Today we celebrate the Laughing Magician’s Lesser Feast.

This “nasty piece of work” is celebrating a birthday today, his 69th if you can believe that. John Constantine was born on the 10th of May, 1953 in Liverpool, Lancashire.

If you’re of a mind to embrace the strange (and I obviously am), then the old ConJob is real in the sense that many of his creators have spotted the Laughing Magician out and about in our very own prime material.

Now, I’ve never seen him myself, but I am willing to concede the notion that a figure such as he is ornery enough to will himself into existence, for good or bad. Just the same, whichever way that ill wind blows, I’d have a drink with him, but I sure as hell wouldn’t turn my back on him.

Happy Birthday, John Constantine, you right old bastard. Cheers.

“It’s just the way of it, son. We all sell our souls sooner or later.”

3 Responses to “Today we celebrate the Laughing Magician’s Lesser Feast.”

  1. Very close to my heart and geography… spent my an evening in Liverpool

    • I hope to make it there before I shuffle off. If so, we’ll be sure to meet up and raise a horn.

      • That should have been “many an evening” – when you do get over, be sure to message me, I’m very close and I’ll give you a guided tour of the more “interesting” spots… I’ll even bring you some Lancashire Mead… ;)

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