Love Is The Law

I hope all my American friends survived their celebration of Independence Day, and with all their digits.

I’m relaxing today with the family, ELO’s Greatest Hits adding to the general calm.

A lot on my mind, mostly related to magick and faith, two things intertwined for me but far less so for many.

There’s a struggle in the circles I move within, a cultural and subcultural war over identity, tribalism, politics, weighed down by virtue signaling and intolerance on all sides.

I try to stay out of the worst of it, but I see a day coming where a line will have to be drawn, not in the sand, but with salt.

I leave it for now, but remember, to love takes so little effort. We can sympathize and emphasize with one another, even when we disagree… All it takes is a kind of magick, a magick that lives inside each and every one of us.

Every man and woman is a star.

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