Wyrd Wednesday: Wyrd. Orlog. True Will.

I almost wrote about this on Monday, but saved it for today instead. Don’t worry. I’ll be brief. Wyrd is a difficult concept for some. I don’t know why. Wyrd is one’s personal destiny, one’s fate, in a sense. But it goes deeper than that. Why? Because to me, it is obvious. Wyrd is to the Heathen what True Will is to the Thelemite.

I believe this to be true.

The word itself is a feminine noun, born of an earlier verb which meant “to become” as I understand it.

Wyrd is a journey. But that journey is on a road leading you toward your purpose. Like all roads, however, there are divergent paths, and few ever fulfill their True Will. The universe wants you to align with your Will, with your Wyrd. But we fight it.

This is where one’s orlog comes in. Orlog is that cause and affect tug-of-war all tied up in karmic-like debt. Wyrd is your intended fate, but your orlog can get in the way to keep you from your special purpose, your True Will, because you have accumulated so much baggage along the way.

I believe this to be true.

Wyrd is us in harmony with nature, fulfilling our destined course. Orlog are the road blocks and detours along the way. When our Wyrd and our Orlog are in sync, our True Will becomes manifest.

I believe this to be true.

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