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I recommend Backwoods Survival Guide, edited by @SurvivalWeekly

Posted in Bushcraft on February 11, 2022 by Occult Detective

I grew up in the country, on the corner of my grandparents’ 60 acre horse farm. I prowled the nearby woods and creek beds as soon as I could walk. Truth is, I feel most at peace, more myself, when I’m in those environs, the woodlands of my youth.

I’ve had a lifelong obsession with bushcraft and backwoods survival, considering it an extension of my spirituality. When my good friend, Jim Cobb, invited me to review the latest issue of his Backwoods Survival Guide magazine, I jumped at the chance.

I do not read these sorts of magazines regularly, but I’m no stranger to them either. What I found in BSG was a breath of fresh air. Insightful and diverse in subject matter. There is something for everyone here, with subjects covering Outdoors, Homesteading, Do-It-Yourself Projects, and Equipment.

That’s a genius setup, with all aspects of survivalist interests covered. This is definitely a magazine I’ll be tracking down the back issues of and be following from now on. I was surprised that, even though I’ve been at this for well more than forty years, there were several moments when I picked up something new.

My favorite section was the DIY Projects, chiefly because I’ve been hungry to take up smithing and I found the article there on Disaster Blacksmithing very informative. I’ll definitely be setting a makeshift forge come spring and utilizing a lot of what I learned here.

The article that most caught my eye though was Mushroom Madness. My interest in mycology does not come anywhere near the levels of my old friend Dr. Mushroom (Dr. Trent Austin), so I was quite taken by Alice Jones Webb’s insights as she examined the practicality of something I’ve been hungry to explore for years.

As I said, in the past I would pick up random survival magazines to read at the airport or doctor’s office, more as time fillers as anything else. Jim Cobb’s shown me that there’s a magazine out there for more than the casual reader. He’s put something really special together here.

Highly recommended, for sure. I’ll be subscribing. I think you should too.

Three for Thursday: #Norsevember #Survival

Posted in Bushcraft, Norsevember, Wyrd on November 18, 2021 by Occult Detective

I’ve always been fascinated by bushcraft, living (not just surviving but thriving) off the land. I love to build lean-tos, traditional woodland shelters, and, when I was a younger man, I did a lot of winter camping. I was never keen on lugging a tent about, preferring to utilize my natural surroundings.

So, with Norsevember upon us, I was thinking about what items would be most essential for a man (or woman) who was headed out into the bush. So whether you’re talking 1000 years ago or tomorrow, what do I view as essential gear, if I can only snatch three items?


Fire is essential so you absolutely HAVE to have some means of building one, be it through a lighter, matches, or, a ferro rod, or, better yet, all of the above. I carry a fire source with me AT ALL TIMES. Just in case.


A good hatchet is a versatile tool and just generally an all around handy thing to have in the wild. From building a shelter to chopping and splitting wood to hacking up game or brush, this is something I lean on heavily. I am always shocked when I don’t see this on an essential gear list.


So, I carry on my person AT ALL TIMES, not one, but two knives: an Old Timer three blade pocket knife and a 9 inch Old Timer Cave Bear lock blade. I don’t know about you, but I use a knife nearly every single day in some way or another.

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