Only time will tell…

This whole week sort of blew by, like a mystic’s fevered dream.

Truth be told, that old dark cloud’s not done with us yet, and I find myself hooded, awaiting sentence.

Maybe I can get back on track the week after next, when these deadlines and commitments can be abated.

I enjoy the creative rush, but the red tape and bureaucracy of publishing (and printing) can take on near mythic levels at times, like a seething necrotic spirit that feeds on art and magical intent.

What spells or steel are mustered in defense of such adversaries are rarely adequate to the task, but we press on, for Gods and Country, and Kings and Fallen Idols, and that cruel beast that hides in the recesses of the shady bower, a muse neglected and all its servility has been crushed by earthly abuse…

So, I will blog again when I’ve a spare moment, and maybe in theme.


Only time will tell.

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