Three for Thursday: Ghost Hunter’s Delight (See Me, Feel Me, Touch Me Edition)

Watching paranormal reality television, one would think that an investigator needs an entire van full of high-tech equipment to unlock the mysteries of a location. I’m here to tell you differently. Want to know the three most important things I use to examine the paranormal? Well, today’s your lucky day —


Let’s face it, we are tethered to our cell phones. So, if that’s our reality, then why not make it work for you? I utilize a number of apps and features during my investigations. Beyond the obvious (camera, voice recorder), being able to access google maps is a life saver, never mind having what is essentially the Akashic Records at your finger tips. I also access apps such as Haunted Maps, Law Is For All, Sono X10 Spirit Box, Elevate, Moon Phase, and numerous others.


I’ve heard them called a number of things, from witch sticks to doodlebuggers, but I’ve always had a fondness and deep respect for dowsing rods. They are the go-to tool in my investigation arsenal. I started using them as a kid, making them from old wire coat hangers, then graduated to the copper set that have been in my kit bag for nearly thirty years. If you’re tuned to them, they are invaluable. I use them to ferret out spirits, to help identify them, and to communicate. Many people intuitively can dive right into their use, but the more you use them, the more aligned with them you become.


There is no better tool than utilizing your own senses. A seasoned investigator has honed their five senses to be sensitive to their surroundings, and many develop a sixth sense, what I call a “spidey sense”, that helps to zero in on phenomena. All of your senses come into play and, to be honest, they are the only tools you need. Be quiet. Be still. Be open. That’s the secret.

I gave up any interest in capturing evidence a long, long time ago. I investigate the paranormal for the experience, to collect stories, not only my own and of my colleagues, but of the spirits and intelligences themselves.

There is no better skill to develop. Leave the tech at home. Feel the presence of the unseen forces and make real contact…

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