Ghost Hunting Tales: My thoughts on Passport to the Paranormal by Rich Newman, available from @LlewellynBooks September 8

I’ve got a bone to pick with Rich Newman. In his latest book for Llewellyn, Passport to the Paranormal (September 2021), Indiana only gets two entries over four pages — Whispers Estate and Willard Library. Both are noteworthy, but as an occult detective who has been investigating the haunted Hoosier hinterlands for more than forty years, I can’t help but want to ask Mr. Newman, “Don’t you know there’s more than corn in Indiana?”

Okay, all kidding aside. If you’re into haunted locations, then you’ll want to buy this book. Full stop.

Passport to the Paranormal is a terrific resource for thrill seekers and ghost hunting hobbyists. In it you’ll find 200 reputedly haunted locations, from across all 50 States, but what makes Passport different from other books in this vein is that all of these locations are open to the public.

Newman has compiled an impressive list of locations, each with a detailed examination into the activity reported there and with a taste of the history behind them. It’s well-written, concise, and, for the paranormal enthusiast, a veritable roadmap to adventure.

I want to go on record that I absolutely adore the cover. Shannon McKuhen gets high praise from me on her design for this. It really captures the essence of what the book is about, and it invokes that sort of old school vacation aesthetic that tickles my nostalgia bone. The interior layout is passable. Nothing earth-shattering, but it gets the job done. Let’s face it, we’re here for the content, and it does not disappoint.

Here’s an example of what you’ll find inside:

I think you’ll agree, Newman provides ample information on the locations, and with a personal touch that makes this a travelogue well worth the price of admission. At just $21.99, Passport to the Paranormal: Your Guide to Haunted Spots in America is a tremendous value for plotting out your next haunted vacation. And with 200 attractions, this book will serve you for years to come.

I recommend it highly.

Passport to the Paranormal will be released on September 8 in the US and a month later, October 8, in Canada and the UK, just in time for the Samhain Season. US purchasers can preorder their copy here. Trust me, this is a book you don’t want to miss.

Watch for my review of Thorn Mooney’s The Witch’s Path on Monday.

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