My thoughts on @BruteNorse’s Love Spells & Erotic Sorcery in Norwegian Folk Magic, ed. by Eirik Storesund

Love Spells & Erotic Sorcery in Norwegian Folk Magic (translated by Eirik Storesund) is described as “A curated selection of charms, spells, and sorcerous recipes from Norwegian grimoires and vernacular tradition on the topic of love and eroticism. 50+ pages chock full of terrible ideas and (mostly) bad advice for your love life. A fascinating glimpse into the magically infused boudoir of pre-industrial Scandinavia.

Well, it most certainly delivers on its description.

Putting one in mind of German Folk Traditions found in works such as Der lange verborgene Freund and Hohman’s translation Pow-Wows; or, Long, Lost Friend, Brute Norse has delivered a sensational little pamphlet that is a must-read for those heavily invested in the study of cunning ways.

The book, slight and but 50 pages, is adorable and lovingly put together. The design sense is impeccable and I’m tickled senseless to have the thing. Simply put, it’s fun. A quick and entertaining read, it is easy to imagine these remedies handed down for countless generations.

Highly recommended, and at only $9.00, you’d be foolish to pass it up. Order here.

Speaking of foolish, many thanks to Foolish Fish for bringing Brute Norse to my attention.

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