A Wistfully Wyrd Wednesday

Let’s tackle the day with some bullets, shall we?

  • I re-released the Tarot Card editions of my Cairnwood Manor and Liber Monstrorum series this past week. You can find links to their amazon pages in the Occult Detective Store in the side menu. All four books are freshly edited (though far from perfect, I’m sure) and there are some new tales in First Born to account for two omissions. Gone are the comic book entries. One story in particular that was added, Printer’s Devil, was written specifically to accommodate the page count and it ended up being one of my favorites in the collection.

  • My pal Greg Mitchell (not to be confused with the spectral Outrider found in my Landon Connors stories) has a new book out — Night World. Volume 2 in his Hit Men series, Night World is available via amazon.

  • Invisible College, an Authentic Magick OSR RPG I was commissioned to do art and layout on for Well of Urd Press, is doing well. I retained the rights to all the work, so you’ll find a lot of familiar art in this, including things from Landon Connors and Wolfe & Crowe. It’s a solid game system. Some of the magick was altered by the author so as not to be construed as a legitimate grimoire resource, but if you’ve a hunger for this kind of gaming, it’s available via amazon and drivethrurpg.

  • Connor and I are working toward wrapping up the rulebook for the tabletop skirmisher Bordermen Games was tapped to develop and write for a legendary intellectual property. We’re hoping to finish the work by August 31, give or take. It’s consuming most of my time right now. Hopefully we’ll be able to share more this coming Fall.

  • This August, I’ll be posting daily as I once again take part in RPGaDay, the annual event from brainchild David Chapman (Autocratik) and Anthony Boyd (Runeslinger). Most of the posts will appear at our Bordermen Games site, but related material will drop here as well. If you’re into gaming, I suggest you follow along, or better still, take part.
  • Beginning in late September, as a part of my annual Hallowe’en celebration, I will be reviewing/discussing several of Robert E. Howard‘s occult detective tales, such as Dig Me No Grave, The Black Stone, The Haunter of the Ring, and Graveyard Rats, to name a few. I will also be revisiting #Occult30 throughout October.

  • In addition to writing reviews for Red Wheel/Weiser titles, I have recently joined the stable of reviewers for Llewellyn, so be on the lookout for my insights into some exciting new works in the paranormal and occult fields.

  • Last Writes will be returning for another season soon.


Alright, Sleuths, that’s all for today.

As always, stay Wyrd, my friends.

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