What I’m Reading in 2022

2021 ended with my family contracting Covid. It was rough, I’m not going to kid you. That I still feel off is unsettling. But, onward and upward. 2021 was a good year for reading, though I’m still struggling to get my hands on good new release occult detective fiction. If something catches your eye, please share it with me. As for 2022? Let’s get this party started —

  1. Johnny Constantine: The Mystery of the Meanest Teacher by North & Charm
  2. Constantine: The Hellblazer vol 1 “Going Down” by Doyle & Tynion IV
  3. Trudvang Adventures: Settings Companion
  4. Constantine vol 1 “The Spark & the Flame” by Fawkes, Lemire, & Guiedes
  5. Constantine vol 2 “Blight: by Fawkes & Aco
  6. Trudvang Adventures: Hero Companion
  7. John Constantine: Hellblazer: Death & Cigarettes by Milligan & Camuncoli
  8. Two Sagas of Mythical Heroes: Hervor and Heidrek and Hrólf Kraki and His Champions by Crawford
  9. Promethia: Book 1 by Moore and Williams III
  10. Trudvang Adventures: Wurmtongue
  11. Elemental Powers for Witches: Energy Magic Simplified by Frater Barrabbas
  12. The Witches’ Sabbath by Kelden
  13. Norse Divination by Teague
  14. Trudvang Adventures: Wildheart
  15. Trudvang Adventures: Oathbreaker by Saville
  16. The Hermeneutics of_Aleister Crowley by Ashe
  17. The Book of the Most Precious Substance by Gran
  18. Protection Magic by Blackthorn
  19. Brigid’s Light, edited by Crow & Louella
  20. The Two-Bear Mambo (Hap & Leonard) by Lansdale
  21. Claire DeWitt and the City of the Dead by Gran
  22. Love Spells & Erotic Sorcery in Norwegian Folk Magic, edited by Storesund
  23. Consorting with Spirits by Miller

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