Holiday Horrors

I quite liked the image above. So much promise contained within its simplicity. And the idea started out well enough, with the serialization of “Dreams of Winter”, a Landon Connors tale that was fresh to most eyes, buried as it was in an anthology that, while it had a slate of solid authors, didn’t sell exceptionally well. This, you’ll find, is the general case with most anthologies that do not include authors like King, Gaiman, Martin, and the like. But I digress.

I had intended to spend December sharing ghost stories with you, my friends, in that most time honored tradition. I have my fair share of those both real and imagined, but I ended up involved in a different sort of holiday horror story. I caught the dreaded COVID, and shortly after a protracted ear infection that laid me quite low.

COVID has been everything I feared it might be. And I say “has been” because I am still snookered by it. More than 20 days of it, and each moment I think I’ve turned the corner, I find myself hit with another debilitating bout of coughing that leaves me exhausted beyond all measure.

It’s been a struggle, for me and my family. My son, thankfully recovered fairly quickly. My wife has not been as lucky, I’m afraid. As for me, I did receive a monoclonal infusion, but it didn’t seem to take.

I am better today than yesterday. At this point, that’s good enough.

So, apologies for Yuletide Spirits to largely be a bust this year. I had such hopes, but we look now to a brighter year ahead. Next week I plan to post my annual Occult Detective Awards, and I will follow that with some smashing reviews, then it will be time to hunker down and figure out a way to navigate these pandemic waters.

I fear this is the world we shall be living in now and as such we will all need to make more permanent adjustments.

Cheers, dear sleuths. Pray these dark gods notice us less as we roll into 2022: Electric Boogaloo

2 Responses to “Holiday Horrors”

  1. I hope you and your family are feeling better and on your way to recovery.

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