#OCCULTOBER: All Hallows (Tarot) Read

Neil Gaiman’s All Hallows Read holds a special place in my heart. The idea of giving books as a Hallowe’en tradition is something every author and reader should get behind.

I got to thinking this evening that we occultists might take it a bit further. Next year I propose that in addition to (or instead of) treating the printed word that we might offer up tarot readings to people during the holiday season..

So, there you go. Next year. All Hallows Read. Free Tarot Readings.

See you then.

3 Responses to “#OCCULTOBER: All Hallows (Tarot) Read”

  1. How about combine the two? Print up a Tarot deck with a flash fiction story on the other side of the card. Random card for a random read…

  2. Paul Hodson Says:

    This is an excellent idea.
    But why wait for the Tarot reading,……;) ?

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