Wyrd Wednesday: Ancestry

A quick post today, but a weighty one. I want to bring up for discussion the idea of metagenetics.

Yes, I know. Steve McNallen and the AFA are an anathema in the greater pagan and heathen communities. I certainly have my problems with them, but the idea of metagenetics has always had the ring of truth buried in it for me.

It’s certainly adjacent to Carl Jung’s ideas of the collective unconscious and objective psyche. The idea that our deepest unconscious mind is genetically inherited rather than shaped by personal experience has an appeal that I cannot deny.

It feels right. The idea that were are connected to our ancestors in such a manner speaks to me on a guttural level.

Metagenetics, as presented by McNallen, holds that religious and cultural practices are encoded in our DNA and are passed down by blood. How is this any different or controversial than Jung’s collective unconsciousness?

Where McNallen and the AFA lose me is the emphasis on using the term white.

I am opposed to that descriptor as a form of identification. I am not white. I am Northern European, of Germanic descent. I am predominately Celt and Norse, not only by blood, but by mindset. I am the product of all my ancestors, from now all the way back to the beginning, but what does that mean?

If modern DNA analysis are to be believed, my genetic soup is 83% British Isles, with another 8.5% from Scandinavia, 5% from Western Europe, and the remainder comprised from a salting of Caucasus, Italy, Greece, Africa, and even some European Jew for good measure.

96.5% or more of me is of European heritage. That has to mean something more than just blood.

Take race off the table, because it’s a misnomer anyway. We’re talking culture here, not skin color.

I am the sum of those people who came before me. Their spirit is in me.

This isn’t about “white power”. The term sickens me. We are not defined by the color of our skin, but we are spiritually connected to our ancestors. If you want me to deny that, then we have a very big problem.

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