Occultober begins…

Today is a special day for me. Not only does it kick off the Season of the Witch, from the Autumnal Equinox of Mabon through the Hallowed Night of Samhain, but it is, more importantly, at least in my household, my wedding anniversary. Kim and I were intertwined in holy matrimony 21 years ago today.

As I state, probably not often enough, my lovely wife is the perfect partner in life. We initially bonded over our mutual love of books, which should be the basis of all marriages. She is my biggest supporter, the ideal mother to a perfect son, and a loving, compassionate, forgiving, and patient woman. I love her dearly. She is responsible for all of my accomplishments and in my failures, she is always there to help me lick my wounds and see me back to my feet. If you’ve a spare prayer to lift up, raise it in her name.

As for the reason we’re all here, please allow me to welcome each and every one of you to the 2021 Celebration of OCCULTOBER. What a long, strange road we’ve traveled since last year’s festivities. This outing I plan to focus more heavily on the raison d’etre of this site and of my after hours proclivities.

A day or so back, on twitter, I posted the following:

And that is going to be the majority of what we’ll be discussing as we move ethereally through this OCCULTOBER Season. Yes, there will be art, reviews, and more, but this year, I really want to open up a dialogue about what it means to be an occult detective. And yes, I am planning a book on the subject and hope to entice publishers that it might darken your doors somewhere down the line.

So, think on that a bit while I dust off the ol’ fedora and don my trenchcoat. The fog’s rolling in and I’ve some nasty business that requires my undivided attention. See you back here tomorrow, if the gods are willing and the creek don’t rise. May Mabon and Winter Finding’s Blessings keep you well and true.

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