#OCCULTOBER: Tis the Season

So, as I mentioned briefly yesterday, I contracted a pretty nasty ear infection and I was pretty much down for the count. I am better today, infused with antibiotics and minimal pain relief. We, here in the States, have serious pain management issues. But, regardless, I am on the mend and looking to see this Witching Season through to the bitter end.

This afternoon I’ll be checking in on Llewellyn’s Virtual Author Forum: Ghost Hunting and the Paranormal featuring Michelle Belanger, Mustafa Gatollari, and Brandon Alvis. Should be interesting. You can join in the discussion via Crowdcast at 3pm EST.

Tomorrow night, my wife and I will be hosting a small gathering at a local haunted location, complete with tarot readings and a “ghost hunt”. Man, I love this time of year.

Next week, Michelle Belanger, Eilfie Music, and myself will sit down for an interview with Shawn Hebert. The topic is the use of magick in paranormal investigations. Should be a great discussion. Shawn is an ace interviewer and I have a ton of respect for Michelle and Eilfie. I’ll post the appropriate links once the podcast goes live.

I’m still revisiting Robert E. Howard’s Occult Detective fiction and I hope to discuss my thoughts on those stories before Hallowe’en rolls around. I also have reviews of Loki and Sigyn by Lea Svendsen and Welsh Witchcraft by Mhara Starling to post, most likely on the 25th and the 1st of November respectively. Look for my thoughts on Fabio Listrani’s Goetia: Tarot in Darkness on Tuesday, October 26th.

And watch for a couple of announcements next week,one regarding an exciting new anthology I’m putting together and the other, well, let’s save it for then. The crows have to caw about something.

Heck, as long as we’re looking ahead to the future, let’s go deep. As of now, I plan to be a guest at ParaUnity IV at the Miami County Fairgrounds, October 22. Pencil that one into your calendars.

Well, sleuths, that’s all for now. Let’s get out there and rattle some chains this weekend, then come back here and chat about. What do you say?

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