Ghost Hunting Tales: Death By Witchery?

This week my family and I paid a visit to a favorite old haunt of mine — The Indian Cemetery near Jalapa, Indiana. It’s a place I have visited often, beginning long before it became the manicured lawn it is today. I knew it when it was wild and unkempt and largely forgotten. One thing I have always known is that it is touched by dark magic and has long been the haven of those who wish to tap into those energies. The dead are restless here. Is it because of the nature of how many of them — both in marked and unmarked graves — died?

In his book, Miami Indian Stories, Chief Clarence Godfroy wrote of the Witch War between the tribes of Miami and Grant County. The Indians of Grant County, led by Chief Meshingomesia, wanted to become US Citizens and tried to get the Indians of Miami County to join them in this. Chief Gabriel Godfroy refused. In retaliation, it was said Meshingomesia instructed his witches to curse Godfroy’s tribe and “between the years 1872-1878 the Godfroy Band of Indians died like flies”.

Chief Godfroy wrote,”Among the Godfroy Band there were Indians who knew how to use witchcraft.” These Indians said, “We will attend to that matter.”

“Sometime when you visit the Indian Cemetery near Jalapa, Indiana,” he continued, “be sure to notice the number of markers that were put up in the year 1879.”

Did the Godfroy and Meshingomia Bands engage in a Witch War? I believe so. I have heard the disembodied voices of the dead in that sacred boneyard, seen shadow figures and strange lights moving amongst the stones and surrounding forest, and I have felt the dark stain of black magic on that place, still emanating from the very earth more than 140 years after the fact.

I have a huge project whose deadline is coming up like a bullet. As such, I suspect that, for the next month or so, I will be more scarce, at least in terms of these (near-)daily blogs. I will be back in the full swing of things throughout the month of October for another bout of #Occult30.

I will be taking part in #RPGaDay2021, but instead of blogging, as I have done in all the previous years, I will confine my activity to twitter.

Until next time — Stay Spooky, Sleuths…

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