#OCCULTOBER: 3 for Thursday — Magick Retailer Edition

Dark days are upon me. I’ve developed a nasty sinus ear infection and so am consuming antibiotics and painkillers like they’re Hallowe’en candy.

I want to shine the spotlight today on three of my favorite occult shops. First, I’ll give love to my local metaphysical guilty treasure — Willow Products.

Located at 1204 N Baldwin Ave in Marion, IN, Nick and Daniel offer this small community an amazing array of products.

Next up we’ll turn our attention to Salem Massachusetts and the fantabulous purveyor of syrups and lotions and more — the magically delicious WytchWood.

Finally, we have the wonders of Lailokens Awen, A paradise of scents and spells, Shawn is the premiere herbalist and aromatherapist, whose formulas are quickly becoming essential to my work.

Apologies for not including links. I’m posting from my phone and it’s giving me fits.

Edited to add the proper linkages, correct drug-induced spelling errors, and properly relay my diagnosis.

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