Ghost Hunting Tales of Indiana and Beyond: Tradition

Not really an investigation post today, but without the subject of said post, I may never have embarked on a lifetime of investigating the paranormal, through science, faith, and magic.

I’ve talked many times about my introduction into the worlds of magic and the preternatural. That origin story explained how I had rooted around inside my great-grandmother’s belongings, after she had passed, and, along with things related to astrology, I discovered a pamphlet by Manly Palmer Hall. Unseen Forces was a huge influence on me. As I’ve told that story many times, I thought I should put a face on the woman who, inadvertently, led me down the path I’ve been on for nearly fifty years.

Pictured above, with my Great-Grandfather Jesse, who passed four years before I was born, is Eliza Jane (Williams) Arnold. This was taken in 1962. Grandma Arnold passed in 1973 at the age of 91. In ’73, I was seven. I dreamed about her often, seeing her standing in my bedroom, looking down on me.

My memories of her in life are sad ones. I have no remembrance of her ever speaking. We visited her every Sunday in the nursing home and brought her graham crackers. She would just lie there, never smiling. She sometimes squeeze your hand. My Grandma Freeman would sit and talk to her, telling her of the week’s events and the lives of characters on soap operas. I don’t recall any recognition or acknowledgement. I kissed her cheek or forehead and held her hand at the end of every visit.

I did not know her, but I wish I had. There was a wisdom etched into her withered face and hands. She was frail, trapped inside a body that would not give up the ghost. My heart ached for her.

I sometimes wonder if she is somehow cognizant of the gift she gave me, the gift of Unseen Forces. I would have loved to talk to her, to find out what she thought of Hall’s writings and philosophies. And then I remember those dreams as a child, of how she would stand over me and smile, and I think it may have been that she was communicating with me from that summerland that she had gone to.

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