Beginning an investigation into Asherwood

I love the forests of Indiana. They seem to have a unique and haunted quality to them. I have felt it in Shades State Park without question, and in other spots as well, but nothing quite like the experiences I have had in and around the Mississinewa State Forest. From Hobbitland outside of Marion to Seven Pillars near Peru, the Mississinewa River acts as a catalyst for paranormal activity, and the creeks that feed into it, like Little Pipe or Goose, are no less so.

Of late, however, in the same neck of the woods, as they say, I’ve taken an interest in a creek fed by the Wabash, not far from where the Mississinewa and Wabash Rivers branch.

Asher Creek flows through the heart of Asherwood, now a 160 Acre Nature Preserve that is home to “over 300 species of flora and more than 140 species of birds”. In the 1950s it served as a summer camp for the Evangelical United Brethren flavor of the Methodist Church, and, it is said, it was a former Girl Scout Camp, and later owned by the Marion School Corporation. As of 2024 it will be in the hands of Acre Trust, “a membership-based nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting natural and working lands in northeast Indiana and portions of southern Michigan and northwest Ohio”.

It has outstanding, and somewhat challenging, trails weaving through the acreage, with interesting natural and man-made features to captivate hikers, but for those of us with a paranormal bent, from the first time I set foot there, I could feel a presence. Multiple presences, actually. Sometimes dark. Sometimes earthy.

Hence the research.

I have no doubt those woods are filled with land and water wights, spirits of earth and stream. Some friendly and some… well, not so much. But are there other spirits as well? Time will tell. Though I have hiked the area many times now, I have yet to do more than acknowledge the presence of those beings when I sense them.

And that’s the way I’ll keep it, until I conclude my research. The area has a rich history. Asherwood stands a little over a mile from the Mississinewa Dam and the trails now called Lost Sister. In my day, the area was a primitive campground, and holy ground for me and my crew of misfits. It was there where I cut my teeth as an occult detective, aiding COs during the Satanic Panic.

The vibes I get from Asherwood is akin to those I became so intimate with just south of there. There’s a mystery in those dark woods. A mystery I aim to solve. And when I do, you’ll read about it here…

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