward
61. The Magicians by Lev Grossman
62. The Wolves of Midwinter by Anne Rice

2012 Reading List

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A new year begets a new reading list. I will tag each title appropriately ranging from Highly Recommended to Avoid At All Costs. Your mileage, of course, may vary depending on your particular tastes in literary fare.

01. Gathered Dust and Others by W.H. Pugmire — Highly Recommended

02. Ash: Return of the Beast by Gary Val Tenuta — Worth a Look

03. Jimmy Page: Magus, Musician, Man by George Case — Recommended

04. An Illustrated Guide to the Lost Symbol, edited by John Weber — Worth a Look

05. Carnage Road by Greg Lamberson — Highly Recommended

06. Halloween, edited by Paula Guran — Highly Recommended

07. The Unexpected (DC Comics/Vertigo)Avoid At All Costs

08. The Mighty Thor – Ragnarok by Roy Thomas and John Buscema — Recommended

09. Casting Sacred Space by Ivo Dominguez Jr Highly Recommended

10. Is There A Demon In You? by Keene, SanGiovanni, Southard, & White — Highly Recommended

11. Torn by Lee Thomas — Recommended

12. The Doll: The Lost Stories of Daphne Du MaurierWorth a Look

13. Spectre by Robert Weverka — Highly Recommended

14. Theurgia or The Egyptian Mysteries by Iamblichus — Highly Recommended

15. The Way of the Oracle by Diana L. Paxson — Recommended

16. The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice — Worth a Look

17. Baltimore: The Plague Ships by Mignola, Golden, & Stenbeck — Recommended

18. Supernatural Noir, edited by Ellen Datlow — Recommended

19. 11/22/63 by Stephen King — Highly Recommended

20. The Haunted Mansion Project: Year One – presented by Rain Graves, edited by E.S. Magill — Recommended

21. Vampyre Magick by Father Sebastiaan — Avoid At All Costs

22. The Strange Case of Origami Yoda by Tom Angleberger — Recommended

23. Darth Paper Strikes Back by Tom Angleberger — Recommended

24. Mystery Teachings from the Living Earth: An Introduction to Spiritual Ecology by John Michael Greer — Highly Recommended

25. Nevermore by William Hjortsberg — Highly Recommended

26. Ratline: Soviet Spies, Nazi Priests, and the Disappearance of Adolf Hitler by Peter Levenda — Recommended

27. City Infernal by Edward Lee — Worth a Look

28. The Forbidden Book by Joscelyn Godwin and Guido Mina di Sospiro — Worth a Look

29. The Book of Enoch the Prophet, edited by RH Charles — Highly Recommended

30. The Hermetic Link: From Secret Tradition to Modern Thought by Jacob Slavenburg — Recommended

31. Spiritual Cleansing by Draja Mickaharic — Recommended

32. Night of the Wendigo by William Meikle — Recommended

33. Sherlock Holmes: Revenant by William Meikle — Recommended

34. Thursday Thistle by August V. Fahren — Worth a Look

35. In the Center of the Fire: A Memoir of the Occult (1966-1989) by James Wasserman — Highly Recommended

36. The Third Gate by Lincoln Child — Worth a Look

37. Lammas Night by Katherine Kurtz — Highly Recommended

38. Time Loops and Space Twists by Fred Alan Wolf — Recommended

39. Pythagoras: His Life and Teachings by Thomas Stanley — Recommended

40. The UFO Hunter’s Guide by Bret Lueder — Worth A Look (but just barely)

41. Body Rides by Richard Laymon — Worth A Look

42. You Are STILL Being Lied To, edited by Russ Kick — Recommended

43. The Witches’ Almanac – Issue 32 (Spring 2013-Spring 2014) “Wisdom of the Moon” — Recommended

44. Down by Nate Southard — Recommended

45. The Red Book (Liber Novus) by C.G. Jung — Highly Recommended

46. The Witches’ Almanac Issue 32 Wisdom of the MoonRecommended

47. Goblinproofing One’s Chicken Coop by Reginald Barkley — Highly Recommended

48. Criminal Macabre: The Iron Spirit by Steve Niles and Scott Morse — Recommended

49. Halloween Classics edited by Tom Pomplun — Recommended

50. The Golden Spiders by Rex Stout — Highly Recommended

51. Dueling Minds edited by Brian James Freeman — Recommended

52. The Hardy Boys, Vol. 55 – The Witchmaster’s Key by Franklin W. Dixon — Recommended

53. Jason Brice: The Written by Jovanovic and Alcante — Highly Recommended

54. The Black School by J.N. Williamson — Worth a Look

55. Frankenstein: Agent of S.H.A.D.E. Vol 1: War of the Monsters by Jeff Lemire and Alberto Ponticelli — Recommended

56. Impossible Realities: The Science Behind Energy Healing, Telepathy, Reincarnation, Precognition, and Other Black Swan Phenomena by Maureen Caudill — Worth a Look

57. Mrs. B’s Guide to Household Witchery: Everyday Magic, Spells, and Recipes by Kris Bradley — Recommended

58. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo: Vol One (Graphic Novel) by Denise Mina, Andrea Mutti,  & Leonardo Manco — Highly Recommended

59. More Than Midnight by Brian James Freeman — Worth a Look

60. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson — Recommended

61. Ghosts #1 (Comic Anthology) from Vertigo — Highly Recommended

62. The Candle and the Crossroads: A Book of Appalachian Conjure and Southern Root Work by Orion Foxwood — Recommended

63. The Secret Doctrine of the Rosicrucians by Magus Incognito (William Walker Atkinson) — Recommended

64. The Best of the Equinox, Vol. 1: Enochian Magick by Aleister Crowley (as selected by Lon Milo DuQuette) — Highly Recommended

65. Entombed by Brian Keene — Recommended

66. The House on the Point by Benjamin Hoff — Worth a Look

67. Dark Entries by Ian Rankin & Werther Dell’edera — Recommended

68. The Hardy Boys, Vol. 8 — The Mystery of Cabin Island by Franklin W. Dixon — Recommended

69. Three Philosophical Dialogues: On Truth, On Freedom of Choice, On the Fall of the Devil by Anselm — Highly Recommended

70. ALU: An Advanced Guide to Operative Runology by Edred Thorsson — Highly Recommended

71. 999: New Stories of Horror and Suspense, edited by Al Sarrantonio — Recommended

72. Tortured Spirits (The Jake Helman Files, Vol. 4) by Gregory Lamberson — Recommended

73. The Angel and the Sorcerer: The Remarkable Story of the Occult Origins of Mormonism and the Rise of Mormons in American Politics by Peter Levenda — Recommended

74. Songlines of the Soul by Veronica Goodchild — Worth a Look

75. Crystals – Jewels – Stones – Magic & Science by Isidore Kozminsky / Crystals and the New Age by Stuart Weinberg — Recommended

76. Prepper’s Home Defense by Jim Cobb — Recommended

77. Creeping Stones by Cullen Bunn — Recommended

78. The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring by JRR Tolkien — Highly Recommended

2011 Reading List

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Another year, another reading list.  Let’s hit the ground running…

01. Side Jobs: Stories from the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher

02. The Weiser Field Guide to the Paranormal: Abductions, Apparitions, ESP, Synchronicity, and More Unexplained Phenomena from Other Realms by Judith Joyce

03. Eldren: The Book of the Dark by William Meikle

04. As I Embrace My Jagged Edges by Lee Thompson

05. Carnacki: Heaven & Hell by William Meikle

06. Odd and the Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

07. Apparitions by Raven Bower

08. Hex and Spellwork: The Magical Practices of the Pennsylvania Dutch by Karl Herr

09. Jason Dark – Ghost Hunter: The Blood Witch by Guido Henkel

10. Jason Dark – Ghost Hunter: Terrorlord by Guido Henkel

11.  LOST: Secret Identity by Cathy Hapka

12. The Trinity Secret by Marie Jones and Larry Flaxman

13. The Psychedelic Reader edited by Timothy Leary

14. Aradia: The Gospel of the Witches by Charles Leland

15. The Practical Psychic Self-Defense Handbook: A Survival Guide by Robert Bruce

16. A Pagan Ritual Prayer Book by Ceisiwr Serith

17. The Book of Secrets by Daniel Pineda

18. Visions of the Multiverse by Dr. Steven Manly

19. Defense Against the Dark by Emily Cardin

20. Heat Wave by “Richard Castle”

21. The Strange Man by Greg Mitchell

22. Legends of the Night by Stephen Mark Rainey

23. Runecaster’s Handbook by Edred Thorsson

24. Clairvoyance and Occult Powers by William Walker Atkinson

25. An Enlightened Philosophy by Geoff Crocker

26. The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook by Karen Harrison

27. Malefic by Luis Royo

28. Home by Carson Buckingham

29. Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

30. Locke & Key: Head Games by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

31. Locke & Key: Crown of Shadows by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez

32. The Herbal Alchemist’s Handbook by Karen Harrison

33. Liber Kaos by Peter Carroll

34. The Damned by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

35. The Damned: Prodigal Sons by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

36. Shadowland by Peter Straub

37. Crooked Hills by Cullen Bunn

38. The Sixth Gun: Cold Dead Fingers by Cullen Bunn & Brian Hurtt

39. Superman/Batman: The Sorcerer Kings by Cullen Bunn & Chriscross

40. Sandman Slim by Richard Kardey

41. Marvel Comics’ Masters of Terror #s 1 & 2

42. Conan: The Ravagers Out of Time by Roy Thomas & Michael Docherty

43. Conan the Barbarian: The Witch Queen of Acheron by Don Kraar & Gary Kwapis

44. Criminal Macabre #1 “Strange Gatherings” by Steve Niles & Ben Templesmith

45.  Preacher: Gone to Texas by Garth Ennis & Steve Dillon

46. Marvel: Civil War by Mark Millar & Steve McNiven

47. Elsewhere by William Peter Blatty

48. The Coming of Conan by Robert E. Howard

49. Identity Crisis by Brad Meltzer and Rags Morales

50. The Black Sun Set by Lee Thomas

51. The Battle for the Cowl by Tony Daniel and Sandu Florea

52. Red Robin: The Grail by Chris Yost & Ramon Bachs

53. Red Robin: Council of Spiders by Chris Yost & Marcus To

54. Red Robin: Collision by Chris Yost & Marcus To

55. Revelations by Paul Jenkins and Humberto Ramos

56. Whatever Happened to the Caped Crusader? by Neil Gaiman & Andy Kubert

57. Conan and the Songs of the Dead by Joe Lansdale & Tim Truman

58. Conan and the Midnight God by Joshua Dysart and Will Conrad

59. A Clash of Kings by George RR Martin

60. A Storm of Swords by George RR Martin

61. A Feast for Crows by George RR Martin

62. The Druidry Handbook: Spiritual Practice Rooted in the Living Earth by John Michael Greer

63. A Dance with Dragons by George RR Martin

64. Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil by Liz Greene

65. Deadly Treats, edited by Anne Fraiser

66. In the Footsteps of Dracula by Stephen Unger

67. X-Files / 30 Days of Night by Steve Niles, Adam Jones, & Tom Mandrake

68. Ghosts, Spirits, & Hauntings edited by Michael Pye and Kirsten Dalley

69. The Witchcraft of Dame Darrel by Charles Leland

70. Werewolves: Myths, Mysteries, & Magick by Katie Boyd

71. The Jake Helman Files: Cosmic Forces by Greg Lamberson

72. The Hollow Bone: A Field Guide to Shamanism by Colleen Deatsman

73. Weird Ways of Witchcraft by Dr. Leo Louis Martello

74. Old World Witchcraft by Raven Grimassi

75. The Witches’ Book of the Dead by Christian Day

76. The Witches’ Almanac (Spring 2012-Spring 2013) Radiance of the Sun (Issue 31)

77. Who Are You In The Tarot? by Mary K. Greer

78. CAMPFIRE: True Ghost Stories by Jim Harold

79. The World’s Creepiest Places by Dr. Bob Curran

80. The World’s Most Haunted Places by Jeff Belanger

81. Legacy of the Gods by Kenny Silva

82. Damned Highway by Brian Keene and Nick Mamatas

83. The House and the Brain by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

84. A Magical Tour of the Night Sky by Renna Shesso

85. Black Magic Woman by Justin Gustainis

86. The Voodoo Hoodoo Spellbook by Denise Alvarado

87. Coventry Magic by Jacki Smith

88. The Master Game by Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval

89. Samson and Denial by Robert Ford

90. Jason Dark – Ghost Hunter: The Curse of Kali by Guido Henkel

91. Uses of Wodan: The Development of his Cult & of Medieval Literary Responses to It by Philip Andrew Shaw

92. Hard Spell by Justin Gustainis

93. The Midnight Eye Files: The Skin Trade by William Meikle

94. Nancy Drew: Ghost Stories by “Carolyn Keene”

95. Hardy Boys: Ghost Stories by “Franklin W. Dixon”


2010 Reading List

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With a new year dawning I thought it would be a fun experiment to keep track of what I read throughout the year by maintaining a running list of books, magazines, and comics that I torment my tired old eyes with. I’ve always believed that you can tell a lot about a person by examining the works they choose to pass their time with. This will be your chance to take an intimate look into where I lose myself…

I will rank each book I read on a five point scale, each point marked by a bat symbol.

Don’t waste your time.

Didn’t work for me.

An entertaining read.

A kick ass book, well-crafted and firing on all cylinders.

A perfectly sublime experience…
a near magical excursion into literary excellence.

We shall begin with a book I decided to revisit last night, the 30th of December. It is my favorite novel and I have submerged myself into its magical prose nine times since first discovering it while in college in 1990. I can’t think of a better way to start the new year…

Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco
The Pack: Winter Kill by Mike Oliveri
The Werewolf’s Guide to Life by Ritch Duncan & Bob Powers
Cold Blooded Chillers by R.M. Heske

2012: Final Prayer by R.M. Heske

The Collected Works of Aleister Crowley
Vol. 1

The Colorado Kid by Stephen King

Flesh Gothic by Edward Lee

Fear Book by John L. Byrne

Fears Unnamed by Tim Lebbon

The Angel of Forgetfulness by Steve Stern

Seeking Spirits by Hawes, Wilson, & Friedman

Hellblazer: Pandemonium by Delano and Jock

Haunted Homeland by Michael Norman

Hunt at World’s End by Gabriel Hunt (Nick Kaufmann)

M is for Magic by Neil Gaiman

Shutter Island by Dennis Lehane

Remains by Steve Niles & Kieron Dwyer


A DARK MATTER by Peter Straub

The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley

Gateway to Hell by Dennis Wheatley

The Frenzy Way by Gregory Lamberson

Creatures of the Pool by Ramsey Campbell

Conan: The Road of Kings by Karl Edward Wagner

Strange Magic by Gord Rolo

Scattered Ashes by Scott Nicholson

The Poetical Works of Lord Byron
(1858 World Edition)

Encountering Jung:
Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal
as selected by Roderick Main

The Jake Helman Files: Desperate Souls by Greg Lamberson

Jason Dark: Ghost Hunter by Guido Henkel
Theater of Vampires / Ghosts Templar / From A Watery Grave

The Diary of a Drug Fiend by Aleister Crowley

LeHorn’s Hollow by Brian Keene
SFBC Edition collecting Dark Hollow and Ghost Walk

A Gathering of Crows by Brian Keene

The Broadcast by Eric Hobbs & Noel Tuazon

Perdurabo: The Life of Aleister Crowley by Richard Kaczynski

The Weiser Concise Guide to Aleister Crowley by Richard Kacynski

The Secret Science of Masonic Initiation by Robert Lomas

The Animal Trilogy by Liam Davies

The Weiser Field Guide to Witches by Judika Illes

Boy’s Life by Robert McCammon

The Weiser Field Guide to Ghosts by Raymond Buckland

The Weiser Field Guild to Ascension by Cal Garrison

The Weiser Field Guide to Cryptozoology by Deena West Budd

The Weiser Field Guide to Vampires by J.M. Dixon

Kids Who See Ghosts: How to Guide Them Through Fear by Caron Goode

Encyclopedia of the Unseen World by Constance Victoria Briggs

The Witches’ Almanac, Vol. 30
Red Wheel/Weiser

The Demon Lover by Dion Fortune

Enochian Vision Magick by Lon Milo DuQuette

Carnival of Fear by JG Faherty

Encyclopedia of Haunted Places, edited by Jeff Belanger

There’s Something Under the Bed by Ursula Bielski

The Golden Builders by Tobias Churton

Sexual Outlaw, Erotic Mystic by Vere Chappell

Exploring the Northern Tradition by Galina Krasskova

Northern Tradition for the Solitary Practitioner by Krasskova & Kaldera

Twilight of the Gods by Erich von Daniken

Dark Fairies by Dr. Bob Curran

Witches & Warlocks: Tales of Black Magic, Old & New
edited by Marvin Kaye


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