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#Norsevember: My Thoughts on The Runic Tarot

Posted in Norsevember, Runes, Tarot on November 30, 2021 by Occult Detective

And so Norsevember comes to a close. What better way to end the month long celebration than with a review of the Runic Tarot Kit from Llewellyn Books/Lo Scarabeo?

Norse mythology meets tarot; this is the deck that the Pagan community has been eagerly awaiting. Based on the gods and mythology of the Norse, the Runic Tarot is the ultimate divination deck for connecting with Valhalla, the realm of the gods. The powerful art is imbued with a fierce, ancient aura as it weaves together the wisdom of the runes, the poetry of the Skalds, the valor of the Einherjars, and the evergreen bounty of life and nature. This reading deck pays tribute to the divine spark within humanity, calling out to everyone who feels the pull of the ancient Norse ways.

Boxed kit (5½ x 8¼) includes a 78-card deck and guidebook

What a description! Yes, that is the deck I have been waiting for. Let’s see if it delivers…

At first glance, my goodness, what an impressive product. The publisher really goes all out, with the magnetic box containing a beautifully rendered deck and tarot booklet. I mean, this is a really sharp design, just beautifully put together.

The art is spectacular, and from that standpoint alone, I find it well worth the price… but, I do have issues. From a divination standpoint, obviously, any heathen would turn to the runes over this deck. As a lifelong tarot enthusiast, however, I longed for a tarot style heathen deck. Does this fulfill that desire? Unfortunately, it falls short.

There are just some odd choices. The most dramatic for me, that leapt out as soon as I flipped through the cards, was not having Odin represented on The Hanged Man. A central tenet of his character, to not find him there is…curious.

This lead me to being more mindful of the imagery and runic connections, and in this, I found other curious omissions and misrepresentations.

The Runic Tarot is filled with missed opportunities.

While it’s obvious the publisher spared no expense — they produced a beautiful and artful product — the creators, talented, without question, failed to do their proper homework. Someone well versed in heathenry should have been involved with this.

I am torn. I really want to recommend this deck. There are some many things to love about it, but it is misleading and just not representative of the faith I call my own.

I’m afraid we’re still waiting on a proper heathen tarot.

Perhaps I’ll try my hand at it in the coming months.

Maybe you’d like to try the deck out yourself? Here’s the amazon link. Maybe I’m too close to the heart of it?

Tarot & Rune Tuesday: Fehu

Posted in Runes on June 15, 2021 by Occult Detective

Welcome to another Tarot Rune Tuesday.

When I first imagined marking Tuesdays for divination, I knew the Tarot would be dominant. I’ve been studying the cards since I picked up my first deck in the late 1970s. For the past twenty years, however, I have been trying to branch out and embrace the runes. They are more aligned to my spirituality, but it’s been difficult. I have such an intimate connection to the Tarot, not only from more than forty years of practice, but because of my love for the artform.

Little by little, I feel the runes becoming a part of my practice. Little by little, there are becoming a part of me.

Something I’ve noticed is spotting runes in everyday life, products of nature, especially in trees. I see bindings. The connection is growing. The gods are speaking to me through them… If you’ve not yet embraced runes as a form of meditation and divination, I highly recommend adding them to your arsenal. Maybe, like for me, they’ll begin to take hold and perhaps you’ll bond with them in a similar way.

So, this morning, as I pondered a current project, I drew a single rune for guidance and revelation. I drew form my bag Fehu, a rune with special significance for me as I use it, along with Berkano, as my personal bind-rune.

Fehu is associated with wealth and luck, with prosperity. It can also relate to freedom, to dynamic energy, to fluidity, and to first impressions and sexual attraction.

In the context of my meditation, I see it as a reflection of a successful venture. That my recently completed project will be a success. That’s all I can hope for…

I will try to bring the runes more to the fore on Tuesdays, Tyr’s Day.

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