Writing in Four Colors

As I’m sure many of you know, I began my writing “career” penning comics for a small press I co-founded back in 1987. We shuttered Lion’s Den Studios in 2006 and I pretty much thought I was done with comics then.

I dabbled a few times since, releasing some Landon Connors stories here and there, doing some illustration work for Scott Story and Cullen Bunn, and I even toyed with the idea of launching a new comic book small press called Occult Detective dot Comics.

Of course, comics have always been near and dear. For a time I penned reviews and articles for Paint Monk’s Library, but truth be told, few modern comics appeal to me. For a long time I have not felt like the target audience for most comic creators, with some very notable exceptions. I still read a lot of comics, and continue to follow certain writers and artists who keep that childhood obsession alive for me.

All this to say, I am currently co-writing a comic script. While we’re still negotiating the reality of it, I couldn’t resist putting words on proverbial paper. It’s becoming a thing, even while it might not officially happen. Still, it’s fun and exciting and I just love massaging those old comic writing muscles.

Stay tuned for some occult action in four colors? Maybe. It feels right… like it just might be the right kind of real, and will be so, so long as the gods are willing and the nukes don’t fly.

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