#Occultober: What is an Occult Detective?

When most people imagine an occult detective, they think in terms of fiction, in which a story is told, regardless of medium, that combines the tropes of traditional detective stories with those found in supernatural horror. Occult Detectives, however, are more than just fictional characters.

Occult Detectives are investigators who immerse themselves in all things strange and unusual. More than just “ghost hunters”, occult detectives are well versed in all manner of occult and magical traditions; in the beliefs, denominations, cults, and sects of traditional and fringe religions; in folk and shamanic practices; in conspiracy theories of all stripes; in ancient aliens, alien abductions, ufology, cryptozoology, altered states of consciousness, ancient history and archaeology, cryptoanthropology, psychic phenomena, and other Fortean matters; in climate change and geopolitics; in secret societies and political structures. And more… so much more.

Occult detectives have a diverse skill set that ranges from the scientific to the fantastic and all points in between.

Both words in their description have equal weight.

oc·​cult | \ ə-ˈkəlt, ä- \ not revealed; not easily apprehended or understood; hidden from view; of or relating to the occult (astrology, palmistry, card reading, etc); not manifest or detectable by clinical methods alone; matters regarded as involving the action or influence of supernatural or supernormal powers or some secret knowledge of them —used with the.

de·​tec·​tive | \ di-ˈtek-tiv \ fitted for or used in detecting something; of or relating to detectives or their work; one employed or engaged in detecting lawbreakers or in getting information that is not readily or publicly accessible

Occult detectives are problem solvers. It’s just that the problems they encounter tend to be of the exceptional kind.

to be continued

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