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Paint it Black: An Occult Detective RPG Casefile / Chapter Two

Posted in Occult Detective RPG on November 11, 2019 by Occult Detective

Connor wrote the recap for our last playtest session.

Bordermen Games


Chapter Two: The Demon’s in the Details

“Who dares disturb my slumber?” The creature asked as it rose from the sarcophagus. Expecting an undead abomination, painter Arthur Godson and reporter John Winslow were surprised to see a young woman standing before them.

The woman had runes tattooed upon her face, and she radiated an aura that seemed to unsettle the investigators. Clearly, she was trying to control with some kind of magic, but Arthur and John were beyond such tricks.

Understanding this, the woman asked if she could help them, having incredible skills at finding things. The two informed her that they were looking for a woman named Maddie Blake, whom they believed had something to do with a terrible murder (they kept it to themselves that the victim was the Archangel Cassiel).

The woman said that she knew nothing about Maddie Blake, but claimed that she could help them…

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Paint it Black: An Occult Detective RPG Casefile / Chapter One

Posted in Occult Detective RPG on October 31, 2019 by Occult Detective

Our playtest has begun…

Bordermen Games


Chapter One: Blood and Thunder

Our story began with a press release, sent out across the internet, to be found in the inboxes and social media localities frequented by the protagonists of our tale.


Arthur Godson — The Painter of Light
to Exhibit His Art at Caliburn House

WABASH, INDIANA – October 1, 2019, / – Award-winning artist Arthur Godson’s Fantasy Realism series “Gates of Heaven” will be the subject of an art exhibition at Caliburn House in Wabash, Indiana. Arthur Godson is an international artist who is known for his dynamic and colorful oil paintings depicting his unique visions of the Afterlife and the Heavenly Realm. Caliburn House, home of noted philanthropist Dr. Landon Connors, selected Mr. Godson’s consecution to be the first in a series of exhibits to be held in the waning months of the year.

Caliburn House Representative Alethea Hill said, “We are…

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Three days till Hallowe’en? Maybe so, but it’s already Occult Detective Season.

Posted in All Hallows Read, Occult Detective RPG, Occult Detectives, Writing on October 28, 2019 by Occult Detective

31 day blog challenge

Hallowe’en is always a special time for me, but this year it is even more exciting. Why? Well, let’s take a quick rundown of what lies ahead.

First, of course, there’s All Hallow’s Eve itself. Let’s just underline that one.

What else?

First Born will be released as an audiobook.

Descendant drops in trade paperback and ebook.

Our final round of playtesting the Occult Detective RPG begins.

My Parker Brothers short story “Nos Galan Gaeaf” made Horror Delve’s annual Halloween Suggested Reading List. You should check it out. Heck, read every story on Matt’s list. It’s a good one.

And, last but by no means least, The Bookhouse, the pallet shack Connor and I have been working on all summer, will finally be unveiled.

I’m planning on uploading a video tour, so stay tuned…

Speaking of tours, do you want to host me on your blog? I’m doing a blog tour in November and would love to stop by your place for a chat. Sign up HERE if you’re interested.


All Work and No Play

Posted in Occult Detective RPG, Writing on October 22, 2019 by Occult Detective

31 day blog challenge

No blog today other than to say I am working diligently on the Occult Detective RPG in anticipation of the latest rounds of playtesting.

I will be taking a break to visit an abandoned Victorian farmhouse, Hainlen’s Orchard, and to get a little work done of our pallet shack however.


‘Tis the Season for Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game

Posted in Occult Detective RPG on October 19, 2019 by Occult Detective

31 day blog challenge



The Occult Detective RPG is going into another wave of playtesting this coming week. The gaming group I DM for, the Oak Hill RPG Club, will have their session zero next Thursday when we’ll roll characters and discuss the themes of the narrative I’m putting together.

Between now and then, Connor and I are going to sit down with the various iterations of the game and develop a new playtest document.

If all goes well and there are no major hiccups, we just might finally get that Kickstarter in 2020.

Occult Detective RPG Update

Posted in Occult Detective RPG on March 22, 2019 by Occult Detective


I had planned to launch the Occult Detective RPG on May 1. That date now looks a tad bit too optimistic. I’m having surgery in April and that’s going to gravely affect my productivity, so, rather than rush the project (or worse, try to complete it in a medicated state) I am going to postpone the release till Lammas Night, the first of August.

I like the date. I like it a lot actually. To be honest, Katherine Kurtz has been such a huge influence on my work, and her novel Lammas Night in particular has its fingerprints all over my fiction, and thus, this RPG, that it is fitting.

From a metaphysical sense, I like the symmetry of releasing the game during Lughnasadh, especially with a New Moon overhead.

Practically speaking, with these added few months, I can add some additional art and functional graphics to the rulebook that will certainly enhance not only the experience, but the overall aesthetic.

As we move forward, I will strive to produce weekly updates on my progress, and maybe even offer up some sneak peeks of what’s to come.

I have certainly tempered my ambitions and expectations. Without partners, not taking it to kickstarter is the right decision. While I liked the idea of maps and miniatures, they were never a crucial element of the gameplay. It’s the roleplaying that matters, the storytelling.

This game will rise or fall on the strength of the magic system, I suspect. It is different from what many will have been used to. I think it makes for a more vibrant and exciting game. I look forward to seeing what the public thinks…


Preternaturally Speaking #OccultDetectiveRPG

Posted in Occult Detective RPG on April 23, 2018 by Occult Detective

Let’s continue our exploration of KITH.

To refresh your memory, Kith, within the context of Occult Detective: The Roleplaying Game™, is what you are. Your Protagonist’s Kith provides you with a basic framework from which your occult detective will come to life through the unique powers, resistances, advantages, and abilities they add. More than that, your Kith establishes the first glimmer of background for which to build your Protagonist around.

There are three core Kith for you to choose from: Natural, Preternatural, and Supernatural.

In our first installment, we took a peek at the Naturals. Today, we’ll look at what it means to be a Preternatural.

First, the word itself. Merriam-Webster defines preternatural as existing outside of nature; exceeding what is natural or regular; inexplicable by ordinary means.

In Occult Detective, a Preternatural is a character with powers and abilities beyond what is normal or natural — the idea being they are naturals with special gifts, either by birth or by exceptional training.

There are three types of Preternatural:

Alchemists, who are scientifically gifted, are blessed with intelligence beyond the scope of ordinary men and women. As such, they begin with a minimum Brains score of 10, then roll a 1d10+2 to establish their ability. One can come at this from several different angles, be it from speculative philosophy or fringe science.

Examples: Victor Frankenstein, Walter Bishop, Herbert West


Magicians, adept in the use of the Esoteric Arts, select their abilities from the Path and Major Arcana tables found in this manual. Their Sun and Moon Signs dictate which element those spells are expressed by. A Magician can choose a Light or Dark Path and the spells available to them are adjusted accordingly. Light Path Magicians begin with a minimum Brains score of 10, then roll 1d10+1 to establish their ability. Dark Path Magicians begin with a minimum Bravado score of 10, then roll 1d10+1 to establish their ability.

Examples: John Constantine, Harry Dresden, Diana Tregarde

Necromancing the Stone



Psychics are sensitive to nonphysical or supernatural forces and influences, marked by extraordinary or mysterious sensitivity, perception, or understanding, and in some cases, possess powers of telekinesis, pyrokinesis, levitation, and more. Psychics begin with a minimum Boon score of 10, then roll a 1d10+2 to establish their ability.

Examples: Odd Thomas, Vanessa Ives, Eleven

Episode 101

Coming up next — Supernaturals.


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