#OCculTOBER: Paranormal Dream Team (Part I)

I was thinking over the weekend, having watched a few episodes of Paranormal Lockdown on Discovery+, about what my idea of a “Paranormal Dream Team” would look like, if I could only choose from those involved in magical or paraentertainment. Here are my selections:

Joining me (Keter) would be Heather Taddy (Binah), Katrina Weidman (Chochmah), Eilfie Music (Da’at), Josh Gates (Gevurah), Amy Bruni (Chesed), Michelle Belanger (Tiferet), Dana Newkirk (Hod), Greg Newkirk (Netzah), John E.L. Tenney (Yesod), and Shawn Hebert (Malkuth).

“Traditional” investigators Taddy, Weidman, and Bruni, are balanced with the “Magical” talents of Eilfie, Belanger, and Dana. I see Greg, Tenney, and myself as having feet in both worlds. Hebert, I chose because he has fresh eyes (having never investigated before) and is well versed in magic ritual. As for Gates? Well, I appreciate his investigative curiosity and his sense of humor…

Of course, a team so large would require an operation worthy of their skill set and number… Why, I believe the haunted Hoosier hinterlands of my own backyard would be more than enough to keep such a crew enticed. Prowling the forests along the Mississinewa perhaps? Or a certain small town awash in preternatural activity?

What about you? If you were to embark on an exploration of the paranormal kind, who would you call?

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